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30 Day Juice Fasting - Eating After a Fast

by Graeme Glendinning
(Glasgow Scotland)

In Malaga recently

In Malaga recently

Hi all:

I'm on day 22 of my 30 day juice fast, I go out running every second day (15 minutes) weight train and kickbox at home. I'll be 48 this May
I've lost weight on my fast which isn't my primary interest.

I expect to build up again after this fast is done. I've always been very slim so it's not for the weight loss, although I stopped smoking 17 years ago, eat mostly organic and train regular, I have had many nights sitting drinking beer.

I'm kind of all or nothing, do something too much or not at all. Anyway , what I'm actually wanting to state now that I've outlined myself, is eating after the fast, I've read articles stating you should spend around 6 days consuming little more than what you were during the fast?

Not me, first day I'll have organic yogurt and soup, much as I feel like, then I'll liquefy my fruit with soy milk and start having a slice of bread with my soup for first 2 days. After that I'll introduce rice with one of my home made veggie curries and expect to be eating as I please by day 4, as i eat very healthy anyway.

Won't be rushing out to McDonalds or anything:)
I've had no real problem doing this fast but am wondering if I'm really benefiting from it. I fasted for six days recently but felt I derived no good from it.

I expect the weeks after the fast should indicate any positive effect. I actually have 3 stomach ulcers and I've hear they can be cured through fasting so that would be a worthwhile outcome itself, but it's not something I'll be aware of for quite some time.

Fasting is widely accepted as a positive and beneficial thing to do so whoever is out there doing it, hang in there!

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Mar 12, 2010
Cabbage Juice for Ulcers
by: Anonymous

Cabbage juice is great for ulcers. Try it with some carrots to enhance the taste. The acid from the alcohol plus other factors could wreck havoc on the stomach lining.

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