Health Diet Fitness and Fasting: A Health Diet Fitness Program With Fasting can Power Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts.

But Watch Out! Food is a Subtle Foe

Food After Fasting

The biggest health diet fitness problem I am presented with frequently are wonderful people who sacrificed and fasted, but made no provision for permanent eating habit changes AFTER the fast was over.

Pretty soon, like the cartoon here, they veer off the track and fall back headlong into poor eating and the guilt and shame is horrible.

They actually sabotage their own health diet fitness efforts. They do not realize that the period "after" a prolonged fast is when one is most easily able to transform eating habits.

You want to know Why? Because the body is clean of toxins. Withdrawal is not there to cause grief as it does when one fasts for the first time. Personal quote: "Withdrawal from toxins is actually what many in the western world call - hunger.

They eat, not so much out of hunger, but to feed the food addiction and give their toxic bodies a constant "fix" of unhealthy foods. Binging temporarily appeases the craving and prevents uncomfortable withdrawal.

This cycle continues ad infinitum. Bodies asking time and again for more of the very toxic food that is actually killing them."

Eating Light After Fasting

Eating light is the key. After I broke my initial 40-day fast, my diet was made up of vegetable soup, fruits, vegetables and fish ... period. Very light, good meals low in sodium and sugar. These initial six months are crucial because you will be forging brand new ways to related to food and eating. It is at this time that it is also great to start a regular fitness regimen.

After completing that first 40-day water fast I felt very light - physically and emotionally. It was awesome. All cravings for sugar-filled and fatty foods had left me. Compared to the way I was eating before the fast, this "freedom" was truly a miracle!

Check out the page Fasting Made Easy for more on the "mystical" experience I had during and after that initial breakthrough water fasting effort.

Oh, speaking of water. Yes, after I finished that first fast, I drank lots and lots of water. Water is a crucial part of any health diet fitness program. Please, when you have some time, do go and read our Water Diet discussion on how vital it is to drink at least half a gallon of cool water per day - whether you are fasting or not.

The sections on Water Fasting and Water Fasting for Weight Loss expand on the water topic. Water fasting indeed produces very rapid weight loss, but it is also the toughest type of fast.

Fasting for More Weight Loss

Roughly 30 to 40 days after I completed the first 40-day water fast, I launched another one - this time for 21 days. Surprise, surprise... the withdrawal pains were nearly zero because my body had already been cleansed during the first fast.

What I am saying is that the first fast of a health diet fitness program is actually the hardest one. If you complete one juice, water or fruit -- whether 7,10,21,30 or 40 days --, all the others afterward will require half the weight loss motivation and energy you needed for the first one.

Take some time. Put together a draft of how much weight you need to lose and how many separate fasting periods it will take to get it off. Remember, when you are water fasting you can expect to lose two pounds the first day, and one pound every day afterwards.

Water fasting is the quickest way to lose weight. With juice or vegetable fasting, you will lose anywhere from three to five pounds per week, which is very good and will certainly fast track your health diet fitness efforts.

Draft your Plan

What I am saying is that you do NOT have to do what I did and go on a 40-day water fast right out of the gate. That was my path, but it is not the only way to get it done. In general terms, follow this method if you are more than 50 pounds overweight and want to lose it with fasting and cleansing:

*Take the amount of weight you want to lose and divide it into five periods of fasting over three to six months. *Give yourself at the very least two weeks of eating between each one of these five fasts. As I said earlier, eating light after each fast is the key to making it to the end zone of your health diet fitness goals.

*Eat light, eat light ... then go back and fast some more. Eat light, eat light, and then go back and fast some more. I have seen this method work over and over for persons 100, 200 and even 300 pounds overweight.

*Very important: your health diet fitness efforts must be realistic. But remember we will be helping you maintain a high level of perseverance in the quest to a new YOU.

That is why we encourage you to write your story in the fasting forum below. That way we can address your situation directly and provide the information, support or feedback you my need.

Starting Out Slow

In The Cleansing Diet we talked about the importance of starting out with intermittent or partial fasts, gradually reducing the amount of food intake until you successfully are able to do a three-day water or juice fast.

Learning to mix different juice and fruits will help you get this far and overcome hunger pangs and bodily aches and pains. Keeping health diet fitness motivation is easier when you have tools to keep yourself going in the right direction. When you have some time, come join or talk about Juice Fasting and Fruit Fasting where we talk in more detail what juice fasting has to offer.

Extended Fast

If you feel ready, go ahead and start fasting and venture out to seven, nine, eleven, 21 days and beyond. It is at this point that you will enter into what I like to call the fasting twilight zone or Nirvana. This is one piece of health diet fitness motivation I always want you to remember.

It is extremely pleasurable to reach 21 days and beyond. It separates you from a large percentage of humanity. The hunger pains go away almost completely and you will feel you can go on fasting indefinitely. After 10 to 12 days your thoughts and reflections will likely reach a higher sphere and substance.

You will start to look at your life from a different perspective and come face to face with emotions long-buried in your subconscious mind. It is so encouraging to know that the detoxification and withdrawal discomfort does not last forever!

Your body will have eliminated all the toxins and venom in the digestive system and blood stream.

Natural High

The fasting high beats it all. It is a health high ... purity of mind and body. I write these words to encourage you and give you motivation to stick to your health diet fitness goals. If you are in the first 9 to 11 days now, hang on. The best is yet to come.

If you are going to take the time to fast for weight loss and fitness, this program is one you way wish to take a look at. The meals are delicious and very low in fat.

Fasting Explorer

When fasting, consider yourself an explorer in the deepest regions of experience. You are taking your body boldly where few dare to go. But preserve nature and stay close to your doctor and loved ones .. Easy does it - but do it. Do it now.

Do not wait a moment longer. Life is short. Life is precious. You deserve to live your dreams. This is the purest form of motivation I can give you. Stick to your health diet fitness goals ... practice fasting regularly. You will not be disappointed.

Truthfully, I wish somebody had been there to give it to me. Perhaps I would not have wasted nearly 15 years of my life in toxic obesity and emotional oblivion.

But better late than never, right? You will come to know miracles. To look in the mirror and see the reflection you always wanted to see. Do not let your addictions, weaknesses and negativity dictate what quality of life you are to live. Moreover, keep your health diet fitness goals clear and progressive by keeping a Fasting Journal to jot down your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Luckily, I have also been privileged to receive help from many wonderful personal coaches in past years. The Relax-Online website linked to the right - directed by personal coach and author Susan Castle - can be of great support to you in this quest for overall self-improvement.

I highly recommend you check out what she has to say. A fasting journal is also a good way to unload frustration and negativity that is induced by hunger pains.

Visit Fasting and The Mind for a discussion on how to confront and deal with the negative thoughts and feelings that fasting very often digs up from our inmost being. The mind can easily become a foe and threaten your health diet fitness efforts, if you do not keep it in check.

Keeping it Real

We are not here to advocate pie in the sky, bye and bye poppycock. Fasting as part of a health diet fitness program can transform your life to levels you never thought were possible.

But, unfortunately, it is going to be uncomfortable. The hunger pains and withdrawal symptoms will challenge your weight loss motivation and health diet fitness resolve.

If this is your first time attempting fasting as a lifestyle, then compare yourself to someone who has been asleep for 100 years and has to, in essence, relearn how to live - almost from scratch.

Weight loss motivation may come and go, but your firm commitment to your health diet fitness program should override it all. There will be times in which the hunger pains will be very strong, almost too much to bear. Hang on!

This means that your body is working overtime to rid you of the harmful toxins that have accumulated themselves in your bloodstream an digestive tract for years and years.

The small amount of pain you will go through will add many years of health and vitality to your life. That is a small price to pay for life and health, don't you think?

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Robert Dave Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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