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A Life Transforming, Step-by-Step Fasting for Weight Loss & Detoxification Program...

Fasting Weight Loss
Fasting Weight Loss Benefit & Health Warning: Former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona has said the US obesity problem is reaching epidemic proportions and is becoming "The Terror Within". Meanwhile, medical authorities indicate that if you are more than twenty pounds overweight, then you fall into the higher risk category for Type II diabetes, heart attack or stroke, among other illnesses. Fasting Weight Loss is a powerful antidote. That is what FastingOlogy™ is all about: LIFE & FREEDOM!

All You Need Is One Day of Fasting Per Week, and In Just A Month - You Can Start Seeing A Thinner You and Be On Your Way To Dramatic Improvements in Your Health & Vitality

Plus I'll Send You Weekly Assignments for NINE Full Months to Support You In your Fasting Weight Loss Journey so That You Can Enhance or Regain Your Power, Beauty, Health & Strength.

Re: Nine Month Fasting Weight Loss & Detoxification FastingOlogy™ Training Program.

Dear Fasting Warrior:

Starting the process of dieting and fasting to lose weight with guidance and a structure is perhaps THE best model ever to help you produce consistent and long-lasting results. Just think of the profound ultimate fasting for health benefit:

You Sign Up for the FastingOlogy™ program ONCE, and continue to receive weekly step-by-step instructions automatically by e-mail that will teach you how to fast, how to break the fast, how to stay motivated, how to deal with the mind, fasting & detox symptoms, and how to make a PERMANENT transformation in your lifestyle to KEEP IT OFF.

The rapid weight loss & detoxification received through proper, structured fasting is at the heart of why more and more people are starting to use this life-giving discipline to enhance the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, the emphasis for most is on STARTING the fasting weight loss process, with very few FINISHING.

The Biggest problem 99.9% of people who lose weight through dieting and/or fasting face is that, within a short time period, they gain it all back and end up feeling defeated and helpless.

Why is that?

Because Losing Weight & Keeping it Off PERMANENTLY Through a Profound Lifestyle Change is Hard!

There, I said it. It is the truth. And anyone who has played and lost the weight loss game will agree with me that this is absolutely true. I should know. Just five years ago, I found myself alone in my apartment, 70 pounds overweight, chronically toxic, desperate and wanting to die. I had tried all the diets under the sun and nothing seemed to work.

I would lose anywhere between ten to twenty pounds. But soon I was back to my old ways of overeating and stagnation. Inevitably, the weight would come back. This happened over and over for many years. So when I tell you that losing weight and keeping it off is hard work, I am speaking from experience.

Let me explain why it is so tough (and then, I'll show you how to implement a simple, straight-forward fasting weight loss system that Can Help Simplify Things and get out of the frustrating see-saw of weight loss and weight gain.

SIX Reasons Why Most People Who Lose Weight By Dieting & Fasting Usually Gain It All Back Within ONE Year.

1.They Do it By Themselves With Little or No Support or Clear Strategy: Going at it alone is one of the top reasons why going on a diet, juice or water fast often does not produce lasting results. It is very easy to burn out and give up. Changing eating, thinking and behavior patterns with some outside support, guidance and encouragement, on the other hand, allows one to stay focused and motivated.

2.They Expect It To Require No Effort: Another reason why it is so hard to lose weight and keep it off is because some persons expect it to not require any real effort or willingness to change. We have all heard of diet programs that constantly promise, "you will not even feel hungry!" The truth is that, at first, the process of fasting and detox can be uncomfortable. Dealing with hunger pains can be a challenge. A step-by-step approach can be much more productive because it walks you through these REAL challenges and gives you tips and techniques to overcome them.

3.They Fast & Diet But Do Not Implement Permanent Changes in Lifestyle: A common reason why people lose weight through dieting and fasting yet gain it back is that, sooner or later, they return to destructive eating because they either made no provision for permanent eating-habit changes, or simply had no intention of doing so.

4.They Become Discouraged When Immediate Dramatic Results Do Not Materialize: Rome was not built in a day. While fasting is by far one of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve health, it still does require focused effort and consistency. You can lose up to one pound per day while fasting. But one pound a day still requires ONE day. No program can offer you "instant" results and be worth your time and money. This is simply not realistic. But a down-to-earth step-by-step program guiding you through the ins and outs of the process CAN help you to achieve tangible results.

5.They Have Not Learned To Confront & Master Hunger: Yet another reason why many persons diet and fast but gain the weight back (over and over) is because they have not learned to deal with the hunger impulse in their day-to-day lives. Hunger will always be part of the human condition. For persons with binging and/or obesity problems (or anybody wanting to lose weight and keep it off), learning to master hunger ONE DAY AT A TIME is by far one of the most important parts of any long-term health and weight loss program.

6.They Are Filled with Mental Negativity that Constantly Feeds Destructive Emotions that Lead Them Back to Binging, Compulsive Overeating, Apathy and Stagnation: One of the biggest reasons why people lose weight and then gain it all back is because they focus strictly on making EXTERNAL changes but make no changes in the way they think and behave. If a person loses weight but hangs on to negative patters of thinking and behaving, then chances are that the weight will sooner or later start to creep back in.

If a horse thief with a drinking problem stops drinking but does nothing else, guess what we have? That's right, we have a "sober" horse thief, right? :-) Addressing THE MIND and adjusting one's internal world of thought and behavior as it relates to food & eating is crucial for sustained fasting and detox health benefits.

So if these ways of dieting and fasting for health do not work, then what does? Well, I am glad you asked!

The Easiest Way to Succeed at Fasting Weight Loss & Detoxification is to Follow a Step-by-Step Guide that can Help You To Overcome Self-Defeating Eating & Lifestyle Habits Over A Period of At Least Nine Months

As a member of FastingOlogy™ you will learn to develop new fasting, detoxification, eating and fitness habits that will stick and - therefore - help you to break the fasting weight loss/weight gain cycle. In essence, you will be renewed and rejuvenated!


The adoption of both intermittent (once weekly or bi-weekly) and longer-term water and juice fasting (from 7 to 30 days ) in combination with a gradual transformation of eating habits and thinking/emotional patterns over a nine-month period. The purpose of this simple program is to help you achieve weight loss & detoxification which can be sustained for a lifetime - ONE DAY AT A TIME.

In a nutshell, here's what you'd do as a member of FastingOlogy...

1. Receive and download weekly lessons in .PDF format.
2. Follow checklist of simple and easy-to-understand action steps and the time line of when to put them into motion.
3. Take responsibility and be willing to make changes in your lifestyle.

It's that simple!

And the benefits of fasting weight loss are the exact opposite of the barriers for traditional ways of dieting...

1.You don't have to spend all of your time counting carbs or fat: This can be very frustrating. While on this fasting weight loss course, all you have to think about either drinking enough water and/or preparing the juice fasting weight loss recipe, in addition to following a very simple STANDARD LIFE DIET plan.

2.You can save money because you will not have to purchase any special diet foods. Since you will be fasting and therefore eating less, your shopping bill - at least for yourself if you have a family - will be lower.

3.You can lose as much as one pound per day while on a fasting weight loss program and 20-to-40 pounds in seven days. This quick weight loss can help you shed dangerous pounds right away so that you can start to look and feel better.

4.You can get rid of harmful toxins in your blood stream and digestive system that cause fatigue, depression, skin problems, premature aging, AND craving for harmful foods, among many other symptoms.

Some Benefits of Fasting include; more energy, mental clarity, relief (and even healing) from illness, clearer & smoother skin (looking younger!) and the breaking of food addictions that lead to binging and compulsive overeating.

The detoxification process brought on by fasting for health has marked anti-aging effects.

As a FastingOlogy™ member, you will follow the instructions on weekly e-mails which will guide you through:

1. Taking an inventory of where you are with your weight & health.

2. Starting to cut out foods that are causing you to gain weight or remain overweight through a straightforward cleansing diet period.

3. Moving on and skipping certain meals as part of your initial preparation.

4.Completing a 24-hour fast.

5. Pressing on to an extended combination water/juice fast as long as 30 days if your health condition so allows it.

6. Learning to incorporate both juice and water fasting in your lifestyle.

7. Identifying trigger foods and how to confront them in your home and whenever you go out to eat or on other social occasion.

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! The fasting weight loss course will delve into matters physical, mental and - to some extent - spiritual. The bottom line is that you will receive lessons to cover every aspect of your transformation - from the fasting weight loss to the transcendence of thinking and behavior patterns that can help you keep these amazing health benefits.

So, I've pretty much told you the idea here ... But, obviously, there is a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things.

While the fasting weight loss process is very simple, and you could get started right now on your own, wouldn't you rather learn some amazing methods of turning this idea into a thriving new lifestyle?

I thought so.

That's why I am going to ask you a simple question ...

Who wants FastingOlogy?

Introducing FastingOlogy: A Step-by-Step, Nine-Month Training Program Designed to Help Its Members Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss, Improved Physical/Mental Health and Profound Lifestyle Changes Through The Power of Juice and Water Fasting!

Fasting Weight Loss Fastingology

We developed the Fitness Through Fasting FastingOlogy™ membership site to teach you how to utilize the disciplines of water fasting and juice fasting to experience weight loss, detoxification and to help you achieve optimum levels of health, wellness and vitality - with notable results starting in as little as ONE MONTH!

Every week for a full nine months you'll receive an email with a special download link for that week's step-by-step fasting weight loss lesson. Included in the lesson is an assignment for you to complete, so you'll make progress every single week.

Over the coming nine months, we'll cover everything ...

*What is fasting and how it can help you lose weight and cleanse your blood stream and digestive system.

*Immediately starting a strict cleansing diet to begin the detoxification process and prepare the body for 24-hour water fasting.

*Getting started right away with 24-hour water fasting so you can lose ten pounds or more in the first few weeks. We've seen members lose as much as 30 pounds in just one mont of STRICT adherence to the course.

*How to end your fast responsibly and resume eating under a specific structure based on simple "do and don't" EATING COMMANDMENTS.

*Implementing a STANDARD LIFE DIET and commencing to overcome years of destructive eating patterns and ideas/behaviors about food. Creating an eating system that can produce a new lifestyle you can follow for life.

*Confronting hunger, emotions and mental netagivity. Learning to maintain a clear vision of what you wish to accomplish with your life and fasting weight loss efforts. I will send you continuous no-nonsense motivational lessons to help you press on.

*Preparing to launch and complete a longer-term juice and water fast (from seven to 30 days) - in accordance with what your health allows.

*A TOTAL BODY DETOX series that will take you step-by-step through the process of cleansing your digestive system and vital organs from disease-causing toxins and debris.

Instead of just publishing this fasting weight loss program in some e-book or quick coaching program, I'm making it available to you week after week in ACTION-SIZED portions so you'll actually get results.

You don't need another e-book to clutter up your computer or more words to clutter up your brain. What you need is weekly "here's what to do next" action steps to complete. What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep working with you week after week so you don't get stalled along the way. And that's exactly what I'm going to do when you join FastingOlogy™.

As a member you'll receive ...

One 5-10 Page Weekly Lesson for 9 MONTHS in Downloadable .PDF Format.

Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that you'll see fasting weight loss results within the first weeks of the program!

1.Short And Simple To Digest -
Each lesson is only 5-10 pages in length and contains nothing but lean "meat." There is a very real problem these days with "information overload" where the reader simply has too much information to absorb. Each lesson is purposefully brief (but thorough!) so you can quickly read it and put it into practice.

2.Includes An Assignment To Complete -
Every weekly lesson will give you an assignment to complete at the close of the information. Instead of giving you the usual "this is what I've done" stuff, I'm giving you "this is what you do" stuff! Each week you'll have some action steps to complete before moving on.

3.Builds As You Go -
Every lesson builds as you progress through the various fasting weight loss detoxification steps. Early on, we'll discuss some basics to quickly help you implement a program to eliminate toxic foods and start the fasting weight loss process. From there, we'll move into intermediate and then advanced lessons for multiplying and maximizing the benefits of both juice fasting and water fasting. Beginners won't get lost from the start and more experienced "fasters" won't get bored as I'll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for more advanced individuals.

4.Forces You To Succeed Long-Term -
Many e-books and traditional membership sites (and even some high-priced coaching programs) pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself. That isn't how things are setup in this fasting weight loss course. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for a full nine months, you'll be more likely to actually do something with the content ... and you'll be more likely to see real results for yourself!

5.Helps You Make Real Progress -
When you look back after each month, you'll actually be able to see progress by putting these fasting weight loss lessons into practice. As you start to lose weight and receive more energy, as you begin to overcome old destructive eating and thinking patterns, and as you gain renewed hope, you'll see the advancement because you are following a systematic, weekly plan of action. Exactly when you need to take certain steps, you will take them.

Each weekly fasting weight loss lesson is designed to be to-the-point and immediately actionable.

The first lesson is coming your way immediately upon completing your order.

Included in your first lesson ...

>Lesson #1

*What is FastingOlogy™ and how it will help you tp lose weight and improve your health and vitality.

*The FOUR PILLARS OF FASTINGOLOGY - the basic principles that you will be incorporating into your life. A 4-step fasting for health and cleansing "Startup Checklist" broken down into bite-sized action steps!

*Getting started with a LIFE JOURNAL to solidify, clarify and expand your health and weight loss goals.

*Starting to make immediate changes in your diet to begin detoxification and fasting weight loss preparation.

You'll get this instantly after you join below. Everything you need to understand the fasting weight loss concept and get started is included in just a few short pages.

(Note: Get ready to start making immediate changes in the types and amounts of food that you eat and become prepared to dive into your first 24-hour fasting weight loss effort within a few days. I will be explaining these steps in additional lessons - so even if you are a complete beginner, you can be well on your way in a few short weeks for sure!)

The format is simple:

*Lesson number one will explain a basic overview of what fasting is, how it can help you and what you will need to do to prepare yourself to start the weight loss and detoxification process.

*Then, we'll take a handful of lessons to walk you through each of the initial steps with some "golden nuggets" on getting better fasting weight loss results ... with less work.

*After that, we'll look at some advanced strategies for taking your fasting weight loss efforts to the next level. These techniques are amazing for both beginners and advanced "fasters."

*Intermingled throughout the series will be lessons on staying motivated, dealing with the mind, confronting and overcoming hunger, specific juice fasting recipes to aid in detox.

*Also, we will look at healing and holistic disciplines/techniques to help you walk through the detox symptoms that arise when you are new to fasting.

*Then, we'll close out at the end of our series with a big bang that is gonna knock your socks off ... by following this final fasting for health and weight loss lesson you'll learn how to dive into the depths of fasting for health and literally transform the entire course of your life.

(Sorry, no peeking ... but it really is a HUGE physical, mental and spiritual powerhouse)

Want to know the best part? Check this out ...

No More Paying Thousands Of Dollars,
Even If It's in "4 Easy Payments"!

I've been a writer and journalist for more than 15 years. And I know how things work. I could easily do what some of my contemporaries have done and make this some kind of high-ticket Fasting Weight Loss 101 coaching program that sells for $1,997.00.

But, many good people wouldn't be able to take advantage of the offer simply because it wouldn't be in their budget. The entire theme of Fitness Through Fasting has been sharing "valuable" information with the people that need it most.

Listen, I know. I know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. I know what it's like to be deep in credit card debt. I know what it's like to sink more and more money into empty promises. I know what it's like to be suckered into buying a high-priced item on an "easy" installment plan. I've been there and I know. Trust me, I know.

It is for that reason that I am NOT going to charge the thousands of dollars that I could charge for this program. Instead, I'm going to make it a no-brainer, and I'm going to make it downright affordable for every budget.

The price for a subscription to the FastingOlogy™ program is just $23 per month. While the program is 9 months in length, you can cancel anytime you choose.

"Robert, that's a bargain ... seriously ... what's the catch?"

We both know that the $23 is a drop in the bucket. So, in keeping your guard up with a "suspicious mind" you'd have to ask the question, right? Well, truthfully, there is a catch...

Only 1,500 105 (And Shrinking Fast) Members Will Be Accepted Into The FastingOlogy™ program!

I have placed a cap on FastingOlogy™ at 1,500 members. Once these initial memberships have been sold (and this will not take long !) I will close the doors to this fasting weight loss program and NO MORE memberships will be available. If you want to join, the time to do it is right now before the big SOLD OUT sign goes up in the box below.

This offer will be removed without warning and it will likely be six more months before access is available.

Your Money Will Be Returned By Paypal At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You're Unhappy.

Fasting Weight Loss FastingOlogy Guarantee.

Here's The Thing: I sell these fasting weight loss memberships through Paypal, which means I play by their rules. And their rules state that I've got to offer you an 8-week, money back guarantee. I'm fine with that. I stand behind my materials completely and know you'll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 8 weeks by simply emailing me or Paypal if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Join Now While Memberships Are Still Available...

Yes, Robert, I want my 5-10 page weekly lesson to learn how to improve my health and life by fasting for weight loss, detoxification and improved health! I have read and agree to the legal disclaimers below.

Your initial charge will be $23.00. You will then be charged $23.00/month for 8 months after your initial charge has been made.

(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday!)

You will receive an email every week with a download link for your weekly fasting weight loss .PDF lesson.

*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this fasting weight loss product and its potential. Please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

Legal Information

Disclaimer -- Terms of Use -- Privacy Policy

I mentioned this earlier, but just want to stress it one last time because I think it's one of the most important benefits you receive by following a step-by-step fasting for health, weight loss & detoxification program.

All you have to do is receive the weekly lesson, download it and follow the directions and complete the assignments. There is no guessing or wondering what it is you have to do next. It will take you by the hand and show you how to prepare to fast, how to deal with toxic foods and how to stay motivated to reach and even exceed your goals!

That means that, long after you've completed the fasting weight loss program, the vitality you will have obtained can stay with you for the rest of your life. Imagine this for just a moment - Fitting into that size of clothing that you always wanted; cleansing your bowels and bloodstream of toxins that can literally kill, increasing your energy levels and mental clarity - literally seeing the pounds come off your body and knowing that you are adding quality years to your life.

It's all in your hands, and FastingOlogy™ serves it to you step-by-step in an easy to understand, concise format.If this does sound exactly like what you're looking for, let's Get Started!

All You Need Is One Day of Fasting Per Week, and In Just A Month - You Can Start Seeing A Thinner You and Be On Your Way To Dramatic Improvements in Your Health & Vitality.

P.S. Should you have any questions related to this course, or need help with any technical issues, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

Warm Regards,

Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
FastingOlogy 9-Month Membership Course.

If you still are unsure about joining, you can also visit our Question & Answers page.

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