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Fitness Through Fasting Editor Robert Dave Johnston FastingOlogy Lessons Collection

Program Highlights: FastingOlogy

is a very unique type of program because it doesn't pretend to solve problems in just one book or report. With FastingOlogy, the progress is gradual, starting with simple assignments and slowly building up to more and more difficult ones.

FastingOlogygoes deep into issues as water fasting, juice fasting, spiritual fasting and thorough detox cleansing along with parasite elimination. What you have at your fingertips is a very special alternative medicine program that could certainly revolutionze your health.

There is also lots of talk about 'the mnd' and the importance of transforming our belief systems so that they support our victories instead of failures.

Get ready; you're in for a very different kind of ride. I poured my heart and soul into this in hopes of being of maximum assistance to my fellow man. And, soon, I will be releasing FastingOlogy 2.0 which will be even more powerful and life-changing.

Stay tuned!

Robert D Johnston.

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