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Best Weight Loss Plan: The Best Weight Loss Plan & True Definition of Fitness - The Mind, Body & Soul Connection & How Fasting Opens The Door...

by Robert Dave Johnston

Best Weight Loss Plan

The Best Weight Loss Plan... I frequently get emails from site visitors asking me: "Robert, why did you call the site 'Fitness Through Fasting'?" What does that mean?

I think that is a good question and I hope to answer it here. This, actually, is what I consider to be the best weight loss plan.

For many years, I would place all of my efforts to lose weight and improve my health 'on the outside.' It was all about "diet and exercise, diet and exercise, diet and exercise." And, of course, these ARE crucial elements in any weight loss program.

I would lose weight all the time. How could I not, right? If you reduce the number of calories you take in, and increase your activity levels, weight loss occurs. It is a mathematical certainty. That is the best weight loss plan as usually promoted, right? But, but, but... the problem was that I always ended up gaining the weight back. That, too, became a mathematical certainty.

I always thought that if I lost weight, had lots of muscles, took all the best bodybuilding supplements and got really thin and fit - THEN I would be happy and feel good about myself. THEN my life would work, make sense, and I could be free to experience it.

My happiness was always placed in the future, WHEN I lost weight and LOOKED better. It had a 100% externally-oriented mentality. The best weight loss plan was always tied to some point yonder in the future and away from my grasp. And, guess what? It didn't work! I was looking through the same distorted, dirty and injured mental lense that was the root of all of my personal external issues.

The Inevitable Relapse

Best Weight Loss Plan

Sure, I would lose weight and 'look' better. However, on the inside, I felt the same as I always had; insecure and full of fear, doubt and self-pity. Looking good on the outside did not 'solve' the problem as I'd hoped.

Within weeks or months (sometimes even just days), I would start to slack off my new diet and workout schedule. I would sneak a bite of junk food here and there. I would miss a workout here and there. Then I would take a bigger bite of junk and abandon my workout for another day. My best weight loss plan would slip out of my hands.

And so it would spiral out of control until I had totally said "screw it" and returned fully to poor eating, inactivity, apathy and depression. This type of relapse would cause me to explode with remorse, guilt, self-hatred and self-pity, which in turn would cause me to eat more and sink even deeper into the muck.

It was a vicious cycle that consumed more than two decades of my life. If I hated myself before, then now I REALLY could hate myself even more... with more viciousness and violence than ever before. I was a piece of garbage and deserved to suffer. And so it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy - from the inside out.

The Mind's Eye

Best Weight Loss Plan

So where am I going with all of this, you may wonder? Well, here is what I found out eventually: I could diet, work out every day and drink all the very best casein protein powder in the universe, but INSIDE MY HEART, I continued to think, perceive and behave in self-defeating and negative ways.

As long as I failed to address my thoughts, emotions and soul, the 'external' change would always be superficial and short-lived. The best weight loss plan, I found, was to open my eyes to EVERYTHING that I had to work on and not only ONE part of the whole.

I realized that, as human beings, we are 'triune' beings with a mind, body and soul. We aren't just a body, or just a mind, or some abstract 'soul' floating around in the netherworld. We have THREE parts, and each part MUST be maintained individually.

That, to me, is what real FITNESS is all about and what I consider to be the best weight loss plan. It is about finding the health balance in our minds, bodies and souls... not just one but ALL of them. To me, fitness means more than barbells, bench presses, aerobics and protein drinks.

It is about working towards the attainment of health in each of these areas. Understanding that to work on only one is not the solution because it creates an existential unbalance.

It is about becoming convinced that, as a triune human being, I had to learn to care for and improve myself mentally, physically AND spiritually.

THAT is what finally could give me the sense of peace, inner-acceptance and well being that I sought all along. That was the best weight loss plan.

And, in this same manner, I discovered that NOTHING could help me to bring these three areas into balance as quickly and efficiently as fasting. Fasting opens doors that allow us to go to work deep and hard as follows:

  1. In our bodies by allowing itto divert energy resources from the constant process of digestion and, instead, channel them to a miraculous process of fat-burning, detoxification, healing and tissue repair.
  2. In our Minds by squeezing our humanity and bringing to the surface negative and sub-conscious thoughts, perceptions, belief systems and emotions that have been covered up by food. These can then be identified, observed, processed and expelled from our souls.
  3. Spiritually by allowing us to set aside the constant concern with the body, food and eating so that we can concentrate on our beliefs and connection with A Power Greater Than Ourselves. For me, step THREE was the one that brought it all together.

Once I learned how to plug into a source of power (That I Choose to Call God), I started to receive guidance, motivation, wisdom and inspiration to make better decisions in all areas of my life, as well as develop healthier habits - especially with my diet and nutrition.

It became easier to stick to my clean diet and workout schedule. I began to have a sense of peace and self-acceptance that started to choke the silent screams of self-sabottage within me. Finding true fitness by working not just on my body, but also on my mind and soul became my best weight loss plan.

The Challenge Ahead

best weight loss plan

I recognize that, in many ways, I have oversimplified a lot of points. It is not my intention to minimize the pain of life-struggles or to say that 'all can be fixed' with a little positive thinking. That is not at all my perception. The road can be quite hard.

If you have neglected your health for a long time and/or are severely obese, the best weight loss plan I talk about here may seem like pie in the sky. Similar to climbing to the peak of a huge mountain.

Moreover, sometimes we have the very best intentions and still manage to fall short on our best weight loss plan. I know that I fall short all the time.

However, fasting is an amazing weapon. It is high-caliber artillery for the mind, body and spirit. Take your time. Learn how to use it.

Read the rest of the pages in this website. Start fasting. It doesn't have to be 60 days of water fasting. Even intermittent fasting one meal per day or one meal every-other-day is a great start. Anything is better than doing nothing. If nothing happens, nothing happens.

You can either hope and get nowhere or hope and take action. The second option will ALWAYS get you further to your best weight loss plan. And, who knows? You may experience a miracle! Fasting is extremely powerful. As long as you keep placing yourself in the chasm, the Wave of Power and Healing could overtake you at any moment.

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Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
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