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40 Days, Water Only

by Renise
(Cayman Is. )

Anyone currently aiming for 40 days water fast? This is the end of day 14 for me. I am 19 years old.

I'm just wondering what some of you out there are going through. I'm not too willing to post my email address here.

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Jul 31, 2011
Thanks for tips
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the great tips..i always wondered if you could have gum during a fast as i love sugar free chewing does a person keep the weight off after a fast and stop themselves over eating? i always find this a problem even after only fasting for 2 days!! and i always end up with a swollen sore stomach and feeling guilty:-( i am also a bit worried about what my friends and family will say as they will probably not agree with a fast. is it better not to tell people?

Jul 31, 2011
good luck on your seven days
by: Anonymous

My biggest tip to you would be to not expect certain things to happen on the fast besides weight loss, and even then, don't expect to lose an exact amount of weight. I know that there's a lot of articles on "what to expect during a fast", which are helpful, but you run the risk of getting derailed by detox symptoms, hunger, or discomfort when your expectations of the fast are too specific. For example, I didn't have any expectations about when my hunger would go away, and sure enough, I was hungry the entire forty days. If I had expected it to go away after three or ten days, I might've been so disappointed, discouraged, and distraught that I might've quit my fast right there at eleven days. As far as more practical tips, try to tire yourself out during the day so that you have a better chance of sleeping at night and not lying awake hungry for hours, and if you're doing a long fast and your breath starts to become unbearably bad, allow yourself some gum or mints for your own sanity. :)

Jul 31, 2011
water fasting tips please:-)
by: starting 7 day water fast

wow!! well done on your fast so far!! im so impressed! i am starting a 7 day water fast 2moro (mon aug 1st)..and maybe longer if i am sucessful for 7 days. i would love to know any tips you have and motivation that keeps you strong when fasting?? i have attempted fats before but usually only last 2 days:-(
i would appreciate any advice you guys have, I am 20 yrs old:-)
thanks so much xoxo

Jun 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I live at home, but mostly by myself, so I didn't have the challenge of having food around the house - I was able to just have empty cabinets the whole time! I think I am an example of being able to fast in the "perfect conditions" - living alone, on vacation, not having to worry about paying rent, Mom very supportive, no obligations - and even with all that, fasting was still very tough. But as to your question about people accepting, the best thing you can do is first, be very educated about fasting yourself - read up on it a LOT - and second, educate your folks. The vast majority of people think that you will die if you do not eat for a week, let alone 20 or more days. They also might think fasting is the same thing as anorexia, in which case you should make it very clear that fasting and anorexia are not the same thing, though some anorexics do fast (probably doesn't help them much - for treating eating disorders, fasting is good for bulimia and binge eating). In any case, I don't know your parents so I don't know what will reassure them that fasting is safe and that you will practice fasting in a safe manner. For example, my Mom is a Christian, and the only reason she supported my fast was because the Bible speaks well of it. But keep in mind that you might have to make a compromise too - I agreed to stop fasting after forty days, or at least take a break, because my Mom believed you aren't supposed to fast longer than forty days (Biblical evidence - I don't really look to the Bible for answers). Sorry this has been so long, I hope I answered some of your questions in there somewhere. Feel free to ask me anything else - I have finished my forty day water fast so I'm happy to help.

Jun 26, 2011
19 and fasting also- question
by: Anonymous

Great job so far! I'm only on my 4th day but want to go for 20. I can't though because I know my parents basically won't let me (I'm also 19). I'm at school taking summer classes right now so I was planning to go for 10 days, stopping right before I go back home. Are you doing your fast at home? If so how is your family reacting/how did you get them to accept it?

Jun 06, 2011
Day 27
by: Anonymous

Good for you for being so far along! I've found water fasting to be very challenging, far more mentally than physically. Actually, my mind has been keeping me hungry this whole time by obsessing about food. Also, my sleeping schedule is completely out of whack, but this is okay for me personally since this is my vacation time. Also, I'm 21. Good luck and keep going!

Jun 05, 2011
On day 8 of water fasting
by: Anonymous

I'm planning for 20 days and im starting day 8. I feel surprisingly great and energetic though.

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