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Water fasting and exercise

by Crimson
(Venice, CA)

Hi New Friends:

I'm only finishing Day 2 of my first 21-Day fast, and I'm wondering how other fasters have balanced exercise with fasting.

On one hand I'd love to make the most of the weight loss while fasting. On the other hand I don't want to overdo so much I fall off the wagon and break the fast -- or worse.

I realize this is a gradual process that will slow exponentially. And as people have pointed out, since you can't predict how your body will react (fainting, vomiting, etc.) it's wise to go easy at first.

I live in an apartment complex with a gym, and I work at home. I was wondering about doing some cardio for short periods during the day, resting in between. The gym is right between my apartment and the pool, which is outfitted with lounge chairs.

I'm 51, a very small-boned female, and quite fit for my age. I weigh 141 and I'm aiming to return to my lifelong weight of 105 -- yes, I know it's off the weight charts, but in my case it's doctor-approved.

I think my family was descended from pygmies... Obviously I can't lose 36 lbs. in the remaining 19 days (hey, only 19 days left!), but I'd love to get a running start and optimize my progress without compromising my health.

Well, theoretically I could lose 36 lbs, but that A) sounds unhealthy, and B) the weight loss will slow as I get lighter. Although I'm down nearly 4 lbs. the first day, I'm assuming I'll average a little less than 1 lb. daily and end the fast somewhere between 125-129.

At that point I'll be back in the ball park and likely stop fasting and start living healthfully again to finish the job. 'Cause that *is* how I kept the weight down three decades in the first place, and it's how I should live again from now on.

Still, I'd like to get the best results possible while fasting -- within reason. Today I did a light upper-body weight workout and two light 15-minute elliptical sessions with a long break between.

Any input on this would be appreciated from fasters who have exercised either lightly or vigorously. What did you do? What were the side effects? And how did this amount of exercise affect your progress?

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