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14 Day Juice Fasting -

by Big Rich
(Anchorage, Ak)

So after deciding to do a 14 day juice fast. Ideally, I decided to start it on a sunday. So I went out to purchase some oranges, apples and bananas.

Unfortunately, you cannot juice bananas, but the do serve a purpose in the detox process. I juice several apple and orange and. If i might say it was quite delicious. I ate two bananas when the urge of eating something unhealthy saturated my brain.

I swear every time I wanna start a fast, my mind starts craving Taco Bell, Quiznoz and etc. It doesn't to watch much TV during a fast because you don't realize how many food commercial come on TV until you start a juice fast:)

Day one 27 Mar 11- Tough because of all the mind games your body plays with you. So far i have used my juicer 3x. Juicing isn't the problem. It the clean up process that drives me crazy.

when I am hungry i replace it with water instead, but if it starts driving to crazy. I eat a banana:)

I told you they would serve a purpose. LOL

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Jan 17, 2015
not juice fasting NEW
by: Anonymous

This doesn't sound like a fast to me. Are you gaining weight on this smoothie diet? A fast is the absence of food or calories. A juice fast is juicing raw vegetables. I'm sorry if I come across a bit rude, but I'm on my last day of a true 14 day juice fast. I lost 14lbs. and feel great. If you were to go on a true fast, you wouldn't get hungry after 2 or 3 days.

May 15, 2011
Whole Fruit Juice Fast?
by: Shel

Personally I think that the fibrous remains in your juicer were and should be consumed in a juice fast. That's the fiber your body need to assist in the cleansing process.

Instead of a juicer I used a Ninja Blender for my juice consumption. I am then drinking the whole fruit. The Ninja Blender blends it as smooth as you would like. Keep in mind though that things like raw carrots and broccoli will still be a little chunky, but not that noticeable.

My favorite "recipe" is 1 grapefruit, 1 orange, 1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1 cup of water, and 1 teaspoon of Metamucil (Psyllium Fiber Smooth Texture Powder Canister - sugar free - orange). It has lots of fiber and will fill you up. You can split it into two meals.

I have used this method to prepare my body for a water fast. It's amazing how good I felt getting all of these wonderful raw foods into my body!

Apr 10, 2011
Never Give Up
by: Sonny

" Quitters Never Win,
Winners Never Quit "
Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before he finally lite up the WORLD with his light bulb.
" Keep on Truckin' " One day you will arrive...
By His Grace,

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