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Fitness Through Fasting Editor Robert Dave Johnston

Thank you so much for supporting my work. I am certain that, if you are dilligent, the changes you will begin to notice in your life will be huge. Pick out the title that most appeals to you and start with that one. Highlight the book, take notes and, even more important, take action!

Be patient with yourself. If at first you stumble, simply pat yourself on the back for a good try, and go at it again. It took me a good two or three months of trial and error before I finally found my stride. And I haven't looked back since then.

This material is not 'fluff' or 'hype.' Everything that I write about I've proven in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of people that I have coached over the years. The main reason why some people do not reach their objective is because they are impatient. Even though with fasting you can lose one pound per day, one day still requires a full 24 hour cycle. And if you choose to fast for 30 days, then 30 days is 30 days.

In addition, you must realize that hunger and detox symptoms will often come on strongly. This should come as no surprise, and I give you plenty of 'tools' to help you get through the turbulence. What I want you to know is that hunger pangs and detox symptoms usually come in 'waves' that typically don't last longer than 20 to 30 minutes. And here's some good news: You won't perish! As long as there is fat in you, your body will continue to feed from that each day.

So: Patience, Commitment, Endurance and Perseverance. Those are the FOUR pillars of success in fasting and cleansing.

You obviously have the desire, otherwise you wouldn't have invested in this package. So get to it! You can do this! I know that you can! How? Because I was a total basket case and I did it. You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Get angry at the excess weight and toxicity. Become willing to do 'whatever it takes to get the jobe done.' Draw a line in the sand. There's NO turning back.

The very best years of your life are still ahead!

To download the 10-book package, CLICK HERE. Your computer will ask you where you wish to save the files. I recommend that before downloading you create a new folder in your computer with the name "Alternative Medicine," or any other name you desire.

In this fashion, you can download the superpack directly to this new folder so that you can have easy access any time you wish. When you begin to download, please be patient; it is a relatively large file and it may take a few minutes to complete, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

After you download the Holiday Package.rar file, you will need some kind of .Zip file software to open it. Most computers already have this software. If you do not have it. you can download the 7-Zip free software HERE. After you download and install this software, return to the "Alternative Medicine" folder where you saved the package.

Select the package with your computer mouse. Click on the RIGHT side of the computer mouse. You will note a menu of options: Please select "Extract Here." This option will retrieve all of the material and display the contents on your computer. To read the books, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader for .PDF files. Once again, most computers already have Adobe Acrobat. If your computer does not have this software, you can download and install it for free HERE.

Quick Note: The Adobe Acrobat Reader download page usually has 'optional offers' in the center of the page. Before you click on "Install Now," make sure to 'unclick' the optional offers, located in the center of the page. If there is something I dislike is software being slammed down my throat without my consent. :-) If you run into any issues, please feel free to write me anytime at webmaster@fitnessthroughfasting.com. Again, thank you so much for your support. I am truly honored and privileged. Godspeed! May this be your best year ever, and may all of your inmost dreams come true!

Fitness        	Through Fasting Editor Robert Dave Johnston
Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine


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