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Is there a way to speed up ketosis & another question?

I remember I was quite suffering for the first 3 days although it was fine more or less compared to other peoples' experiences.

*Anyway I once read that if I start to fast during the evening, wake up in the morning and do a cardio workout or something that will make my body to burn calories and will deplete the extra carohydrate I got in the liver,full ketosis will work on the second day instead on the third, is that true?

if not is there any other way to speed it up? since the faster the ketosis will kick in the easier it would be with the feelings of hunger and weakness.

*My body fat is about 8-10% I'm not sure, even tho I'm not fat at all and my weight is actually kindda perfect for my hight would It still be beneficial for me to fast for the healing and detoxifying part rather than the weight loss part?

thanks in advanced.

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