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Question about Fasting & Bowel Movements

by Anonymous

Hello All:

I have a question and could use some help. When I fast, I find that I only experience bowel movements during the first 24 hours.

Is this the same for others? A big part of my reason for fasting is that I want to clean out my intestines. This doesn't seem like it's happening because after the first day I'm no longer having BMs.

Any suggestions? Ideas? Thanks!

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Feb 08, 2012
Nothing in, Nothing out NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been on various fasts over the years and discovered that once the body has evacuated what you put into it in the previous few days, there's nothing left to push out. You're *empty*. This is normal.

Be careful of enemas. It's completely unnatural to push something backwards through the digestive tract and should only be utilized in extreme situations (just as vomiting should not be utilized except to remove offending material and then stop, so an enema should only be used to remove an offending blockage and then stop).

On my current juice fast, I've been on it for 10 days and I've had 3 bowel movements. Once on the first day, once 4 days later and once again 4 days after that. Apparently I'm getting enough pulp in my juice and metabolizing enough fat to require a bowel movement every 4 days.

Apr 20, 2010
Herbal Laxative
by: Anonymous

Take an herbal laxative in the evening and the morning. I take "traditional medicines smooth move" tea. It'll work. You're not eating fiber and need it to stimulate bowel movements. :-)

Oct 06, 2008
How to Clean the Instestine During a Fast.
by: Tom Coghill


If you want to cleans the intestine during fasting here is how.

Using The Enema Kit

Flushing water through the colon causes a healing reflex. Lukewarm water cleanses the lymph attached to the colon, and waste is washed from the system.

At the start of a fast, using the kit can be uncomfortable. By the third time, the water will pass through the intestines without obstruction.

To lessen this initial discomfort, live on a raw food diet for a few days before using the kit. Fill the kit full of lukewarm water, preferably filtered, spring or well water.

Hang it approximately three feet above the floor. This height will create a comfortable pressure level. Release the clamp and void the first bit of water and air into the toilet.

Lubricate the tip of the nozzle. Now lay on your left side and gently insert the nozzle into the rectum.

The release clip controls the water flow. As water moves up the intestinal tract, you may experience slight cramps. If so, press the clip to stop the flow. Relax for a moment and massage the stomach in an upward motion.

This massaging also will release hardened mucus in the intestinal folds. As the cramps subside, release the clip again. Make sure that you have close access to a toilet for at least twenty minutes in case there is additional discharge.

Use the kit daily for at least the first three days of fasting. It takes this long to empty the intestine. Afterward, use the kit every second or third day.

When the intestine is empty the digestive enzymes are able to cleanse the intestinal walls, especially the hardened deposits in the corners and folds. As fasting continues, more embedded toxins are released.

You can fast 40 days on water and still release toxins and impacted feces embedded in your colon. The cleansing process works best when the intestine is empty of food.

The body can then easily dump cellular waste into the intestine. An enema is valuable in other situations such as food poisoning, diarrhea, constipation. or sickness.

Do not use chlorinated water. It is harmful to the colon?s beneficial bacteria. It is preferable to use the enema on water fasts that are longer than three days and juice fasts that are longer than five days.

The more toxic your diet has been or if you are sick, the more you need to use the enema during fasting.

Drug residues, food additives, toxic fat, pollutants, food additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers and contaminants are the leftovers of the North American Diet.

You want to do everything possible to help their quick exit from your body.

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