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40 Day Water Fast. Fasting For Weight Loss & Relief From Severe Back Pain - Seeking Advice & Encouragement!

by nargess

Hello Everyone!

I have tried to do a water fast for the past nine months, but have failed each and every time. I am trying again and giving it my very all.

I hope to reach my goal which is 40 days of water fasting for weight loss. I need to lose at least 65 LB. My current is 194 LB and I am 5'2".

I have a herniated disc on my lower back. The excess weight makes the pain unbearable. I need advice and encouragement. Feel free to email me at:

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Aug 16, 2009
fasting again
by: Eileen

I've started again. I couldn't do the water every day so I am alternating with this one, 8 days in. ONE LIQUID DAY, ONE WATER DAY

Broth, thin yogurt, skim milk, protein drink (Isapure 40 grams of protein) diet seltzer, 4 oz veg/fruit drink once a day and my vitamins and supplements.

So far so good. Hoping for 30 days this time.

Aug 16, 2009
fasting fo pain relief
by: Malibu Queen


I am 59 yrs old, have completed 23 days of a water fast. This is my first attempt. It helps to have motivation while doing your fast. I have two sons who are battling health issues due to being overweight. I want to do this fast successfully for not only my benefit but also to serve as an example and inspiration for them. It helps to research the benefits and effects of water fasting. Being educated on what is happening to your body is crucial. I found that reading a few pages online from Dr. Shelton's book a revelation.
Fasting is the most natural practice in nature which is regularly done by myriads of species in animals and insects. Also the practice has been done for centuries by ancient man. It does take dogged perserverance as does anything worthwhile.
Take one day at a time. You will be richly rewarded.

Jul 06, 2009
Best wishes on that 40day fast
by: Eileen

Hi, I wish you tons of luck and good visions for the results you will obtain! I've never gotten to the 40th day but I have had a number of long sucessess, I think back aches and creaky joins come along with the process. I would suggest you don't isolate yourself, try to be around encouraging people....


Jul 06, 2009
Fasting buddy
by: Anonymous

I feel you pain. Like you I need to lose a lot of weight (70) pounds. I try the water fasting but it never works for me. So I am now trying the lemonade diet. Will try to cut down on the maple syrup to make it more effective.

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