Discover The Amazing Fasting And Weight Loss Secrets Of A Former 280 lb Journalist Who Lost 91 Pounds And Has Kept It Off For The Last 9 1/2 Years...

In Just 4 Weeks, You'll Learn A Complete System For Successful Fasting, Detoxification And Weight Loss -  A System That Took Me 10 Years To Perfect...

Fitness Through Fasting Editor Robert Dave Johnston Dear friend,

Here's What Some Readers Have Said

"Now with your help
I look great"

Thank you so much, I never thought I could look in the mirror for more than 5 seconds without hating myself, but now with your help I look great, I can go out and have fun because I know I look great and therefore feel it. thank you 

Abi D Taunton, UK

Really good site. Has changed my life 

Adrian Anderson Uxbridge London United Kingdom

"Help me maintain my strength and motivation"

Fasting has helped me break through "barriers" that I thought for a long time were not possible. 

Your encouraging updates help me look at the larger picture and help me maintain my strength and motivation. 

Edward Waites Anaheim CA

I must say I am finding
it very helpful

Hi Rob, Well although I never did your personal coaching course I still have managed to loose 10 pounds so far and its really down to discovering this, 

I just happened on to your website as I was looking at the idea of fasting, I had never really entertained it before but I must say I am finding it very helpful. Now the most I've succeeded on water only is 48hrs but I prefer the intermittent fasting because than when I start eating again I'm more conscious and usually tend to eat less.... 

I still have over a stone to loose to be a healthy weight so I might consider doing your course, again thanks for your replies and support, 

Clare Smith, Ireland

"I lost over 50 pounds" 

I lost over 50 pounds with various combinations of water and juice fasting. I reduced my blood pressure from a dangerous level to a healthy level. 

Tony B. Denver Co.

"I have lost 5kgs so far"

Hi Robert, I am new to your program and although it is really hard, I struggle to get through a day, I do get through. I am encouraged by the Spiritual aspect of fasting which you mention also. 

I am still working hard and though sometimes I fail, I get up and start again. I have lost 5kgs so far. Thank you. 

Eileen Rene Van de Reede, Gisborne New Zealand

"I've never felt
better in my life"



"I fit into a smaller, and beautiful wedding dress"

In the past, I had fasted a week at a time ate only on Fridays. Lost a total of 40 lbs in 5 weeks. I fit into a smaller, and beautiful wedding dress. 

Jaianni Chenoweth, Bow Wa

"Teally thought that I
could not do it"

Hello Robert, I enjoy visiting your website for tips on fasting. I was able to do a 6 day fast and really thought that I could not do it. Reading other peoples experience helped me to get through mine. My next goal will be a 14 day fast. Thank you 

James M Manvel, Texas

"You are amazing person"

Rob, You really helped a lot of people and you did really motivate me, I am thinking this is the best topic ever to present it for my capstone project. You are amazing person, thank you very much Regards, 

Liza Mucalasky Dubai, UAE

"Your notes help me
to realize there is yet
hope for me"

I just joined recently and I want to thank you for writing to me as promised and giving me information all the time. 

In my hour of need, I receive these notes and I receive strength and encouragement to endure, to start afresh, not to give up. I start all over again knowing that if others can do it so can I. 

When failing, and almost giving up, receiving your notes help me to realize there is yet hope for me. I have started all over again three times. Today I am determined to start again and this time to succeed. 

Thank you for all the reminders that I can do it and that I am not alone. 

Rose Sirali Nairobi/Kenya

"You have a passion for really HELPING people" 

Hi Robert, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the helpful advice you have given me. 

I remember a time when I REALLY needed your advice, and what happened? I got a personal response from you in minutes that truly saved my night. Not only do you know what you're talking about, but you have a passion for really HELPING people and that is what I love. 

You encourage, you support, and you really CARE. I am now a healthier person, and the road to a better me was travelled with you at my side! I thank you so much for that! 

Dana J. Santa Monica, CA

"I know now how to get to my ideal weight"

I have only been fasting for three days, but I cannot believe how effective it is. I lost 3.4 pounds the first day, and 2 pounds on the second day. 

I lost 70 pounds on my own within the last 2 years, but I was struggling to lose the last 20 pounds. This is fantastic,. I know now how to get to my ideal weight. It is the most effective method I have ever used, I can't wait to see my weight loss in the morning. I haven't been craving at all today. 

I think about other things, and play hearts online. The world better look out, because here comes a "knockout." Also, fasting is biblical; it healing the spirit, mind, and body. Thank you for the information you have shared with me. 

Ramona Douglasville, GA.

"Helped me free myself of being addictive to food"

Hi Robert reading your website really helped me in understanding what to expect the first two weeks. I like that you speak in real terms and it has helped me free myself of being addictive to food. Keep up your good work and encouragement. 

Sandra Perez Round Rock Tx

"Thank you sooo much"

I have not found a site where I have been so motivated and welcomed and given encouragement and advice and felt the sincerity as I have on this site.. Always learning something new. Thank you sooo much 

Rebecca Chase Holliday, Utah, USA

"Break the food addictions that lead to weight gain"

I've learned that fasting is not some crazy, psycho, and useless weight loss method. Thanks to you, I've discovered that fasting is probably the single best way to break the food addictions that lead to weight gain. 

K. Manny Los Angeles, California

"I could not have gotten this far and have the resolve to continue" 

Hi Robert, I am an experienced water faster now and have reaped many benefits from it. I have never felt healthier, even though I am still a long way from my weight goal. 

I could not have gotten this far and have the resolve to continue without the help of your great website and support. Thanks and regards, 

Rodger MacDonald Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

"I love this website!" 

I love this website! It's hard to find encouraging information dedicated to fasting. Most websites and people try to scare people away from it, calling it starvation. Thanks for all your support 

C Goll Boston, MA

"I have dropped 25lbs"

This is my second long term juice fast. I have done many week long water fasts. I have a love hate relationship with fasting. I am addicted to the feeling of fasting and the sense of accomplishment. 

The downside is my impatience. I require instant results and fail/quit when I don't get this. I have made this past fast a self improvement inside and out. I have dropped 25lbs. I feel great and I reflect every night on the actions I did in my day. I keep a thankful journal and a list of things I like of me. I feel like this journey has just made me happier. 

I am currently on day 27 of a juice fast with 2 weeks left followed by a month of raw foods only. 

Crystal Toronto,ON

"I really feel so much better"

Thanks Robert, I really feel so much better. I also feel that I am able to reach all my goals by achieving this one. Thank you again 

Sharon Thiart Auckland New Zealand

I've learned how to get motivated not only to lose weight but to be healthy.

Rebecca Morris Bronx, NY

"Motivated to lose the extra weight I've carried all my adult life"

This is only my second day of my very first fast, but with your site I feel so strong and motivated to lose the extra weight I've carried all my adult life. Thank you!

Viola Shuman Claxton, Georgia

"I lost 23 lbs and have fasted one day per week since and have not gained it back"

Robert, Thanks for sharing your site and your experiences. It is good to know that there is a great deal of company out there doing this. 

I loved your idea about fasting a day a week, it really does help maintain your weight loss even if you are not as "good" as you should be about what you eat. 

I went on a 16 day water fast (that was all I could do). I lost 23 lbs and have fasted one day per week since and have not gained it back. 

It has been 5 months so far. The good thing about doing this is that you get to know your body much better and can tell even by how something feels on your tongue if it is good for you or not, it helps you to want to eat better. 

Thanks again for your information and support. 

Kate Buckner Monee, IL USA

"I lost 23 pounds in 8 days going from 279 to 256"

Fitness through fasting was a life savoir for me when I finally decided to fast. I read through the resources often. 

I Blogged my 8 day water fast and Robert was always encouraging leaving comments. I lost 23 pounds in 8 days going from 279 to 256. 

I had to stop after 8 days because of no gallbladder and the bile leaking problem but I went straight to juice fasting and am still juice fasting. 

Now, I'm getting all the information I need right here and praise God for it. 

Deborah Munson San Antonio, Texas USA

You might be convinced that fasting is the "magic solution". A solution that can help you lose weight. A solution that can help you gently detox your body. A solution that can help you live a long, happy and healthy life.

However - if you have tried it in the past and failed... I can tell you that you are not alone, and it's not your fault.

Here's why...

  • First of all, many people who fast struggle unnecessarily because they try it by themselves, with little or no support, and no clear strategy

  • Second, people who fast and do it incorrectly tend to fast and diet, but in most cases don't implement permanent changes in their lifestyle

  • Third, people who fast often don't get the benefits they expected because they become discouraged when immediate, dramatic results don't materialize

If this has ever been your experience, hey I agree with you, I was once in your shoes, and that is why I finally decided it was time to do something to take the weight off and keep it off, both in the short term and the long term.

And it's worked incredibly well, considering nearly 10 years ago I was 91 pounds overweight, prone to regular binge eating, and feeling my situation was absolutely hopeless. It got so bad I was at the point of considering suicide before I realized I could turn my life around and got back on track.

Since then I've been teaching what I've learned to friends and family members, when one day dawned on me that maybe I should create a website to share what worked for me, so people who wanted to enjoy all of the benefits fasting can give do the same.

And while I've really enjoyed sharing what I've learned with readers of the website and in my newsletter, I never really felt I could run a full on coaching program to go deeper into the topic than I have before. I guess that was because I didn't want the responsibility of putting together a product or teaching a full on class on fasting. Fact is, I've always just been too busy.

But lately so many people have been asking me about this, they've really wanted to learn how to get the maximum benefits from fasting so they could improve their health and well being.

And now because I've heard from so many people with questions, and with the terrific response I received from the video I sent you a few days ago, I realized I have so much more to share that could really make a positive impact on people's lives. This is why I've finally decided to take the time and teach this class once and for all.

Here's How It's Going To Work

I've decided to create a 4-week Webinar coaching program, where we get together online once a week, and I'll share everything I've learned about effective fasting, detoxification, and weight loss.

This way, you can watch from the comfort of your own home as I teach you live and show you exactly how to get maximum, long term benefits from your fasting.

The format of each module of this program will be 30-40 minutes of me teaching you everything you need to know, and then a Q&A session where I will answer every question you have about what was taught in that module.

That way you get to ask me all of those questions that have been bugging you, and I will personally answer them for you right there and then.

And after each call, I'll send you a survey asking for your feedback, and I'll ask you if you have any other questions or concerns you'd like me to address in the next Webinar.

Here's What's Covered In This
Unique Live Coaching Program

Week #1 Module One : The Foundational Secrets You Must Know If You Want To Guarantee Success

In this session, I will explain how fasting is supposed to be a life-giving practice that leads to permanent eating-habit changes and NOT a tool to perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle.

We will dispel pre-conceived notions about fasting, defining the POSITIVE way in which this amazing discipline can change your life.

We will talk about the importance of creating a fasting journal so that you can:

  • Have a solid foundation from which to build a leaner and healthier you, so you'll have a much better chance of succeeding the very first time you fast with your new knowledge

  • Bring to life the vision of all that you wish to accomplish through fasting in ALL areas of your life, not just health and weight loss

  • Receive a powerful jolt of hope and motivation by realizing that you CAN reach your goals, and much sooner than you every thought possible

  • Start creating a powerful new health-filled destiny where anything is possible!

In this session we will also: 

  • Explore the different "types" of fasts that you can do and define what each one entails, and then choose the best one for you and your personal circumstances

  • Discuss the amount and "types" of weight loss you can expect while fasting AND in how long, so you start off with realistic goals and don't get discouraged with your results

  • The module will end with me, for the first time ever in public, giving you a no-holds-barred peek of how fasting helped me to escape horrible depths of binging, obesity, hopelessness and suicide

  • This module will include a special report (that you will read and complete as homework) which will help you to identify, clarify and sharpen your goals and vision

  • Then I'll answer your questions about what we've covered for as long as you need me on the call.

Week #2 Module Two: The Amazing Power A Pre-Fast Cleansing Diet, And The Specific Foods You Should Eat... And Avoid

The content of modules 2 and 3 will be fairly flexible, because I will be surveying members after each Webinar and covering the topics you most want to know more about.

Currently in module 2, we will look at the amazing power of a pre-fast cleansing diet and how it can:

  • Start the process of cleansing before you even begin the fas minimize the hunger pangs of fasting, produce the first signs of weight loss and help you to start creating healthier eating habits. You'll begin cutting out the trash so your body begins to heal itself. This is a critical step, and can mean the difference between success and failure

  • I will give you a list of the foods you need to cut out and explain why this is needed. One of the key benefits of a pre-fast cleansing diet is that it helps to reduce detoxification symptoms, meaning your body 

  • We will talk about the variety of symptoms you may experience when beginning a detox cleansing process, emphasising that even though they may be uncomfortable, these are a positive sign of the new lifestyle that you are creating

  • Then I'll answer your questions about what we've covered in week's 1 and 2 for as long as you need me on the call

Week #3 Module Three: How You Can Fall In Love With Fasting - It's Easier Than You Think

This week we'll talk about launching your fast the easiest way possible, and what you'll need to know as you go through each day. I'll also show you how you how to enjoy the entire process.

  • We'll discuss specifically what to do each and every day, so you have a roadmap to follow and you can stay on track. Having this plan helps you know exactly what to do and expect every day of your fast

  • You'll learn about the Time Trap Escape, and how Prayer and Meditation can greatly assist you as you bring your body to optimal health

  • I'll also share my favorite Online Forums where you can get advice and assistance at any time of the day or night, and also resources where you can get Personal Support when you really need it

  • And as we've done in previous weeks, I'll answer your questions about what we've covered for as long as you need me on the call

Week #4 Module Four: The Hardest Part - Critical Steps In Breaking Your Fast And What Comes Next

From the questions I receive, it's obvious that breaking the fast and knowing what to do next is the single biggest problem people have.

  • This week we'll look at why slow is fast, and how you can keep the weight you lost off for the long term, which after all, for most people this is one of the main goals of fasting

  • We'll talk about regular maintenance fasting to stay in peak shape, and what role regular exercise plays in the Fasting and weight loss process

  • Then I'll answer any and all final questions about what we've covered during the program for as long as you need me on the call, even if it takes 2 more hours

And don't worry if you can't make one or more of the Webinar trainings live. So you can catch up or review what you learn in each coaching session, each Webinar will be recorded for you. You'll be granted lifetime access to the recordings of each week's session inside a special Member's area we will be setting up just for this program. 

That way you'll be able to watch each coaching session as many times as you like, so you won't miss any of the lesson content or the answers I give to every question you and your fellow attendees ask.

Acting TODAY!

I know the easiest way to create an irrestible offer is to give you more value than you can get anywhere else.

So to make sure youÂ’re getting at least ten times the value today, if you are one of the FIRST 98 people to reserve your place, you'll also receive these three exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1 - How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule And Make Fasting Twice As Effective

In this 24 page Digital Report you'll learn:

  • Why fasting alone is often not enough to easily achieve long-term weight loss, and how you can permanently keep the weight off if you only have a few minutes spare each day

  • How you can avoid the on-again, off-again exercise treadmill and achieve lasting weight loss around your busy schedule of juggling family, home and career, not somebody else's

  • Simple yet effective techniques for incorporating exercise into your life so you can start reaping the benefits no matter whether you are an executive or manager, an employee or business owner, a stay at home mom or dad, or anybody else

  • A program you can follow if you are young or older, in good health or not so good right now. This program will help you to get active and improve your health no matter where you are right now

  • And much more...

Bonus #2 - How To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Aid You In The Fasting Process And Keep The Weight Off

 In this 25 Page Digital Guide you'll discover:

  • Why the only true lasting changes you can make in your life come from the inside out, and how my secret for programming your mind for losing weight is the easiest way to achieve your goals and make them stick

  • Why you may have lost small or even large amounts of weight in the past, but ultimately put it back on, and how you can stop this process effortlessly by reprogramming your subconscious belief system

  • How to get off the perpetual see-saw of losing weight, gaining weight, then losing weight again, so you are no longer crushed and disheartened time and time again when all your hard work simply doesn't pay off and you are right back where you started

  • Why all the fasting, dieting and exercise in the world will not produce results for you if your thinking and self image are fighting you, and how to painlessly turn this around so you can achieve the lasting results you so desperately desire

  • And lots more...

Bonus #3 - FREE Lifetime Updates, Future Product Discounts And Unannounced Bonus Training

Because this is a brand new program, you can be sure it will be evolving, growing and expanding over time. If you are one of the first 98 Foundation Members, you'll have FREE lifetime updates to this program when I add new or additional material, as well as VIP discounts on future products and additional free Reports, videos and other training in the future

How You Can Get This Life
Changing Program For Less Than
A Week's Worth Of Groceries

After a lot of thought, and because this is the first time I've ever offered this kind of personal coaching, I've decided to offer this entire 4-week program for just $97.

Or if you'd prefer, you can make 3 payments of just $37.

If you act now, you're going to get in at the rock-bottom lowest investment I'll ever be offering. And if you don't get in now, you will have to pony up at least twice this amount and probably more the next time I offer it in the future.

This is a good deal for this any way you look at it. You'll probably save more than the entire cost of this program on groceries the first time you do a successful 7 day fast, not to mention the amount of money you'll save in the years ahead because of your increased health, better immunity and higher fitness levels.

Truth be told, I should be selling this for $297 or more, but here is why I'm not. The fact is, I simply want you to be totally blown away by what I share with you in this coaching program, so in the future, if I offer you any other products I've created, you'll be much more likely to say yes. 

Secondly, this is a labor of love for me. I know I'm going to have a really good time creating this course with you, and I love getting paid for what I do. But money isn't my primary concern; I simply want to help you experience the joy of having a healthy, vital body, and I feel this is the best way to do that. 

And finally, I feel I have a moral obligation to share this information in a format that allows you to actually get results. Now I'm guessing you're a pretty smart person, and you could probably figure this all out on your own... eventually. But judging by the huge number of questions I receive, the right information is hard to come by, and it takes a lot of time to sort out the facts from the fiction.

So what I'll be doing in this training is like handing you the combination to a safe that took me 5 years to crack. Rather than you taking years of trial and error to work it all out for yourself, you'll have everything you need to know at your fingertips to use over and over again.

Only 98 Seats Still Available

Because this is the first and most likely the only time I will ever run this program live and in person, and I want to be able to personally interact with each member on the calls, I'm going to have to keep this to a small, intimate group. For this reason, I'm going to limit the number of participants to just 98, because I don't want to get totally overwhelmed.

Also, my system only accommodates 100 people, and I'll need two spots for myself and my tech guy who will be helping me on the calls.

Registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis, and once we reach 98, I'll be taking this page down and replacing it with a waiting list. Once the coaching program is complete, I'll be packaging it up and selling it for at least $197, without the benefit of having me personally answer all of your questions live and in person. 

If you know in your heart that this is for you, and you are even a little bit curious about this, you'll need to act quickly to ensure you don't miss out...

Plus, You Get My Best Guarantee!

Reserve your place in this program immediately. Participate in JUST the first Webinar. If you don't feel like you've already gotten double your money's worth, then contact me right away and I'll return every penny of your purchase to you quietly and promptly. 

Better still - Attend all 4 Webinars over the next 30 days, review all of the bonus material, absorb and put into action everything you are going to discover from this program.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just contact me and I'll still give you back every penny of your investment. 

You only stand to gain when you act immediately and join this life changing coaching program today.

Your Payment Options

Option #1 - One Payment Of $97

Option #2 - Three Payments Of $37, One Today, Then 2 More 30 Days Apart

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside.



P.S. This life changing program is only available to the first 98 people to register. If you are ready to take control and you know in your heart that this is for you, grab your place now before they are all snapped up.

P.P.S. I know this program will help you, and I know your life will never be the same again - I GUARANTEE it. And as I said, if for ANY reason you aren't absolutely delighted with the results, just let me know and I'll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked. 

Click Here To Reserve Your Place