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Water Fasting to Drop 30 Pounds or More!

by Elizabeth A.R.
(Summerville, SC, USA)

Elizabeth A.R - Water Fasting to Lose 30 Pounds or MOre

Elizabeth A.R - Water Fasting to Lose 30 Pounds or MOre

FEB. 21, 2009

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I need to start a water fast to try and lose at least 30 LBS. I'm not sure how long this will take. I fasted nearly two years ago and lost 32 LBS in one month. That particular fast consisted of water, juicing and raw foods.

I've read several different blogs and forums about fasting and what you can do to move the stools along. The thing is that I have been trying to start a fast for some time now and, unfortunately, I keep falling. I am very frustrated and do not know what to do!

The longest I have lasted so far is two days. I want this to be the time when I start and stick to it. So please wish me luck. Here I go for like the 20th time. : )

This fast will be the same as the one I mentioned before, but I also want to include a salt water flush and maybe some detox enemas or colon cleansers.

I had my last meal at 8:00 PM. Let's see how long I can last this time. I'll post my weight as soon as I get a scale. My old one broke. My goals weight is anywhere between 115-125 LBS.

I'm 5'2". The last time I weighed myself I was right around 154 LBS. Not good at all! Well, I will be checking back soon. Good luck to everyone!


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May 15, 2013
Fasting for weight loss!!!! NEW
by: Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm interested in water fasting to lose weight!! I'm 46yrs old and I look good!!! But I wanna look great!! I really wanna be healthy also,but I need some tips on how to water fast properly, can someone help me???

Aug 08, 2012
first time faster..... NEW
by: Anonymous

I am really glad I have found this site because I have tried all types of dieting... pills... insane work out... I lose a little then slowly gain it back. Im 5'5 and 144 pounds. I did the low carb diet and crazy excersizing for a bout a month and a half.. I lost 24 pounds but was exhausted all the time.. (24 year old mother of 2 boys) lol but I found out about the water fast number one because I dont really have time to excersize very often anymore and second because Im a very IMPATIENT person when it comes to weight loss results. I have researched every single diet or cleanse out there and I want to try this one. Just ate lunch so I will be on cranberry juice for the rest of the day and start tomorrow. My question is.... my arms and stomach are my biggest issue.. does it make your skinny flabby after you drop so fast?? also I read doing this for about 2, maybe 3 weeks you get the best results then the weight drops off a little slower. so sorry that was so long.. any questions you could answer for me would be great!

Jun 14, 2010
fasting buddy
by: Anonymous

I'm doing a water fast as well. I'm starting today and hope to do it for 10-14 days, or as long as i can continue for. I weigh 140 and have about the same body type as you. I'm also looking to weigh about 125, i'm 5'5" so I think anything under that would be a little unhealthy. I would really appreciate if you would consider being my fasting buddy. I need more support because my friends and family would consider this going anorexic instead of doing it for health. So anyways, if you decide you want to just email me at
Thanks and good luck!

Mar 02, 2009
Just Started Water Fasting
by: vicderic


Today is the first day of my fast. I am doing a water fast.

So far, so good. I am 5'3 and my weight is 198 pounds. Yep... I'm super heavy on the bottom.

I hope to lose 20 to 30 pounds.

I don't know how long it will take.

And by the way, you look great!

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