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21 day water fast

by Ruslana

Two years ago I did a 21 day water fast. I'm a female, 5'2', and I started at 152 lbs, after 21 days I was 132. I kept it under 140 for a while, until I returned back to my binging habits. For all of those 21 days I layed in bed, watching the food network channel. I was extremely sluggish.
I have found that when I begin a fast, I need to begin daily walking right away or it will be harder to motivate myself later. But I still have to push through the laziness.
I'm on this site today sharing my story because I'm about to begin another fast. I work a full time job as a waitress. And I cannot take time off so I will be attempting to fast while working. My motivation to fast is the feeling of sickness. I know I should not begin before juicing for afew weeks to get nutrients into my body as I have Anemia, as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 deficiencies. But I'm broke, and overweight (currently 137 lbs) and feel sicker by the day and desperate for a change! I have begun the fast tonight. Will update if I'm successful.

If anyone has 'fasting while working' experiences to share, I would love to hear it.

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