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Water Fasting for Weight Loss is the Road Less Traveled of Health-Improvement & Fitness. Are You Up To The Challenge? Get Started Today!

by Robert Dave Johnston

Water Fasting for Weight Loss
Welcome to the "Water Fasting for Weight Loss" page, Part II of a series which continues with Water Fasting Tips and Health Benefits & Healing. Fasting with only water is effective and extremely powerful if you need to lose weight quickly.

If you have arrived at this page looking for answers and ARE willing to take action, then I'm going to give you some NO BS info that can help you start shedding pounds right away... TODAY!

How? Start practicing fasting right away. See if you can do three-to-seven days as soon as possible. You will lose a lot of weight very quickly.

When water fasting for weight loss, it is not uncommon to lose as many as 40 and even 50 pounds in the first nine-to-eleven days. After that initial phase, weight loss slows to one-to-three pounds every 24 hours.

If you are overweight (as I was), losing 20 pounds quickly can reduce your risk factor for a variety of ilnesses such as Type II Diabetes and heart disease, among many others. It will also relieve the stress on the joints caused by excess weight. When you see the results, you will feel much better about yourself; you'll be encouraged to do more to improve your life and health.AND THAT CAN HAPPEN IN JUST SEVEN DAYS OF WATER FASTING!

When you are fasting to lose weight, the digestive system goes into hibernation, similar to a bear in winter. The body shifts its focus from constantly digesting and filtering food to burning accumulated fat. It eats away at the fat reserves and slims you down quickly. The body becomes a large furnace, focusing strictly on burning fat reserves and cleansing toxins in the colon and blood stream.

While water fasting for weight loss you will experience weakness, dizziness, nausea and perhaps even fever and flu-like symptoms. It may become very hard to get up or even perform the most basic tasks. Rest and more water are the best antidotes.

Stock up on seltzer water and green tea for energy and to soothe hunger pains. You will likely also have bad breath for a few days and feel a metallic taste in your mouth. You may notice a white, pasty substance in your tongue.


These symptoms are normal and will nearly always pass by day seven. Regardless, my message is this: Don't you think that going through a little hunger and discomfort is a small price to pay to get healthy?

Yes, IT IS a small price to pay!! It is a much lesser price than living our whole lives in obesity and then getting sick. Or feeling the disattisfaction not never having reached your weight loss goals.

Right away some argue with me and say:"Yeah, but most of that weight one loses in seven days of fasting is just water weight!" Yes, it IS mostly water weight... but don't you think it's definitely one heck of a good start? Is it not better than doing nothing?

Whether the weight lost is water weight or kiwi-flavored Kool-Aid makes no difference to me:TWENTY POUNDS IS TWENTY POUNDS! You will be amazed at the benefits that water fasting for weight loss can give you in just a few days.

The know-how that you will gain by water fasting for weight loss for seven days will be huge. Perhaps you'll even get inspired (like I did) and start doing it more often and for longer periods of time. In that case your weight loss would be even greater.

My own personal experience should serve to motivate you. Several years ago I did a water fast that lasted for 60 days. How much do you think I lost? I had never experienced anything so amazingly-powerful. I LOST 65 POUNDS!

Water fasting for weight loss gives the liver and other vital organs time to rest, detoxify and heal

This type of deep healing and detoxification was very important for me because I was battling a liver condition. I was obese, sick and desperate.

There are some who fast for the same amount of time and lose as much as 100 pounds. My question to you is: In which way would experiencing this type of quick weight loss improve the quality of your life and health? Take your time and think about the answer. Visualize yourself thin and tell me how it feels. Maybe even jot it down in a journal and take a look at it. I can "guess" that the impact on your life and health from water fasting for weight loss would be dramatic.

Water Fasting for Weight Loss - Blindfold

How can ANYONE who struggles with food and weight turn a blind eye to these numbers? It makes me sad beyond words to see people being passive about their weight and health.

I just wish I could shake some sense into them; let them know that water fasting for weight loss can literally transform their lives.

But many don't want to hear it. Instead, they grimace when I mention fasting as a plausible solution to their weight problem. There is no time to waste; life is too short. It doesn't matter if your mind is telling you that you are not strong enough ... that you cannot lose weight, that water fasting for weight loss is too hard.

I am here to tell you that YOU CAN> do it, and nothing can do it faster than the discipline of fasting. It's only a matter of MAKING UP YOUR MIND TO TAKE ACTION!

That is NOT to say that you should be hasty and start water fasting for weight loss blindly, especially if you suffer from a medical condition. I am not advocating being careless. But I DO speak FOR personal responsibility; doing everything within our grasp to achieve and maintain optimum health.

If your only excuse for not fasting is lazyness or not wanting to go through discomfort, then I challenge you to get over it and go for it. I am certain that after you see the amazing results you'll return for more. Maybe you'll even decide to change your entire lifestyle. Such was the case with me. And it is my prayer that at least ONE person vising this site can experience the power and freedom that fasting has given me.

One common reason why some people don't want to try water fasting for weight loss is because they are fearful of it. Many have the misconception that they will "starve" if they do not eat for seven to thirty days. That hunger - real or imagined - must be appeased at once and without question. That was me for many years. Well, that type of mentality, without a doubt, is leading some to an early grave. I say this not out of judgment, but because it almost did it to me.

I can tell you that completing a 40-day water fast has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If I was still packing all of that weight, I am sure that I would be dead by now. Fasting for 40 days relieved a terrible liver condition that was killing me, helped me to lose 40+ pounds and greatly relieved the depression and sense of hopelesness that was eating me alive.

Water fasting for weight loss has brought me back to life and given me the motivation and inspiration to write the words you are now reading!

Fasting Weight Considerations

Water Fasting Lose Fat

Once you have done at least a seven day fast, you may wish to consider doing a longer one, especially if you are more than 50 pounds overweight. Most of the huge weight loss, as I said, occurrs in the first seven says of fasting.

From there you can expect to lose anywhere between one-to-two pounds daily. That amount of weight loss is STILL faster than what any diet out there can provide. It's not that diets aren't useful. Many of them are great. But, for those who are obese, it is usually better to fast FIRST to shed a good chunk of dangerous pounds right away - THEN adopt a healthy, nutritional diet.

Not willing to do a seven-day fast? How about three days? Even a three-day water fast twice a year will do wonders for your health. But, whether you stick to only three days or decide to go yonder to 21 and 40 days, I do encourage you DO SOMETHING!

Make up your mind to try it and see what happens. What are you going to do? Are you going to continue to gain weight and feel bad? I am giving you a direct and to-the-point solution RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Do you not realize how valuable you are how much better your life and health will be if you get that weight off? What is holding you back? GET STARTED TODAY! Water fasting for weight loss can change the course of your life.

I am NOT making all of this up because I have nothing beter to do. More and more scientific studies are emerging which suggest that eating less can help you lead a healthy and long life. So, NO MORE EXCUSES! (geez... Am I raving? :-) Seriously: This is your time! Do what it takes. Make your life what it deserves to be. Water fasting for weight loss is the door, and it is wide open. All you have to do is walk through it. ARE YOU WILLING?

Again, for those who are stubborn, water fasting can help you to lose as many as 50 pounds in the first seven days, and one-to-three pounds each day afterwards. These numbers are averages and can be more, or less - depending on your particular body makeup. But it hardly ever goes below one pound per day.

The 10-Day Hump

Water Fasting Ten-Day Hump

If your interest is to lose a large amount of weight in the least amount of time, then water fasting is definitely the way to go. The first seven to nine days will be the toughest. I can tell you from personal experience that after ten to eleven days, hunger pains are all but gone and you will feel great.

So don't think that water fasting for weight loss is suffering from beginning to end. In fact, don't think of it as suffering PERIOD. Think of it as an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE. See it as a minor sacrifice that will yield you much health, youth and vitality. You will not regret it.

Weight Gain After Fasting

The most important part water fasting for weight loss is not the fast itself, but the food choices that you make when the fast is over. When you fast, the metabolism slows down; it is a survival mechanism designed to keep you alive in the case of an emergency as, for instance, being stranded on a dessert island. By slowing down all of its functions, the body burns less energy and can thus conserve fat reserves as long as possible.

Once you are done fasting and start to eat, the body will initially tend to hoard weight 'just in case' the perceived emergency resurfaces. Consequently, it is not unusual to gain 5-10 pounds in the first month after the fast. That is why the food choices that you make at this time will be crucial. Please do not be alarmed by this normal weight gain. Rather, help to 'speed up' the metabolism by eating clean and eating frequently, preferably six meals per day, or one every four hours. Think of it as stoking a fire.

Which flame will be steadier and last longer? The one where huge amounts of firewood are dumped every eight hours, or the one where a smaller yet consistent amount of wood is added frequently. Obviously, the answer is the latter. And so is the body after water fasting for weight loss. You can stabilize the metabolism by eating clean and frequently after fasting.

In this fashion, you can actually lose the weight you gained while breaking the fast. Furthermore, if you stick to the clean and frequent eating structure for nine months after the fast, the body will reshape itself to sustain the lower weight you attained while fasting. That is the key for long-term weight loss with fasting. I lost 110 pounds with fasting and, following this re-feeding method, I have not gained it back in more than ten years. Water fasting for weight loss works. I hope to see you on the path! :-)

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Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
FastingOlogy 9-Month Membership Course.


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