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Hello and welcome! Rob here of Amazing Horror Publishing. Thank you for visiting the mailing list signup page. Being part of the mailing list means you'll always be the first to be notified whenever a new volume is released. I'll also let you know of any other titles that are added over time. Simply fill out your name and email address on the form bellow and click "Sign Me Up." You will then receive a confirmation email. Make sure that you click on the link on that email to confirm. And, very important: You have my word that I will NEVER spam you or give out your email address to any third party. This is strictly to notify you when new volumes become available, as well as to make special announcements related to Amazing Horror Publishing. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. For non fiction in the area of health, nutrition and weight loss, you can visit my Amazon Kindle Author Page. Alright! I will see you on the other side. And remember, always check under the bed before you turn in at night. There's no telling what may be lurking in the darkness! :-)

Robert Dave Johnston
Editor/ Senior Writer

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