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30 Day Detox Fasting to Lose Weight Fast and Experience Ultimate Body Detox Cleansing. Diving into The Deep Within

by Robert Dave Johnston

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30 Day Detox Fasting

In this page we are going to talk about longer fasts and what you can expect - using 30 day detox fasting as an example of an optimum effort you can shoot for.

You are ready to venture into a more challenging 30 day detox fasting program - once you have practiced partial or intermittent fasting for several weeks.

I also strongly advice you to take some time and carry out a Cleansing Diet for 7-14 days before you start fasting. The purpose of this preparation is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible, BEFORE you even start fasting. That is the safest path and the one that I recommend to anyone preparing to launch a fast longer than 7 days.

I also like to prepare for longer periods of fasting with Fruit Fasting.for at least a week before I start to fast. The more empty the stomach is, the better, I have found.

Some people stuff themselves with food before fasting thinking it will make them less hungry. Quite the opposite is actually true. The more food in your stomach when you are fasting, the more uncomfortable will be the initial detoxification and withdrawal process. Take it from me, I made all the mistakes because I was stubborn.

Do not rush yourself if you feel you are not ready. This is not a race, and neither should you be in a hurry to break any records. Superman does not exist, and neither do the Fantastic 4. Take it easy. But I do suggest that, even slow, you start fasting with the goal of eventually being able to complete a period of 30 days without food - be it with water or juice fasting.

You can go to the Juice Fasting or Water Fasting pages for more information on each of those fasting methods to determine which - if not both - you want to use.

Fruit Fasting Prelude

When you are able to complete a fruit fast for at least a week, you're probably ready to continue fasting another 14 to 21 days with only water or juice. Why? Because if you are able to make it through a week of eating just fruit, your stomach will be lighter and more agreeable to continuing the efforts towards the 30 day detox fasting mark. Fruit fasting is an excellent prelude to a prolonged period of water or juice fasting. I highly recommend it if you are new to fasting for weight loss and fitness.

30 Day Detox Fasting

Total Detoxification

What you are shooting for here is total detoxification. Cleansing your body of toxins adhered to your blood and digestive system. In some cases, a mere 7 day water or juice fast will be sufficient to totally rid your body of the toxic garbage and produce a breakthrough. For others, as it was with me, it takes longer period of fasting because the toxicity is more deeply attached to the bowels.

In my particular case, water fasting for 40 days was what my body needed to effect the transformation. Fruit fasting was the 7-day opening act that helped me go the distance. Overall, however, my top recommendation to anyone who is serious about exploring the benefits of fasting is a 30 day detox fasting period.

Also, when you have some time go see the Fasting and Cleansing pages for more on colon cleansing and intestinal detoxification. Take your time and learn as much as possible. But do it! Don't be like me who, for a very long time, would gather resources but never use them. Take action. Even if it a short fast - half a day - get started.

My personal situation required a 30-day detox fasting effort immediately because my body was highly toxic due to, among many things, a worsening liver condition. I despair to think what would have happened if I had gone back to the destructive diet I followed before the fast. Probably, you would not be reading these words because, likely, I would be dead. That is how much I owe to fasting as a discipline. The 30 day detox fasting process works! Overcome your fear and work your way towards it. You will NOT regret it.

30 Day Detox Fasting

The moment has arrived. After months of shorter fasts, dietary changes and lessons related to the mind, body & spirit – we are now putting it all together via the ultimate challenge: 30 Day Detox Fasting. Most people lose anywhere from 30 to 70 lbs (and as much as 100 in some cases) during 30 days of uninterrupted water fasting.

With intermittent fasting, weight loss usually hovers between 20 and 40 lbs. A 30-day juice fast will normally yield 30 to 50 lbs of weight loss. Specific figures will depend on each person's body makeup.. Whatever your goal weight may be, this fast will give you a HUGE boost forward.

This 30 day detox fasting process also produces unparalleled detoxification, cleansing and tissue repair. It literally rejuvenates the entire human body from the inside out. If you're interested in fasting for its anti-aging and life-extension benefits, then you are about to hit the mother lode!

30 Day Detox Fasting

How Long Can One Fast?

Most (healthy and average-sized) individuals can usually water fast for as long as 40 days before the onset of 'real' starvation.

By the time the healing crisis ends, hunger pangs are reduced and (in most cases) become but a minor irritation. Hunger then returns (with a vengeance) at around day 40 of water fasting (or more depending on each person's body fat levels).

The return of hunger (the second hunger as it is referred to) indicates that the body has consumed all of the stored fat and has now begun to feed on live tissue. This is the start of real starvation. The fast MUST be broken at once.

I experienced this 'second hunger' years ago when I first started to practice water fasting. It was a very scary experience as I literally felt my skin and muscles being chewed from the inside out. That was my own carelessness. Fasting should never get to that phase.

With juice fasting, one can typically go indefinitely so long as the juice is made properly. I did a 100-day juice fast years ago and it was a very rewarding experience. I did not do it for weight loss per se, yet ended up losing 105 pounds.

A juice fast of this length should include some protein via the mixture of crushed nuts, oils, tofu or spirulina, the amazing micro salt water plant that contains rich vegetable protein, even more than meat or fish. If a long juice fast includes these additional (and necessary) ingredients, one could possibly continue juice fasting indefinitely. This, however, is not common.

The longest juice fasts that are normally carried out range from 30 to 60 days. And, honestly... 30 days of juice fasting is more than enough to start. You can always fast again later for a longer period of time once you get used to the practice and get to know how your body responds with long-term calorie restriction, as 30 day detox fasting.

Reminder: This page has instructions for a “long-term” 30 day detox fasting task. Fasting for more than 2 days should be done with caution and respect. If you are unsure about the state of your health, I urge you to see your doctor before you continue.

This website focuses on fasting for weight loss & health betterment – NOT for ascetic purposes. Fasting for a season to lose excess weight and get healthier is acceptable.

Abuse of it via Anorexic and Bulimic practices is NOT . If you have struggled with an eating disorder, I urge you to set this page aside and seek help before you consider any type of calorie restriction.

Set A Start Date

The most important step you can take now is to: CHOOSE A START DATE for the 30 day detox fasting. Mark your calendar and propose to yourself that THAT will be the day when you begin your 30-day fast. I like to start on Sundays because it gives me a straight week-to-week structure. However, your schedule may be different.

As a rule, it is preferable to start 30 day detox fasting during your 'weekend,' or whichever time you have weekly of least activity. That way you can get plenty of rest in the initial days of the fast before you have to resume any type of work schedule or other.

IF, you are able to take the entire month off to focus strictly on 30 day detox fasting, then THAT would be the best case scenario. If you work, maybe you have enough time off available to at least take one or two weeks off. Anything would be fine. Should the opportunity to take time off be available to you, I encourage you to seize it. If not, then that is fine.

I have done plenty of long-term fasts while maintaining an active (and very demanding) schedule. It is doable. In some cases, it is even better because you will be busy and time will go by faster. So please don't put off this task if you do work a full-time job. If I did it, so can you.

30 Day Detox Fasting

Motivational Messages

To help you get through the 30 Day Detox Fasting process, I decided to share with you a series of motivational messages that I had put together for members of my FastingOlogy program.

The day before you are prepared to start fasting, come to this page and sign up with the form bellow.

I also encourage you to visit the Water Fasting Tips as it is packed with suggestions, recommendations and insight that I know will help you during your 30 day detox fasting.

Once you click "sign me up," you will start to receive one motivational message daily for the 30 day detox fasting process. The idea is to be there with you in the best way that I can, so that you do not feel like you are alone. In addition, and I've said this several times before, it is imperative that you spend time in the fasting forums reading, posting and getting involved.

Suffering through fasting in isolation sucks. Trust me, you will meet people in these forums who will inspire you and make you laugh, they will be there for you; the rough spots won't be as rough, and the fast will go by much faster. Good luck! Fill in the form bellow the day BEFORE you will start fasting. That way you can maintain the daily sequence.

Fasting Misconceptions

Once I learned that I was not going to starve if I did not eat for 40 days (2 + 2 is NOT 5), I was intrigued and wanted to go all the day. All the way, for most people, is water fasting for 40 to 60 days - depending on your weight and health.

I needed this because I was also battling a liver condition that required thorough detoxification. A 30 day detox fasting period is certainly something I recommend you work towards. For most persons, a 30 day detox fasting period is a good number to shoot for. It represents an excellent time spectrum in which your body can detoxify, heal and rejuvenate.

Walk Through The Fear

This may be intimidating at first because we are so bombarded with messages (from commercials and well-meaning family and acquaintances) telling us we must eat at all costs lest we die, or that if we do not eat for some time we will get sick or collapse.

We do, however, emphasize caution while fasting. Also, you should definitely see your physician before you start for general blood tests that can give you an overall view of your health status.

But I can tell you from firsthand experience, that the messages of doom and death by fasting are mostly exaggerated. A 30 day detox fasting period can definitely transform your life for the better -physically and mentally.

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