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Seriously Committed...Water Fasting for 11 Days

by Seriously Committed

Hi Everyone!

Today is my day 1 of water fasting. I have completed short water fasts in the past but seemed to have resumed habits that were non conducive to the changes that would have benefited me...i.e. rushing to denser foods too quickly, larger portions,or not sleeping/resting enough, etc., not having proper support in place to deal with my emotions post fast.

I think that the built-in support of the fastingology course, among other practices such as this forum and journaling, and doing energy exercises as well as having rearranged my schedule to better take care of myself, will aid in my success.

I also have a weekly program lined up for me that I have been doing the last few weeks and eating healthier food so that I feel I am going into this more wisely than in the past. However, I did have a bit of a binge a few days ago which my overeating were leading me to, and that triggered me taking this on in order to interrupt the pattern and make some real and lasting change!

If I can just make it a habit to not take that first bite then this is possible, and all things are possible! I believe this fast will help interrupt my patterns and make this change possible!

I also have another program that I will do with weekly accountability and educational meetings when I am done with the program I am currently doing (same set up) so I feel like, without the unhealthy vices of overeating, which I intend to release with this fast and excess fat, I will be able to follow a healthy plan.

I preceded this fast with two days of eating small portions of watermelon 3-4 times a day. This morning I have had a cup of fasting tea from Yogi Teas and some water. I also spent some time writing in my fasting journal.

I have some time off right now so I am devoting these next 11 days to completing this water fast and following it up with 10 days of watermelon. I intend to shed a total of 34 lbs., though I don't think that this will be attained in such a short period of time.

However, who knows! We will see. My main goal is to stick to this resolution and follow through to its completion, breaking the fast in a way that totally changes my eating forever for the better as well as my life on all levels for the better. I want to enhance what I am doing through fasting and eat for health and vitality, and beyond!

Seriously committed

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May 20, 2010
how did you do?!
by: Spiderchik

on your 11 day water fast?

sometimes that seems far away when you're only on day 3-4 lol

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