Colonic Cleansing - Colonic Cleansing & Fasting - A Serious Laughing Matter

This page hopes to provide some colonic cleansing comic relief and then link to Fasting Colon Cleansing where we will begin a discussion on detox cleansing systems you can use at home.

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Look at these topics from a self-improvement perspective.

Yes, they can sometimes be tasteless and gross. But it is good that we get to the details of how the body works and what it takes to keep it clean and in shape.

Rapid Weight Loss and Detox Fasting

I don't like to mince words, so I will give you the fasting info straight as I lived it, learned it and was transformed by it. The whole point of us discussing these topics in details is to assist you in launching and sticking to a fasting and cleansing program that can heal you and help you to lose weight.

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It's a Process!

The process of colonic cleansing takes time but it is so very worth it. Anytime somebody would mention to me the word process, I would explode with anger and antagonism.

I wanted health and weight loss to drop from the sky with minimal effort. I actually resented God for not miraculously melting the pounds of my body while I slept. Still, I could not sleep through the night without taking several trips to the kitchen and gorging on whatever was there.

It was terrible. I even overate health and diet food. I just could not stop eating. I was toxic and needed withdrawal through fasting - not a mere diet.

Grim Picture

I was 60 pounds overweight, suicidal and suffered from a liver condition. I had faith in nothing or nobody. I was a victim of the universe and life. A restless wonderer with no self-esteem, destination or purpose in life. Yes. It was that bad.

Today, however, I can tell you that, while my liver condition has not been totally healed, I have lost the excess weight and feel stronger and sharper than I ever have before. Fasting did that for me. I had to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I had to make a decision to do whatever it took no matter the discomfort to get my life back. One day at a time - I have done it. And so can you. That's what this website is all about.

Your Commitment

Products as the Dual Cleanse are very helpful in loosening the debris and parasites that poison the blood and digestive system. I enjoy recommending products I know are high quality and will work for you. Still, I want you to remember that the true catalyst to permanent change is your commitment to sticking to it all the way.

You can buy the best colonic cleansing product, only to let it collect dust in your kitchen cabinet - as I did for a long time. Or you can shake off the lethargy and use it. It's up to you.

Hopefully I will motivate you enough through my words and experience in this website that you will decide to DO IT!

Don't Expect Disneyland

There will be discomfort, especially when you are first detoxing during those first seven to nine days of any fasting program. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang on, my friend and never give up. If I can be of service or further support, go to our Contact page and drop me a line. I will do everything that I can to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for being here!

The Colonic Queen

Ok. Before we get into more colonic cleansing and enema topics, I wish to share with you some hilarious excerpts from the book Detox for Life by Colonic Queen and holistic health coach Loree Taylor Jordan. Loree has helped many people restore their health through fasting and colonic cleansing and is somebody I greatly admire.

She approaches the topic of fasting and cleansing with facts but much humor as well. Here is an eye-opening excerpt from Detox for Life by Loree Taylor Jordan:

Parasites, worms and other creepy-crawly critters are in your belly right now while you are reading this page. Make no mistake about it, worms are the most toxic agents in the human body.

They are one of the most primary underlying causes of disease and the most basic cause of a compromised immune system. This may be difficult for you to admit. Just the idea of parasites and worms crawling around in your body is enough to send anyone into shock and denial.

All I can say is, take a deep breath, keep an open mind, and review the facts. Now, to add insult to injury, as your body is working overtime to handle, digest, and clean up your own wastes, worms and parasites find a perfect breeding ground between the thick mucus coating and your colon wall.

And as they eat our food, their excrement becomes a source of toxic poisoning which goes right into the bloodstream and overloads the liver. Yes, you heard me right. As if black, goopy snakes coming out of the colon are not grotesque enough, now you can add worms and parasites to the list.

To the right is a list of Loree's books. I highly recommend them. They are both funny and very hard-hitting.

Rectal Phobia

Ok then. Do you get the point? I hope colonic cleansing comes to focus for you now.

Loree's graphic description of what transpires in our gut, to me, conveys very well the magnitude of what you are doing when you decide to launch a fasting and cleansing program. Loree goes on to talk about how some people, men especially, balk at colonic cleansing because they do not want anything introduced in their back side. I was one of those, by the way.

Thank you Loree for helping me see my "back-slidden" ways - no pun intended. To men, Loree says, Get Over it! She addresses other common rebuttals people have when the topic of colon cleansing is brought up:

I Don't Like the Taste of the Colonic Cleansing Liquid!

So what if you don't? Drink it anyway. This program does not have to be a big inconvenience unless you make it that way.

If you had a life-threatening health condition and your doctor told you that drinking this medication would save your life I'll bet you would get creative and figure out a way to drink it.

As the saying goes, "Where there's a will there's a way."

I Don't Have Time for Colonic Cleansing!

You are right, you can wait until you are confined to bed with a life-threatening illness, maybe even cancer if you are lucky.

Cancer is really going to take a chunk out of your social life you will have plenty of time then.

I can't afford Colonic Cleansing!

You are right again. You can't afford any herbs or colonics. You have to start saving your money.

Take another look at Chapter 10 on cancer-you had better put away at least about $50,000 to $75,000 for your cancer treatments.

I Can't Just Not Eat!

Right again. It will probably be much easier for you to get used to it when they are feeding you intravenously.

My Family thinks its weird

Get a new family.

I Am Embarrassed to go in for a professional colonic cleansing!

Get over it!

And there is lots more where that came from. When you have some time visit Loree's Web Site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Now let us look more closely at the different Fasting Colon Cleansing systems and tools available to help you in your detoxification efforts.

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