Fasting Made Easy: Fasting Made Easy - Some Discomfort Now or Lots of it Later. What's it gonna be?

People frequently come up to me asking for a fasting made easy technique.


I usually tell them to read the Fasting Made Easy book by Dr. Don Colbert - featured in The Anti-Prevention Nation© EXODUS Fasting Lose Weight Shop. All of Dr. Colbert's fasting and detox books are great.

I recommend any of them to enhance your fasting knowledge.

No Magical Pills

But when people ask me for easy fasting tips, I also make sure to also emphasize that there are NO magic pills, books or mysterious advice that will allow them to fast without discomfort or hunger pains.

We do recommend various products to assist with hunger suppression in the Fasting Motivation portion of this website. You may also wish to read how

Green Tea Weight Loss and energy-producing properties can help you.

Here, however, I wish to focus our discussion on what we consider the best fasting made easy approach: Fasting now for detoxification and loss of dangerous pounds with SOME pain, or the ULTIMATE pain of chronic, obesity-related ilness later.

I don't say this to be insensitive or harsh, but rather because I myself became seriously ill from obesity and a liver condition worsened by intestinal toxicity.

Whatever "pain" you go through from fasting NOW is NOTHING compared to the health benefits it provides.

That is the very core of what consider fasting made easy.

Ultimately It's Up to You

I am not against anything that can help you go through the fast as comfortable as possible. Tea, and herbal supplements such as Hoodia Gordonii and Oolong Green Tea can be a good addition to your fasting liquid diet. That is, so long as you don't expect them to be magical or flawless.

Gut Realization

So, I can tell you from first hand experience that the best approach to fasting for weight loss and fitness is realizing - in your gut - that it will not be easy. Accepting it and embracing it.

With such a mentality, it actually becomes easier in the end. It has worked for me countless times. I know that days three through eleven are usually the most difficult.

That is fasting made easy, in my mind. It is certainly easier to take action now - albeit some discomfort - than waiting ten more years and ending up with a chronic or more serious condition.

The more you enter into the discipline of fasting thinking that "I should not have to go through hunger pains or discomfort," the more disappointed you will be. The higher will be the likelihood that you will abandon your efforts prematurely.

Taking Responsibility

Nobody held a gun to my head and forced me to eat junk for all those years.

And even though I do believe compulsive overeating and obesity can become an illness, once one realizes that one has it - then I believe it is one's responsibility to find whatever tools are out there to recover.

Letting obesity and sickness roll over me while I lay in self-pity and bitterness is NOT what I came into this world for. Please, my friend, believe me.

I have been there and I know it is scary. But you can do it. And you are soooo worth it!

Arming yourself with this realization NOW, is the very best approach you can take - before you start fasting. That way you will still benefit from the support and supplements that are out there.

But you will know that ultimately the success or failure of this undertaking rests in YOU.

This can either be good news or bad news, depending on your point of view.

Fasting - NOT Self-Flagellation

That is not to say that you should be a masochist and seek out suffering with fasting. Fasting, in our view, is a life-giving discipline, not one of self flagellation.

The days of the Spanish Inquisition have been over for hundreds of years. Neither are we advocating bulimic or anorexia fasting.

We do, however, advocate health and self-responsibility.

At any rate, here are some tips that helped me immensely that I believe you will find useful. Fasting made easy, so to speak. : )

Regardless of whether you are water or juice fasting, expect the hunger pains to be at their worse in days one to 11.

Have ready access to water and drink lots of it, whenever the hunger strikes. If that doesn't work, then drink more water.

If you are juice fasting, drink to your heart's content but do not expect the juice to completely eliminate the hunger as if you had eaten a full course meal.

Remember: Fasting made easy is knowing that it will not be easy.

For additional support while you are fasting, please visit Weight Loss Motivation and Dieting Fasting and The Mind.

If you are serious about changing your life through the discipline of fasting, you may also wish to consider starting a Fasting Journal to jot down the physical and mental challenges that will arise, as well as the positive changes that you will certainly experience in your life.

Fasting Groove

During those initial nine to eleven, your body is going through a very intense detoxification process that, unfortunately, is not usually comfortable or pain free.

Fasting made easy, however, is fasting after you pass this hump and enter into, usually, days 12 and beyond.

This time frame, of course, varies from person to person. There are some who lose all of their hunger after three days. Most lose all hunger and withdrawal symptoms after nine to eleven days.

I personally never totally lost the hunger pains when I did a 40-day water fast three years ago. It diminished notably, but it was there all along until the end. Still, it can be done!

Fasting can also be a time of reflection and study. I highly recommend the Relax-Online website linked to the right.

Relax online director, personal coach and author Susan Castle is definitely someone that can offer additional support during this period of self-improvement. Really, she's great.

As we discuss in Spiritual Fasting, after nine to eleven days hunger pains usually disappear and the body enters a "groove" unlike anything else you will probably experience.

Even though I still felt hunger, it was not unbearable and I did experience this magical space I am talking about.

The feeling I recall having was that I could go on fasting forever. Fasting made easy. I felt better than I had in years ... possibly ever.

Entering this groove also opened my eyes to the way food is slaughtering millions and millions of people.

How it is literally wiping out a large portion of our race because people are either unwilling to curve their food intake or are oblivious that they are dying a slow, painful death.

The Food Avatar

I vividly recall looking around at people and seeing them in a trance. Eating themselves literally to death and not even realizing it.

I saw food as an AVATAR, an incarnation of an immortal god that had descended to earth to enslave humanity through its stomach. Just watch TV for an hour.

You will see how many food commercials you are bombarded with.

It is no wonder obesity is becoming an epidemic, especially in the US! But the blame is not with the media, it is with individuals who refuse to assume mastery over their bodies and existence. That was me!

At any rate, I recall seeing food's mesmerizing power over the masses. An opium - if you will. I literally felt like an alien. No, I was not high.

I was totally sober and detoxified. It was like another dimension, another level of existence that few people enter because food does not allow them to.

Millions are slaves to their appetite and live strictly to appease that beast over and over and over again.

Finally they croak before their time, but - alas! - with a full belly. Go figure. This, to me, is just tragic.

What's It Gonna Be?

With this in mind I think you may more clearly understand my fasting made easy philosophy.

Some discomfort now or lots of it later. What's it gonna be?

Depending on your body makeup, this fasting groove may go on indefinitely if you are juice fasting, and up to around 40 days if you are water fasting.

So the good news is that once you pass the first ten days, more than likely you will not endure any further hunger pains barring minor irritations here and there.

The bad news is that, Hoodia or no Hoodia, supplements or no supplements, you WILL have to go through the discomfort.

But hey, with the benefits of fasting being as many as they are - is this not a very small price to pay? Now that, I believe, is fasting made easy - don't you?


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Robert Dave Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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