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This Fasting Forum page is designed to give YOU the opportunity to write about your thoughts, comments and experiences.

Write your fasting story, thoughts, questions, ideas - whatever is on your mind. Join the discussion and even upload a picture if you wish!

We also have an Expanded Forum where you can register as a community member, create your own avatar and get involved.

My goal is to give "fasters" as many tools as possible to communicate and exchange information related to fasting, cleansing, weight loss and overall health & wellness.The more support we have around us while fasting, the better. :-)

We do NOT slash contributions either. We want whatever you write to go live the way you write it ... with your personality and touch. All we look for are typos and general grammatical points.

The posts in this forum are queued to go out as an update to the Fasting for Weight Loss Blog. The whole point of that is to "ping" subscribers to The Anti-Prevention Nation Ezine to get the maximum number of people involved in the responses.

This is YOUR forum. Good luck in your fasting and detoxification efforts!

Note: Due to the large number of submissions we receive, and due to the delicate nature of Internet surfing, NOBODY under the age of 18 is permitted to post in this forum, even WITH parental permission.

If you are under 18, please DO NOT post messages in these fasting forums.

Also, this forum here is for people who actually want to write and talk about fasting. One-sentence posts will be deleted. If you are looking for a fasting buddy and do not really have anything to add to the discussion, then don't post!

Instead, go to the Expanded Forum and write your request in the Fasting Buddy Xchange forum. Remember, if you write a one-liner here, it will be deleted.

Furthermore, if you write a post filled with poor grammar, it will be deleted. I am not saying that it has to be 'perfect.'

A lot of our members speak other languages, and that is perfectly fine. I am not talking about members who are trying to communicate even though English is not their first language.

I AM talking about some lazy members who, for reasons known only to them, write up posts that are a total grammatical disaster. I don't have time to 'edit' your posts. Take some time and make then decent, at least.

Caution! You are making a public post! Every message posted on Fitness Through Fasting.com is built into an actual web page, and will be available to the worldwide public. Do not disclose personal information in your message, unless that is what you want to do. Keep your email address, your phone number ... private!



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