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Day 1 of 100 day juice fast

by Katie

Today I have completed my 1st day of my 100 day juice/water fast.

I'm extremely motivated,and excited to see what this can do for my body! I've battled my weight my whole life,and it was further complicated by a medical condition that requires frequent doses of prednisone.

I'm starting this fast @ 296lbs (this was at the Dr.on Wednesday). I'm 26 years old,and should weight about 150lbs for my height 5'4. I'm done being just a pretty face,overshadowed by an ugly body.

I'm ready to regain myself! My husband will not be joining me on my journey (he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy) Im hoping after my own success,that he will then choose to make some changes to his own diet,even though hes not super overweight.

I have the motivation and determination now,that I have lacked in the past (don't ask me why..I just DO!)and i'm super excited to eliminate "food" from my list of "save me's",and turn it over to healthier choices,and a new love for myself.

I'd love to hear about how others have fared on a longer fast like this.

Thanks so much!

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Jan 25, 2012
Me too!! NEW
by: Debra

hi katie,
I am planning to start a long juice fast also. we are close to the same age, height,wieght, and i also feel that this is "it" . I feel so motivated. I just really cant wait to start. Today is my birhday and my husband bought me a jack lalane juicer. Anyway i would love to join you on your journey. if you want to email each other let me know. We are moving next week and i thought to start after the move, but i am also thinking that with juices I might have the energy to start now and still move.I would love to be in contact with someone doing the same thing. I have fasted many short fasts throughout my life but none longer than 14 days. We could even text if you want. Just let me know one way or the other at

Jan 20, 2012
we can dothis together NEW
by: Anonymous

this is my first day too of my water/juice diet...99more days to go...i am 190 at 5'10...48 so lets keep each other motivated

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