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10 Day Water and Vegetable Fast Goes Well

by Anonymous

I decided on New Year's Day to "Just Do It" instead of thinking about it and planning it.

So I started in on a water-and-lettuce(medically required for vitamin K content) only fast with a goal of about 2 weeks as the timing.

I had no instruction on it and had not discovered this website until after I started the fast. I take 16 different medications for a variety of medications, so my wife who was apoplectic about my decision insisted on counseling from my cardiologist and from my psychiatrist.

She knew that I would not stop the fast but I had to talk to these individuals by phone as soon as practical.

I had a scheduled visit with my psychiatrist on 1/6 so that was easy. He just listened to my motivation and asked me to get some electrolyte tests to add to ones that he had already set up.

My cardiologist was not available, but on Day 3 his nurse was so I talked to her extensively and she tried to convince me to add protein back into the fast.

I refused since that undermined the entire concept. My wife suggested that I modify the fast to be a vegetables and water fast, so starting on Day 3 that is what I did for the rest of my fast.

Since some vegetables have considerable protein I stayed away from those until the final 3 days of my fast and then I added beans to my list of OK vegetables that I would eat.

My fast went extremely well for the first 6 days. I lost 20 pounds off a baseline of 250 pounds.

After the 6th day, my weight plateaued and I never lost another pound. On day 7 the sameness of my diet and hunger pangs were getting to me so I decided that with no further weight loss I might as well have beans back in my diet.

At 7 days I had a cardiologist checkup and he added a test to the electrolytes test. I decided on that day to finish on 1/11, after 10 days on the fast.

The last 3 days were fairly uneventful. The electrolyte test showed no problems.

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Jul 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

You basically went on atkins without protein/fats. Your body burned all the available carbs and no longer needed the water that was solubilizing those carbs. Thus you pissed out your weight and as soon as you eat carbs again you will drink it all back.

Jun 27, 2012
Good job!
by: Anonymous

I congratulate you on completing your fast. The previous two posters (not directed at the middle one) are ignorant assholes for making such asinine comments, and disparaging you and your 'poor' decision. The first poster, the one that said 'WOW NEW', is nothing more than an angry person who has nothing better to do than berate your decision to fast.

To the two posters mentioned above:

There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and fasting. When fasting, the body naturally turns to glucose stores, or glycogen, in the liver. Once the liver glycogen stores are used up, the body turns to muscle glycogen and fat. Therefore, fasting is a great way to lose weight--NOT GAIN WEIGHT. The purpose of a fast is to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. The only way a fast could cause one to gain weight is if one eats unhealthy and toxic foods following the fast. Fasting does slow down metabolism, but if one breaks the fast slowly and replaces his/her former unhealthy diet with a much healthier one, such as raw, organic fruits and vegetables, then one should not be at a heavier weight than he/she was before the fast. The raw, organic vegetable and fruit diet I am referring to includes potatoes and avocados, to provide the body with sufficient macro-nutrients--complete proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Since potatoes are vegetables and avocados are fruits, it is fine to consume them while on a raw, organic vegetable and fruit diet. Don't believe me? Good, you don't have to. I have briefly explained the science behind fasting, and have provided a logical explanation to why a fast could possibly leave one at a heavier weight than before the fast.

Mar 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Poor decision after poor decision, eat and take a class to learn how to write. Oh and I have a feeling you are about 260 or 270 now instead of your baseline of 250....

Aug 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

it left me looking for the button that says "read the rest of this article." that's it?

Jun 23, 2009
You serious?
by: Anonymous

If you're going to post experiences on the web about your fasting experience...learn how to explain it. That article seemed to be written by a 5th grader.

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