Lemonade Fasting Diet: Breaking the Lemonade Fasting Diet

Breaking the lemonade fasting diet must be done in phases to give the body sufficient time to adjust to processing solid food.

If you still have not read How the Master Cleanse Diet Works, I suggest you go there first to get the basics.

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From Fast to Feast?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to "celebrate" the conclusion of the fasting and cleansing process with a feast.

You will go through great discomfort and it could even induce serious illness. Follow these steps very carefully to break the lemonade fasting diet, or any other fasting program for that matter.

Do not overeat pleeeeeease! Go slow. Your digestive system, to a great extent, has been in hibernation. Do NOT drop a bomb.

The lighter and slower the better. After all, it is your intention to sustain the benefits you received -- right??? Hmm... Ok then!

Vegetarians: The first two days, you are to drink only orange or grapefruit juice – to your heart’s content.

These juices will prepare the digestive system to properly assimilate regular food.

The third day is comprised of orange juice in the morning and raw fruit for lunch.

You can add raw vegetables for the evening meal. By the fourth day you will then be ready to eat your customary vegetarian diet.

If you are not a vegetarian or raw food eater and are considering altering your eating habits to adopt these lifestyles, see Fruit Fasting for more information.

NOW is the time to consider "totally" changing your eating habits for the better - PERMANENTLY.


The first day you will drink only orange juice – as much as desired. The second day you will continue to drink orange juice. For your evening meal you can have a vegetable soup. We are not talking here about a canned soup, by the way.

The soup we are referring to do will be home made and require you to purchase, cut and boil a number of vegetables in a large pot.

My suggestion is that you purchase whatever you need BEFORE completing the lemonade fasting diet.

Scrambling to the supermarket after days of fasting could be dangerous.

One person I worked with put off buying the vegetables until the last day of the fast and, unfortunately, was led astray by hunger to the supermarket's pastry and donuts section.

The result was a sugar bender that caused much discomfort and unneeded guilt in an occasion meant for breakthrough and self-satisfaction.

Vegetable Soup

When I first prepared the soup, the house was filled with an exquisite aroma.

My son loved this soup. Since then, it is a must when I go and visit him. It has become a family tradition.

Make sure you have a medium to larger soup pot where you can mix enough soup for two days after you finish the lemonade fasting diet.

Cut the vegetables in medium-sized pieces.

I use potatoes, malanga, green plantains, celery, carrots, onions, green peppers, squash and broccoli, among others.

For more flavor you can add vegetable soup powder, fresh cilantro, eight cloves of garlic and sea salt.

Make sure the cilantro is tied so you can take it out if you do not like the green tiny leaves in the soup.

The third day after the lemonade fasting diet, continue with the orange juice in the morning and eat more of the soup for lunch.

For dinner, you can have vegetables, salads, fruits and rice.

I prefer aromatic basmati rice because it is very tender and easy to digest. No meat yet.


A very important part of breaking the lemonade fasting diet is to also start taking probiotic capsules to help replenish the "good" bacteria in your stomach that may have been lost along with the bad during the fast.

Probiotics also help fight off any bad bacteria or yeast accumulated in your stomach. These include the Candida Albicans fungus which causes the dreaded Candidiasis. Candida is basically an opportunistic fungus that, when out of control, can pollute the bloodstream and cause your immune system to weaken.

In my case, Candida caused me depression, allergies and horrible constipation. Yes... you heard right - depression.

My body was so toxic and invaded by Candida that it had affected my actual brain chemistry.

If -- after reading the info on the above Candidiasis link -- you believe that Candida may be your problem, I recommend this Candida - 5 PC Kit by Master Herbalist Hanna Kroeger.

This kit is awesome ... a real Candida killer. Kroeger is just amazing.

Believe me, fasting and cleansing addressed symptoms and areas of your life that you could not even start to imagine.

In reference to the probiotics required after you finish the lemonade fasting diet, I recommend the Daily Dophilus supplement. It is by far the best. Use it whether or not you are doing this diet. Give your stomach all the help you can.

Start taking two of these Daily Dophilus tables in the morning and two in the evening the same day you break the lemonade fasting diet.

Permanent Change Needed

The fourth day after the lemonade fasting diet, your normal eating can resume.

But keep in mind that you must change your alimentary habits if you want the detoxification and weight loss benefits to remain.

This is where most persons run into trouble. No lemonade fasting fasting or any other diet is a magic cure.

There are no magic pills, diets or cures.

The word "breakfast" in itself tells you the story. Most people go the longest without food while they are sleeping.

So come morning, in essence, you are "breaking" the "fast." T

herefore, just like you do with the lemonade diet, you must do so in a way that maximizes your body's resources for that particular day. "Yeah, right," you may say. "Who has time for breakfast?"

In this rush, rush world, "breakfast" for many may simply be coffee and a cigarette (as it was with me).

If you are truly serious about change, then learning to eat correctly in the morning is by far one of the most crucial steps you can take.

Breakfast sets the pace for the entire day.

It could make you or break you.

If you want to find out more about the indivisible importance of breakfast, I recommend you purchase a copy of this amazing, eye-opening article. Breaking the fast: wake up to a fresh start each day of your new year. An article from: Vibrant Life

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Sonia N Gonzalez - Nutritional Consultant
Robert Dave Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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