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Fasting Diet

by Robert Dave Johnston

Fasting Diet Takes Time


One of the biggest deal breakers for people who are in a fasting diet is impatience and the constant battle with time, pounds and the scale. They have been eating poorly for a long time (sometimes years or even a lifetime), yet they enter the fasting diet expecting their entire problem to be solved overnight.

Look at the cartoon above. Do you think that this fella is making a reasonable request? NOT! He MUST get a grip and realize that it will take time. And so must you dear friend.

The fasting diet detox symptoms and hunger are usually the least of the problems. It is the downright impatience and insistence that the body respond how I want it to, and in the time frame that I demand. THAT, without a doubt, is what causes most people to fail at fasting - or any other weight loss, health-improvement regimen. Like they say... you have to take a 'chill pill' and let the weight loss process take as much time as it needs to.

The Scale From Hell

Fasting Diet Weight Scale

And you MUST stay off the scale. I call it the scale from hell because that little machine makes more fasters and dieters fall than anything else that I have ever seen.

So if you are obsessed with losing weight and are getting on the scale constantly to see how many 'ounces' you have lost in the past two hours, you really need to cut it out. You are putting yourself in a position to take a right hook and find yourself breaking the fasting diet prematurely.

Then you will have to face the horsemen of guilt, shame, remorse and anger. Why is the scale so dangerous? Because the fasting diet battle is NOT in the body... it is in the mind. How you handle your thoughts and/or emotions while fasting and/or dieting is what will determine whether you make it or eat the pavement.

I have never come across a faster who was wrestled to the ground by a cheeseburger and chocolate shake, restrained with mouth open and forced to gorge while kicking and screaming and resisting with all of their might.

If you have seen that happen, let me know. But I have never seen that happen. Ten times out of ten, it is ME who releases my mental vision of what I want to accomplish and I, MYSELF, go to the burger joint, order the junk and put it in my own mouth... myself and without being restrained.

You may be feeling wonderful, gung-ho and happy to be on the fasting diet to lose weight and improve your health. And all it takes is one negative weigh-in on the scale, and all bets are off. I'm not saying that you cannot weigh yourself AT ALL.

I am saying that it is best if you keep the scale in the close and get on it only once weekly to keep tabs on your progress. The rest of the days, wear baggy clothes, avoid constantly pinching flab and checking yourself out in the mirror.

Forget That You're On a Fasting Diet

Go about your business and forget that you are fasting. THAT is by far the very best method that I have found to make it through a fast successfully so that you can reach your goals. Like I talk about in other pages of this website, fasting is not to be abused or to be constantly used as a crutch to perpetuate bad eating habits. They have a name for that and it is usually called an 'eating disorder.'

Fasting Diet Weight Scale

I am not here to promote that at all. I want you to enjoy the healthy benefits of fasting, and the best way to do that is to get the fasting diet over and done with up front so that you can then place your focus on establishing clean eating habits.

People who are constantly fasting, breaking the fast, fasting, breaking the fast, fasting, breaking the fast are placing themselves in danger of injuring their metabolism. You really need to get a grip, relax, let go and realize that, even with fasting, losing weight takes time.

One pound per day still takes 24 hours. And if you want to lose twenty, thirty, forty or more pounds - you're gonna have to wait and 'do the time.' You can whine and scream all you want. But time will still take its time. And the body will produce the results 'in its time' and will NOT respond to bullying.

Stop 'Trying' & Do It!

You MUST make your peace with time and learn to have patience. Otherwise you may spend many years 'trying' to lose weight and improve your health but never quite get there. I challenge you right now, as you sit there and read this page, to make a decision once and for all that you are going to get your weight and health under control - NO MATTER WHAT.

If there is one character that I have always loved is Rocky Balboa. He has always inspired me. Like in the picture above (from 1982's Rocky 3), Mr T. (playing the ominous Clubber Lang), had beaten Rocky to a pulp in a previous fight... taking his championship title, his pride, his self-respect.

Fasting Diet Weight Scale

Rocky fell into doubt and despair, but he eventually rose again to the challenge. In the final fight, when they meet at the center of the ring before the fight.

In this classic scene, Clubber Lang gives Rocky a snarl and tells him in a very threatening tone: "I'm gonna bust you up." In the previous fight, Rocky was scared of Clubber and could hardly look him in the eye. But not now.

Rocky had become entirely ready to face his foe, so he looked at Clubber blankly in the eyes and replied: "Go for it." Absolutely beautiful. That is what we must do with these challenges. We must look at them in the eye, not shy away and then -GO FOR IT!

I want you to stop procrastinating and feeling sorry for yourself, or allowing self-hatred to dominate you. I don't care what your mind tells you and what has happened in the past and how many times you may have tried and failed. That does NOT mean that you are doomed to never reaching your goals.

It simply means that you, so far, have not become ENTIRELY READY to do whatever it takes to lose weight and improve your health.

There are, of course, some people who suffer from an illness which makes the entire process harder, and who may not be able to do a substantial fasting diet.

And neither am I saying that you should turn yourself over to suffering and self-flagellation. No, that is not it.

I don't think any of us need to become a martyr. We do what we have to do because we want to improve our lives and lay claim to our God-given right to be healthy. But we respect, love and take care of our bodies... we do not mistreat it.

Fasting Diet Weight Scale

When you decide to cut the BS and dive in - regardless of the initial fasting diet discomfort that you may feel physically and/or emotionally... it is THEN that you will truly start to see results. But as long as you continue to seek the 'easy way', cut corners and flee from discomfort and/or sacrifice, trust me when I tell you that your goal will elude you.

I spent 25 years in obesity and isolation. So trust me, I know.

Get up! Now! Do what you gotta do to take a hold of your life and health! I send you light and blessings and I pray with all of my heart that, someway, somehow, my humble words may resonate inside of you and inspire you to take action.

Don't forget to check out the FASTING MASTERCLASS, a multimedia package 6+ hours in duration of me going through fasting a-to-z. I believe it will help you in your path. And never give up. If I can be of any service to you at any time, by all means contact me.

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