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Day 2 of 21 Day Water Fast

by Leanna

" You were the one. You were the only one.. and you were amazing. "

Hey Guys

Currently On day 2 of my water fast. Didn't get much sleep last night. I always find that during the first week of my water fast, i kinda get insomnia, i can barely sleep. And if i do manage to get to sleep its either constantly waking up or only a few hours. Not good ! So feel quite tired at the moment.

Its 10:39am and i have drunk 2 bottles of water already. Water water water, my best friend at the moment Nice + pure. My stomach is growling and making weird sounds but they soon pass when i drink water. I don't feel particularly hungry, even when i see people eating.. temptation is still there but as long as im distracting myself im okay and wont give in.

I didn't do my enema yesterday as planned, as i was tired and was busy doing things, so hopefully I'm going to fit one in later to get rid of toxins, and any feelings of nauseous i experience.

No signs of nausea or weakness yet. My skin looked a lot better this morning. I look a lot more pale and even toned. Whereas normally, i have a lot of redness, inflammation and hyper pigmentation. So that's good, my break-out seems to be clearing. Fingers crossed it keeps improving.

I have been browsing online a lot and watching YouTube videos and movies. So much inspires me right now. Fashion, art, music, different styles. I know after this fast I'm gonna be off in a new direction and an improved person living life to the full at last.

I will be doing some body brushing later also, I'm going to try to remember to do this everyday for circulation and to aid removal of toxins from my thighs, stomach etc. I feel really creative right now as well, so at least i have lots of ideas and things in my head to keep me busy this first week of my fast. Overall I'm feeling content and happy.

I should be in ketosis by now ad it has been over 36 hours since my last meal, but i don't see any major signs. Except for my tongue which has a white coat on it, and there is a funny sort of taste in my mouth.

Makes me want to brush my teeth and have mouthwash a lot lol. Any of you guys that are fasting, keep going! It will all be worth it in the end. Stay strong, surround yourself with love! You're more loved than you know.

Day 2: Monday 29th March 2010
Morning Weigh In: 8 stone 6 ( 118 lbs )
Which is a 1.5 pound loss since yesterday.

I'll update later if anything significant happens, or if i feel any different. If not, it will be tomorrow guys

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Apr 02, 2010
Breaking a fast
by: Anonymous

I've done 3 long water fasts (two 21 day fasts) and one 30 day fast, and although I'm not saying it would be this way for everyone, I was so ravenous after fasting that I totally just went back to a normal diet and had a huge meal. First night back on all 3 i had soup, huge salad, chicken/fish or hamburger and tons of cheese and a tasty dessert. One splurge of a meal before getting back into the rigorous life of clean eating.

Never had any GI problems whatsoever, but best to wean yourself back onto solids.... just FYI

Apr 01, 2010
by: Leanna

Hey, no i have done many fasts in the past. 10 days, 14 days and 21 day ones. But if you're a first time faster, i suggest you first try juice fasting and then move on to 3 day water fasts, and then up to 10 days and onwards until your used to it.

Juicing before hand will detox you of some of the toxins and is still hard, but easier than water fasting straight off.

When i break my fast, i stick to about 3 days of unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with water. Or something like pure orange juice. Then for a week after that i stick to pure vegetable and fruit juices.

Then i move on to water melon and low glycemic fruits like cherries. Then, soups and steamed vegetables like broccoli. Then finally i move on to a vegan diet, no dairy, no meat.

After a 21 day water fast i normally take 3 weeks breaking it, you have to do it really slow. There's lots of info around, about how to break a water fast successfully and not gain anything back.

Mar 31, 2010
just wondering
by: moni

is this yr 1stn fast? if not, how do u come off a fast sucessfully?

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