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First full 21-day Water Fast...

by Kimm
(Atlanta, GA USA)

Hi, I am starting a 21 day water fast so that I can lose some weight and detoxify my body. I am now on day 2 and besides feeling weak and a little nauseous, I feel great.

I walked on my treadmill this morning for 45 minutes. So that may also be where some of my weakness is coming from.

I find that what helps my hunger pains is chuggin' on water and walking on my treadmill twice a the morning and then in the evening around 7 or 8. It gets me through the night also.

Vivid dreams started last night and I had a dream that I became so thin BUT I still had my BIG BOOBS!! LOL

Boy what a picture that was...the dreams are so vivid as if I am awake when I know I am sleeping. I got fed up with always getting boils all over my body.

My husband kept telling me that I needed to stay away from food to alleviate this problem so that my body could heal itself, but I would just get mad with him since he is lean and looks great.

Well I got over that feeling of madness and realized that was just me and my body trying to stay away from the inevitable. I kept having thoughts that if I don't get my eating under control, I would soon have a heart attack and leave my two young boys without their mom in this most wretched world...this is one of my biggest fears.

So anyway...I see all the other posts and I am motivated to keep going. I have no hunger pains, but the hardest part for me is and will be cooking for my family, smelling the delicious foods, and then not tasting it.

Day 2 will soon be over and I am looking forward to this husband is off and I can get some rest and He will be the cook for this weekend so that will help me get through this weekend.

So Monday will be day 5 for me and the end of my first phase...if I can get through that goal,

I should have enough motivation to get through the rest. So we will see what my weight loss will be at the end of my first 21-day fast.


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Feb 05, 2015
Day 1 NEW
by: Regah

Ok so im just starting my 21 day fast today. The crazy part is, I've never water fasted before yet I decided to do a 21 day fast... Geesh, but I have 50 lbs to lose soo...yea. im currently drinking my first cup of skin detox tea and at 1:00 im going to get my workout in... lol what did get myself into... wish me luck

Oct 18, 2012
No food at all??
by: Anonymous

Does that mean that you don't eat anything at all, just water, or are there simple things you snack on?

Oct 03, 2010
1st 21 day water fast
by: Anonymous

Day three of my first 21 day water fast. The aromas are intense. I find myself conjuring up all sorts of new meals that I must create. Questions: How often should one use the shitter, and is it true that it can be toxic not to? At what point should I consider enema or sea salt?

May 15, 2008
by: Anonymous


I'm 146.2 lbs today, 15 days into a water diet right now, with 16 days to go (until June 1st, makes the maths easier). I do it mostly for detox.

I'm 5'8 which means my BMI is currently 22.2 (the healthy range is between 18.5 and 24.9).

If my maths are correct, I'll end up my water fast at 137 lbs with a BMI of 20.8, which is still acceptable.

Motivation is the key, nobody said it was easy, it's a fight between you and yourself, so it's a hard win.

Please note that I do not take any medicine, pills (like hoodia, or others) and I'm already 15 days into the water fast.

Yes I have some cravings sometimes, and yes, sometimes they're pretty unbearable, but I managed to overcome them with the power of concentration only. And no, it's not easy.

I figured something that somewhat works for me, is that I stay busy all the time, going to the theater, for a walk, reading a book in the park, going shopping (hey, I'm saving on food right?), all this takes my mind away from eating and that seems to work okay; still, sometimes I want to step at the bakery and get something, but so far I've been doing very good.

Day 3-5 are the hardest ones, but what follows isn't easy either, but when you'll be done the price you have paid would have seemed ridiculous and the result will be here.

But remember one thing, loosing weight is one thing, keeping it off is another, this is, and should be a life changing experience, you need to change your eating habits, read books, do some research on what's best for you, and once again, good luck.

Remember, failure is not important, it's a learning experience, trying is the key; one day, you'll succeed.

I failed a few times myself, although, it helped me understand how to be better prepared later.

May 15, 2008
Day 2 (again)
by: Anonymous

SW: 291
Today's Wt: 280

Day One went O.K. I didn't exercise at all. I took a 1 1/2 hour nap with a thick blanket because I was having chills.

I woke up and took a shower and felt good. Later I just sat around fighting frustration and irritability.

These two monsters seem to be my BIGGEST foes and the hardest to fight. Well, we will see what happens today.

I always seem to get to the last part of a Day 2 fast and always seem to break it with feeding a craving. I'll check back in tomorrow.


May 14, 2008
Thank You All So Much !!
by: Kimm

Thanks for commenting on my page...I desperately needed those "pick-me-ups". :)

I was thinking about starting again earlier this week and decided today would be a good day to start.

Since the beginning on my attempt at this 21-day water/fruit fast, I have learned from my failures. I have become sooo frustrated with the whole process.

I even had a dream or rather a "vision" where someone (maybe my LORD and Saviour) was telling me that I am letting my flesh get the best of me and that the enemy does not want me to go through this fast because he knows what the outcome will be...he will no longer have a stronghold over me.

That helped me to get the focus off of just losing the weight and back on the MOST important aspect of fasting...drawing closer to GOD.

So today starts a new day and we will see where this goes...Keep me in your prayers!!! ;)


May 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

Failure is a part of a learning experience. It's okay to fail a few times, you're not in a hurry to lose all that weight. Learn from your 'mistakes' and keep trying and trying and trying until you succeed. It may take months if not years but you'll eventually succeed one day.

I've lost 100 lbs with a water fast, and I failed a few times, but the result is there.

May 09, 2008
Try Again!
by: Robert J - FTF Editor

Hi Kimm:

I can relate to your frustration for having broken the fast before you reached your goal. This happens but it should be no reason for you to be upset with yourself.

Fasting tests our limitations, and when we stumble we are able to better assess our weaknesses and learn from them. I think your disposition is amazing, so if you go back and try again I am certain eventually you will reach your goal.

Fruit fasting is a wonderful practice that has helped me a lot. The raw fruit sits very well with my stomach and gives my body the impression that it is still eating.

In actuality it is eating, but the removal of all additional solid food still incites the same curative effects in the body provided by juice fasting and water fasting.

Write us again and let us know what happened after your last entry. I am eager to hear about your progress and how you are doing.

All the best,

Robert D Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting Editor/Webmaster

May 04, 2008
Day 4
by: Kimm

I have decided that I will FIRST complete a Fruit fast...I wanted to do something that will still benefit my body instead of going back to my normal eating habits.

So I have changed this fast into a Fruit & Water fast for 21-days. After I complete this fast, I will do a complete water fast.

I began eating fruits on Day 3 which was a banana and two clementines (small oranges). I also had the salsa and chips which I have to stay away from because it's just a craving...salt; so salsa & chips is on the back burner.

St. Wt: 291
Day 4: 283

May 03, 2008
Day 3
by: Kimm

Well Day 2 was going great. I started having hunger pains in nauseous waves. I made some herbal tea and the heat seemed to soothe my stomach.

I was fine until I begin to talk to my husband.
I was just telling him I'm a little weak and he suggested that I eat again....WHAT?!

After telling me I need to stay away from food, I get two days into it and I need to eat!!??

Guess what...............I ATE!! ARGGGHHH!!

I'm so mad with myself. I ate salsa and chips around 8 that night and I didn't do my evening treadmill walk and that's where I messed up.

Got on the scale this morning and I lost a 1/4 of a pound which to me is still the same as yesterday. Oh well, today is a new day.

Starting over and gonna keep going because I actually have his feeling that I CAN do it no matter what!

Gotta keep going, gotta keep going!

Starting wt: 291
May 1st wt: 288
May 2nd wt: 285
May 3rd wt: 284.6


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