Fasting for Quick Weight Loss - Fasting for Quick Weight Loss - Day-by-Day Fasting Experience - Day 4

Day Four of this fasting for quick weight loss experience was comprised stomach rumbling, continued hunger pains, cookie and donut temptations and bouts of anger and sadness.

Fasting for Quick Weight Loss

242 Pounds

Woke up feeling OK, but my stomach hurts. I took three Herbs & Prunes last night before turning in, so that may be the reason.

The hunger pains are at a tolerable level, similar to yesterday's Fasting to Lose Weight Day 3 Experience. Again, I bring my mind to the present because it wants to keep reminding me " how far away I am from my goal."

I believe that entertaining those thoughts is what caused me to fail in the past. All I have is right now.

The work conference continues today, so I have to be mentally prepared and vigilant. There will be food all around me for sure. I had a cup of green tea and did my morning ablutions.

Here we go - Day 4

Had first truly massive bowel movement - Feel kind of weak and have a headache. I wish I could get out of here and go home. Long day ahead. Back to the present ...

The mind is constantly racing when one is fasting for quick weight loss. It is so easy for negativity to take over if I allow it.

12:45 PM

Lunch time is here again. Cookies and sandwiches everywhere. I do not feel as overwhelmed as I did yesterday. Lucky for me, they have a fruit basket.

I grabbed a shiny apple and made myself a cup of green tea (decaffeinated).

My stomach is rumbling, but the hunger pains at this point of fasting for quick weight loss are manageable. Practicing present moment focus has been my biggest ally.

To focus exclusively on what is in front of me ...

This is difficult because I have been so used to letting my mind wonder like a wild horse without a bridle.

I see clearly how fasting for quick weight loss goes beyond just not eating.

It places me face-to-face with my undisciplined thinking and impulsiveness.

Fasting disciplines the mind as well as the body. I must adopt new thinking patterns that will help be sustain the benefits of fasting once I am finished.

In fact, I can say that food has simply been a symptom of undisciplined / obsessive thinking.

Fasting for quick weight loss helps me to break the compulsion to binge by detoxifying my body. Giving it a new start.

But unless I humbly allow this process to change my way of thinking, chances are high that I can relapse to my old eating patterns and gain all the weight back.

Fasting for quick weight loss MUST be followed by permanent eating-habit changes.

That, to me, would be hell.

3:00 PM

There are some leftover sandwiches from lunch at the table to my right. I have walked by them several times, and - oh boy - they sure look good!

The mind tells me that I do not have to eat one now, but that I should put one in my briefcase in case I change my mind later. Unreal.

Or, that I can take them all, freeze them, and have them there for down the road. That one almost sounds plausible.

But I know myself. Waking up in the middle of the night with rabid hunger pains and microwaving them. Nice try, but I will pass - thank you.

The rest of the evening of fasting for quick weight loss was characterized by ongoing pulsations of hunger and outbursts of anger and rage - went to Tai Chi class.

I was tempted to stop by a fast food joint and pick up a cheeseburger, but managed not do it. I know the remorse and shame that it would have caused.

I got home, drank some tea, watched the evening news and went to bed. I move on to Day 5 of Weight Loss Fasting.

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Robert Dave Johnston
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