Diamond Fasting Masterclass And 30-Day Trial of Fastingology, My 9-Month Fasting for Weight Loss & Detoxification Life-Changing Program

Look, by all means I want you to stick with me for the entire nine months. But this is not about pressure selling or twisting anyone's arm. I have given my heart and soul in the preparation of this program, and I know that you will sense my sincerity. But you are my customer and I will always respect your wishes and carry out your instructions. So read the confirmatin below and, if you agree, then click on the button below and the purchase button will appear right above this paragraph.

I Understand that I am accepting a free 30 day trial to the 9-month Fastingology™ Fasting for Weight Loss & Detoxification Program.

I further understand that I will be billed $23.00 per month for continuing access to the Fastingology Coaching Program beginning in 30 days time if I do not cancel during the trial period. 

I can cancel my subscription anytime by contacting customer support at FitnessThroughFasting.com or by emailing you at webmaster [at] fitnessthroughfasting.com.

**I also understand that I can quickly and easily cancel my subscription at ANY time during my 30 day trial, even 5 minutes after placing my order if I wish.

No Thanks, I've Changed My Mind, Please Take Me Back
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