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Fitness Through Fasting Editor Robert Dave Johnston

Hello and welcome to Fitness Through Fasting! This is Robert Dave Johnston, Fasting coach, editor and webmaster. I am honored to have you as a reader. As a token of my appreciation, here are some gifts that I know will support your fasting for weight loss and detox efforts. Losing weight and overcoming poor eating habits is never easy. So I want to be here for you in any way that I can and make the road a little smoother. Here are the goodies. :-) More tips and articles to follow...

QUICK NOTE: Some months ago I did a live 6+ hour webinar that covers fasting A-Z. I have been selling it to site visitors at the regular price of $47. However, as a mailing list subscriber, you can get your copy of this powerful and life-changing multimedia program for just $25.

You can check out the presentation page with all of the details HERE.Grab it soon as I will likely remove the discount page soon. More than Six Hours of Multimedia Fasting/Detox Coaching (Plus Bonuses) For Only $25.

God bless you richly and thank you for being here. It is my sincere wish that all your dreams come true. :-)


Highlights:This report gives you an introduction to fasting for weight loss and provides instructions on how to carry out 24-hour fasting. This short-term fasting method, if one regularly, is an excellent way to start losing weight and becoming used to how your body responds while fasting. Last updated: 10/8/10

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Highlights:This report gives you instructions on starting the body cleansing process with a very simple yet powerful cleansing diet recipe. Whether you are new to fasting for detox or have done it in the past, this type of cleansing diet will always help your body to detoxify.

Right Click And Choose 'Save Target As'To Download 'Introduction to Fasting For Detox' To Your Computer

Again, I welcome you to Fitness Through Fasting. Make sure to bookmark this page. It is my sincere desire that you reach ALL of your goals and that you may experiece the ultimate health and freedom that is rightfully yours! I will talk to you soon. :-)



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