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Day 4 of Water Fasting - Fasting for Weight Loss & Freedom From Nicotine ... Destructive Eating. Do I Have to Drink Distilled Water?

by WestCoastGirl
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Wow I can't believe a water fast is what I am doing.

Last Tuesday I had my last cigarette and just drank lots of water from Monday on.

On Friday I ate my last steak at 1p.m. and just drank water continually and slept from the nicotine withdrawal.

I also ran out of coffee on Thursday and thought It smells like cat piss anyway. So I was too scared to smoke so I never got anymore.

My first 3 days drinking water only I just slept lots too and went to the bathroom a lot.

Had really hot baths. Last night I was up all night couldn't sleep and different parts of my body were cramping(legs) and I couldn't sleep because I was peeing and hungry(mostly in my head).

Today it's getting stronger as visions of food cross my brain.

After reading and doing some research online I am going to continue to help my nicotine leave my body. Also detoxify it from all the stuff I crammed it with over my lifetime. Not to mention the antibiotics etc..

Plus I have asthma and eczema and smoking never helped.

All around beer drinking smoking food obsessed pill popping antibiotical chick here!

Who knew that I was intoxicating my body? Not me! My skin's breaking out a bit. I think I need to go get an enema thing being on day 4 and no bowel movement yet?

I think I am just going to have to continue till my tongue turns pink. Hopefully it will reverse some of the damage I have done to my insides.

I need to lose weight for my health as well. Funny how doctors say you have to lose weight but never tell you how! My experience anyway!

I stopped weighing myself awhile ago due to an injury that had me laid up for 7 months. No working out allowed man did I eat! I ate my way up to probably sitting at 230-220lbs as of Friday.

Today is Tuesday Day 4 and It doesn't feel like I lost any weight at all. I don't have a weigh scale I refuse to use scales.

I am going to try to do 40 days on my first water fast!! Unless I cave in or my tongue turns pink. I don't think I will make it but you never know I have a lifetime of toxicity in my body!

I have to also admit water fasting has really cut down on my nicotine withdrawal!! Kudos to water as in I absolutely have not craved a cigarette since Day 2 of this fast! I am actually repulsed by it.

I definitely have to stay on it for at least 3 weeks to make sure all those nasty chemicals from those ciggs leave my body!!

I am 5'9 at 230-220lbs as well. I wonder if I can reach 150lbs and how long I have to go before it turns into starvation. Never mind I know tongue pink!

Do I have to drink distilled water? All I have is tap!

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Dec 08, 2011
me too NEW
by: hungerpangs

We weigh almost the same, started my water/juice diet on Monday. Will weigh myself on Sun, please keep it up - glad you quit smoking - already one benefit!

Oct 06, 2011
Day 4
by: Anonymous

On my fourth day. I found this helpful. Thx!

Jun 06, 2010
prolly don't drink distilled water
by: Anonymous

I would actually recommend that you not drink distilled water. Distilled water has all of it's impurities removed but that includes electrolytes (aka sodium, potassium and calcium) which your body HAS to have, even if you're not eating. After a few days of only drinking pure H20 your body will run out of electrolytes and you'll feel really sick, and eventually might get seizures or even fall into a coma.

If you REALLY don't want to drink tap water because you think it's dirty or whatever, at least drink bottled water because they usually add sodium chloride and potassium.

Apr 14, 2009
Keep up the good work
by: Anonymous

absolutely no tap water!!!! boil your water if you have too. purified is really good distilled is probably best.after 40 days i do believe its considered starvation. this will be my second water fast the first one only lasted 11 days and i lost 16lbs. so trust me the weight is dwindling away........keep up the good work you can do it

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