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4th Day of Fasting...10 pounds lighter : )

by Kelly

Hello All!

Well, I just woke up to my fourth day of fasting and I have lost 10 pounds ! I'm sure half of that (probably even more) was water, but I don't care ! ha ha!

My belly's making lots of weird noises right now! But, I really don't feel hungry. I have allowed myself to have a couple of things to drink besides water.

I was freezing yesterday and wanted something hot so bad, so I had fat-free hot cocoa and coffee with sugar free creamer. How about all of you - how are you doing ?


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Nov 24, 2008
Water Fasting & Weight Loss - You are Losing Fat, not Water! : )
by: Anonymous


If you're drinking water, the weight you're losing while fasting is not just water. You lose water weight when you're dehydrating, so that is all you!

You're doing great.

Nov 18, 2008
by: Anonymous

I'm on day 1. Need to fast to get myself together. I've done this before and really does a world of good... It helps to remind me of what food really is, food for the body, not because of the mind.

Keep at it!


Nov 17, 2008
Keep up the good work!
by: Anonymous


I am on day 1 of my water fast and I hope to last for at least 4 days as well. I am encouraged to see others persevering a water only fast and I know first hand the struggles and temptation we commonly endure. The longest fast for me lasted 3 days.

Nov 17, 2008
That's Great!!!
by: Anonymous

I am cheering you on from California. Where are you that you would have been cold yesterday? Are you in a cold climate? Question for you, How did you get past the first two days? I would really like to get your reply (afraid that I might lose your response the the other posted comments) you are welcome to reply to my at

Nov 17, 2008
Day 3 of 20-day Water Fast
by: Anonymous

I also have noticed the cold feelings hit harshly from time to time. But have managed to stay away from everything expect water. I notice that when I get cold, I start exercising and running around the house doing normal chores and I warm up a bit.

Congrats on the start, I have as well lost 10 pounds. Feels great I know for me it's all water weight. I have a kidney disease that makes retaining water sort of the normal thing.

Good luck with the rest of your fast!!

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