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Benefits of Water Fasting - Quick Weight Loss, Body Detox Cleansing, Spiritual & Emotional Renewal and Physical Healing. The Power of Life, Restoration & Rejuvenation is Within Your Reach.

by Robert Dave Johnston

Benefits of Water Fasting
In this page I'm going to continue making a case for the benefits of water fasting in hopes that you will make up your mind to give it a shot for yourself.

If you are more than twenty pounds overweight and/or are having health problems related to obesity - then I beg you to stop what you are doing and give fasting some serious consideration.

Why? Because there simply is NOTHING else on this planet that can help you lose weight and improve your health faster. If you are more than 50 pounds overweight, quick weight loss is crucial to reduce the risk of chronic illness. ONE-TO-TWO POUNDS A DAY? TWENTY POUNDS IN SEVEN DAYS? Where else can we find such a powerful life-giving resource?

I have yet to run into an overweight person who tells me that he or she likes the excess weight and feels in optimum health. ALL of them tell me of their struggles to lose weight and how much better they would feel (physically and mentally) if they managed to overcome their troubles with food and eating. Well, LOOK NO FURTHER!

If you are reading this page - then the time for excuses has run out: START TO TAKE ACTION AND DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ANY LONGER! The clock is ticking and the days of your life are going by. It is up to you to decide how you wish to live them. If you are overweight, the benefits of water fasting are just too many to ignore.

Ok: In this page I want to look at water fasting benefits from a physical standpoint. Science points more and more to the benefits of calorie restriction, which basically means eating less and - yes - FASTING! Studies suggest that eating less can help humans live longer and lead to the retardation of aging.That is why I often refer to fasting as THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH...

Listen, I am not a mystic - but I CAN tell you from first hand experience that there is definitely supernatural power in fasting. Whatever you religious beliefs may be - or even if you have no beliefs -, I have found that fasting puts us into direct contact with a healing force that is not of this world.

You can call me crazy if you wish; but I felt it in my own skin... in my own mind and spirit. I was beaten. I was obese and hopeless. Sixty days of water fasting turned it all around for me. That is not a freak coincidence.

Fasting Benefits Break The Chains

Fasting places us in a position to receive the physical and mental breakthroughs that would not be possible through human strength alone.

When you stop eating for a number of days, your inner being becomes uncluttered by the things of this world and amazingly-sensitive to deeper, spiritual realities.

Once you've experienced even a glimpse of this powerful realm, your whole perspective will change. You will not be satisfied until you reach the very highest levels of health that are possible.

Your life will be transformed and, if you suffer from some type of illness, you can experience notable relief and even total healing. You will realize that fasting is a secret source of power that is overlooked by many. You will wonder what took you so long to take the plunge!

Healing Through Fasting

This is page FOUR of the water fasting series. If you have not read the entire discussion, go to the Water Fasting Main page when you have a chance. Also check out the Weight Loss and Fasting Tips pages.

Almost every week I receive a new e-mail from someome who has been sick and found relief through water fasting. I myself suffered from a severe liver condition. While fasting has not completely healed it (YET), detoxification, weight loss and detox cleansing have drastically improved my health.

NOTE: While in this page I emphasize the amazing healing powers of fasting, I certainly am NOT saying that you should abandon medical treatment if you are ill, OR that conventional medicine is evil or worthless. THAT IS NOT IT AT ALL! Medicine is wonderful and advances are being made every day that bring hope and healing to humanity.

What I AM saying is that water fasting gives YOU a cocked-and-loaded weapon that you can put to use YOURSELF to take care of your OWN body and health - IN ADDITION to any other medical steps you need to take. Does that make sense?

PREVENTION is the key word here. The more you do to PREVENT illness, the less is the likelihood that you will have to rely on traditional medicine to treat disease. Why? Because you will be healthy! I hope that you can see that it is all about balance. I don't talk down about medicine or doctors. I just believe in PERSONAL EMPOWEREMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY. It is, after all, YOUR life, is it not?

Alright: Enough blabbing; Let's look at some conditions that have been improved through the discipline of fasting...

Cardiovascular & Heart Disease

The benefits of water fasting have become increasingly evident in chronic cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure. * It reduces triglycerides, atheromas, total cholesterol and increases HDL Levels.

Water Fasting can Help Relieve Diabetes


* Water fasting has been found effective in the treatment of Type II Diabetes, often reversing the condition permanently. Amazing!

I wish I would have known about the benefits of water fasting 20 years ago. I would have been able to help my dear grandfather, who died as a result of this terrible condition.

As we have seen in other pages of this website, Type II diabetes is becoming a huge problem in the US, now showing up even in children due to obesity. I hope that through this and other similar sites the public is made aware of the benefits of water fasting (and juice fasting) and how these can halt the obesity epidemic.

Here's a very powerful fact:

Because of its long-term effects on the metabolism, fat stores in the body AND disease conditions associated with being overweight, fasting is starting to be known as one of the most effective treatments for obesity that one can practice.


In one trial of 90 people with severe pancreatitis, water fasting was found to be better than other types of medical treatments. Gastrointestinal medical procedures were NOT found to equal the benefits of fasting. In other words, those who fasted were relieved of their condition without need for any other treatment.


In one clinical trial of hypertension and fasting, 174 people with hypertension water-fasted for 11 days. Initial blood pressure in the participants was either in excess of 140 millimeters of mercury (mm HG) systolic or 90 diastolic or both. Ninety percent of the participants achieved blood pressure less than 140/90 by the end of the trial. The higher their initial blood pressure, the more their readings dropped.


Fasting induces significant anti-inflammatory actions in the body and researchers found benefits of water fasting included reduced pain. Fasting also helps the body to produce new deposits of bone in areas affected by osteoporosis.

Water Fasting & Healing from Arthritis


A number of benefits of water fasting studies have found that fasting is effective for relieving rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This is huge considering the terrible pain and disfigurement of limbs that can occur when a person is stricken long-term by this illness.

One of my childhood Godfathers went from a charming, amazing poet and singer, to - years later - being nearly bedridden by pain because of Arthritis. His hands were deformed and he could hardly hold a glass of water. It was a crushing experience to see him in such pain. If you suffer from this condition, perhaps relief is one of the benefits of water fasting that you can receive.

Other Diseases

Other diseases that have responded to fasting are: neurosis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, acne, depression, stomach parasites, fever, hives, various allergies, fibromyalgia, irritable bowels, schizophrenia, gout, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and liver toxicity and/or hepatitis. I suffered from some of these for years. Today, nearly all symptoms are gone. I know that fasting has a LOT to do with this drastic improvement in my health!


* A weakened immune system can receive an influx of new vitality through the benefits of water fasting.

* Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rosacea, chronic urticaria (itching) and acute glomerulonephritis have all responded well to fasting.

Studies over the years have disclosed that persons suffering from various types of toxicity who fasted for ten days received notable relief. In many of these cases, the discomfort waned or faded altogether.

Studies have also found benefits of water fasting including higher cell immunity, and the body's ability to kill bacteria is sharpened. If we look at all of this evidence, it is not hard to see that there's definitely something to this business about fasting.

Emotional & Spiritual 
Benefits of Water Fasting

Emotional & Spiritual Healing / Renewal

Another powerful benefit of water fasting has to do with inner healing and renewal. I get into the spiritual aspect of fasting in the Spiritual Fasting page. Here, however, I want to give you a general look at the 'inner' benefits of water fasting.

Fasting on a regular basis has been the key to my physical and emotional healing. Without fasting, I'd still be plagued with depression, bitterness, fear, isolation, suicidal ideation, hopelessness etc... Fasting helped me to heal faster because it led me to place greater emphasis on spiritual growth.

Fasting put me face-to-face with all of the negativity and emotional pain that tormented me. Being able to face and process this pain has allowed my spirit to grow. Today my job is to remain vigilant and quickly uproot and throw away the mental weeds that try to break the surface. Where there used to be only fear and unbelief, now there's faith and hope.

What I mean is this:

Without fasting, the negative emotions and belief systems controlled my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. They were very painful to resist. My heart and soul were weak and beaten. All I could do was sit in a corner taking blows, 'hoping' that it would stop. I had no willingness to fight because I thought that freedom was impossible.

Fasting changed all of that by giving my spirit a shot of 'spiritual spinach.' And. like Popeye, I was able to rise and fight against the internal bullies that wanted to keep me down. I experienced a profound physical, mental and spiritual revolution. There is NOTHING that can’t be transformed, refreshed and/or healed through the spiritual power one gains with fasting.

The answers are within and waiting to be seized. But getting in touch with the spiritual is challenging because we live in a material and superficial world.

That is why the benefits of water fasting are so powerful. Fasting gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our minds and bodies in a more personal and quiet way. Fasting increases self-awareness, self-control, self-restraint and patience.

We become more attuned to introspection and are thus able to see ourselves with detached objectivity. It helps us to "get out of our own way." As the protective layer of EGO yields, we start to feel (and release) old memories, thoughts and emotions.

This release is crucial because it gives us deeper insight into ourselves. Many have described the process as going into “the unknown,” a huge break from their old, established ways of being. During a fast, your body and mind get to unwind from stress. The deeper spiritual dimension, on the other hand, comes alive and is brought to the forefront of our awareness.

As the fast continues, a profound sense of peace and serenity wells up, like a constant meditation is taking place within you. You will feel a fresh and powerful connection with your 'core' being... the part of you connected directly to the spiritual. This sense of surrender profoundly heightens our spiritual connection. And that connection, one of the key benefits of water fasting, is the one that has the healing power that we seek.

Benefits of Water Fasting

A New Dawn

Now, having pointed out so many benefits of water fasting, what next? Whatever your condition, weight or health may be, it is fairly evident that fasting - whether it be with juice or water - can help your body and mind. In short, I implore you to take a step forward and seize the benefits of water fasting.

What have you go to lose? If you are overweight, always mentally and physically tired and/or suffer from a disease, including binging and compulsive overeating - then I can tell you from my experience and that of many others that a treasure of health and vitality beyond what you can now possibly conceive. Still, let me make a VERY IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION:

Do not start fasting with the expectation that you will be "miraculously cured" of whatever condition you may have. This may only lead to frustration and disappointment - as was the case with me. Frustration, in turn, almost led me to abandon fasting altogether because "It did not work."

But pressing on allowed me to look beyond my frustration and receive many other benefits of water fasting, including dramatic weight loss, improved energy, mental clarity and - yes - the reduction of liver toxins and arrest of the condition that was swiftly killing me. Whether you are "cured" or not, the bottom line is that fasting can help you get better. As I said before, however, it is crucial that you consult your physician.

So - put in that perspective - I can tell you that, even if you are not COMPLETELY healed of illness, without a doubt fasting can help. And, over time, as you continue fasting and improving your eating habits - the sky is truly the limit. The important part is to not lose heart.

Move forward! Give it time and persist, and wonderful things will come to pass. The benefits of water fasting are real. For some the results are quick and dramatic. For others, like me, it takes more time and persistence. So do not allow negativity to take over your mind if at first the results you achieve are not as drastic as some of the examples we have talked about here, ok? :-)

      Fasting and Crystal Salt

A Standing Recommendation

For even more benefits of water fasting, I recommend you try a very powerful supplement, and that is Himalayan Crystal Salt. Crystal salt has very powerful properties that can help your body heal and cleanse while you are water fasting.

You can add three tablespoons to a gallon of water and make it a point to drink it in its entirety over a 24-hour period. The benefits have been so amazing that I have continued to add the salt to my drinking water even when I am not fasting.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is known to contain energy and healing properties that assist in bringing the body's regulatory system (homeostasis) into balance. This fosters improved blood pH, digestive system functions, brain activity, respiration, and it also helps remove heavy metals from your body, another of the powerful benefits of water fasting.

Let us now move on from the benefits of water fasting discussion and go to The Water Diet and talk about the weight loss and health benefits you can receive from water, whether or not you are fasting.

Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
FastingOlogy 9-Month Membership Course.

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