Recipes for Juicer - Recipes for Juicer & Tips for Effective Weight Loss and Detoxification Through Juice Fasting

Here we will get into recipes for juicer in detail, giving you the mixtures that have worked for us over the years, as well as tips to help you maximize your juice fasting efforts.

Recipes for Juicer

Some of the recipes we talk about here have been around for a while. But believe me, they do not get old. We also have added some of our own, in addition to some given to us by close friends and colleagues.

It is our intent to give you as much motivation as possible so you can follow your fitness weight loss program with enthusiasm and perseverance. Below you will find a list of fruits and vegetables to make it easier when you go to the supermarket or health food store. If you can afford to buy organic fruits and vegetables, that is wonderful and optimum. But if you cannot, then please don’t worry about it.

When juicing, most of the pesticide toxins found in non-organic produce are discarded in the pulp. But the most beautiful part is that the antioxidants and phytochemicals contained in the juice itself will help your body get rid of these toxins. Awesome! Don’t you think?

Remember: Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly ALWAYS!

Juice Preparation Pointers

We all live very busy lives. So if you need to prepare two days’ worth of these recipes for juicer, then it is important to take precautions so the juice does not oxidize and spoil. This is very very important. If you are going to take the time to go to the supermarket and invest in these fruits and vegetables, then we want to make sure you maximize each and every one of them.

We learned this the hard way, and it is very disconcerting to see beautiful fruits and vegetables go to waste. To prevent this, you must put the juice in glass container with an air tight lid. Then, our recommendation is that you wrap the jar with a paper bag or aluminum foil to reduce the amount of light the juice receives, as this too can spoil it prematurely.

It is best that, prior to consumption, you take it out of the refrigerator and drink it as close as possible to room temperature. It does not have to be warm, but room temperature is good for better digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

Herbs & Prunes

If you want to prepare shakes or smoothies with the recipes for juicer described below, you can do so with a blender; but in this case all fruits and vegetables must be peeled.

Again, you can add protein powder to make the juice thicker and tastier, but it is best to keep this to a minimum – especially if you are fasting for weight loss. One ingredient that helps immensely to quicken the intestinal cleansing process is a supplement called Herbs & Prunes.

We highly highly recommend it. You will have massive bowel movements that will help to cleanse your colon and maximize your body detox efforts. For lots of articles on body cleansing and detoxification, go to our Detox Cleansing Video Portal. Of course, please consult your doctor before juicing fruits and vegetables. You can go to the Fasting Health Information and Fasting and Diabetes pages for more information on fasting health benefits and potential risks.


Almost all vegetables can be used in recipes for juicer: Tomatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, peppers, artichoke, kale, cabbage, onions, bell peppers, pumpkin, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, beets, celery, cucumbers, squash and spinach.

The following vegetables blend well with one another and can be freely mixed for your recipes for juicer. Your choice of: carrots, parsnips, cabbage, beets, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, burdock root and cauliflower.

Spinach and beets should be used in small quantities because they have a very strong and potentially unpleasant taste. When you use these in particular, you can mix them with carrots, celery and/or apples for a milder taste. But strong taste should be no reason to shun these wonderful vegetables. It is ok for some of the recipes for juicer to be less than delicious.

We are fasting for weight loss and improved health and vitality. A little sour taste here and there is no big deal considering the huge benefits juice fasting provides. Leafy vegetables: you can use all variety of lettuces in addition to parsley, watercress, cilantrillo, kale and collards.

Wheatgrass Fasting

You can add a handful of wheat grass to your recipes for juicer. Wheat grass is very strong in taste but it full of fasting health benefits. It can be used in powder, juice or tablet form. Wheat grass is one of the most alkaline green leafy vegetables, and it is part of the cereal grass family which barley, oat and rye.

It neutralizes acid production, in turn reducing food cravings and expediting detoxification. Wheat grass contains large amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. But there still have not been that many clinical studies related to wheat grass.

So be wary of any exaggerated claims by some wheat grass diet programs. It offers great benefit, but it is NOT a miracle cure. You will need resolve, perseverance and focus to attain your fasting for weight loss goals. That’s what this website is all about.

Additional Ingredients

Here are some additional ingredients many people use to prepare their recipes for juicer. These are supplementary and should not become the basis of the juice, nor should be used in large quantities.

1-Seeds: Grounded sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax, nuts and almonds 2-One tbs. of brewers yeast 3-Protein Powders, (occasional) My favorite is whey and rice, but you can use your favorite including soya, spirulina 4- Plain low fat yogurt 5-Ice 6-Vanilla (with fruit juice) 7-Olive oil (with vegetable juice) 8-Hot chili sauce (with vegetable juice) 9-Roots (ginger, burdock, galanga) They are extremely pungent, so use a very small piece for each juice if you need it.

Some Final Instructions

Here are the main fruits (according to season) used for fasting juice recipes: Lemon, oranges, pineapple, apples, blueberries, honeydews, acai berries, apricots, cranberries, pink grapefruit, grapes, mangoes, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, pears, strawberries, kiwi, banana, blueberries, peaches and nectarines.

You may also add any of the following to each of the recipes listed below, according to your taste. It may take some practice initially to find the right blend that you like the most, so do not be discouraged if the first few recipes for juicer that you prepare do not produce the desired taste. Yet, again, do not let simply taste determine whether or not you will drink the juice.

Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and notice how your body reacts. Some mixtures of these recipes for juicer may produce more bowel movements than others. Some may give you energy; some may make you a little sleepy.

Take notes … develop a relationship with each fruit and vegetable. Take your time. Treat each fruit and vegetable as a person you are getting to know.

Some will become your life-long friends, others acquaintances and others you will not like but still use from time to time. This is your personal juice fasting diet, so give it time and you will be very proud of the results. Here are the most common recipes for juicer that we have used over the years:

* 10 strawberries , 8 carrots, 1small zucchini, 4 celery stalks, 1 small beet. 1 apple.

* 1 kale leaf, 1collard leaf, small handful of parsley, 1 stalk of celery, 1 carrot (remove green), ½ red pepper, 1 tomato, 1 broccoli floret.

* 8 large carrots, ½ large beet, ½ turnip, ½ parsnip, 5 celery stalks, 5 radishes, 1 apple, 1 cup strawberries.

* 1 small beet, 1 apple, 1 pear, 8 carrots, 5 celery stalks, 1 cucumber (peeled).

* 2 pink grapefruits, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 tbs. olive oil. (liver detox).

* 4 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 stalks celery, ¼ small beet.

* 1 small beet, 1 pear, 1 apple, small piece of ginger, 4 celery stalks, 12 carrots, I small parsnip.

* 2 apples, 1 pear, 5 watermelon triangles with rind, (kidney cleanser.

* ½ orange, ½ small papaya, 1 small banana (peeled).

* 2 nectarines or peaches, ½ cantaloupe(with rind) 1inch ginger, 2 tbs. ground flax seed.

* 1 bunch spinach, 6 carrots, 3 large tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 2 stalk celery, ¼ sweet onion, ½ clove garlic, add pepper if desired.

* 2 handful spinach, 1 bunch wheat grass, 6 carrots, 1 stalk celery.

* 1 lemon, 2 radishes, ½ beet, 1 slice spanish onion, 2 sweet potatoes, 2stalk celery, 2 tbs. raw cider vinegar (Detoxify and run).

* 3 ripe tomatoes, ½ red or green pepper, 2 celery stalks, 1 apple, 1 tbs. good tasting yeast, 1 slice sweet onion, 1 tbs. Worcestershire , 3 drops of hot sauce and or ground pepper(optional).

* 1 orange, 1 pear, 1 yam, 1 grapefruit,1 apple.

* 1 sweet potatoes, 4 oranges, 6 strawberries, 2 carrots, 2 apples,2 pears.

The American Cancer society recommends to have cantaloupes and watermelons daily to aid in the fight of intestinal cancer. Keep this in mind when preparing your recipes for juicer.

* ½ watermelon(with rind and seeds), 1 lemon, 5 oranges, 3 cups pineapple cubed (cut bottom and top, or use 1 can frozen concentrated).

* ½ cantaloupe, (with rind)2 apples, 6 strawberries.

* 2 oranges,1 grapefruit, ½ small papaya(no seeds), 1/2 inch ginger root.

* 2 yams, 1 beet, 1 slice Spanish onion, 2 lemons, 1 celery, ¼ slice of ginger( Cleaning agent).

* 1 lemon, 1 orange, 3 pears, 3 apples.

* 3 oranges, 2 pears, 1 small yam.

* 2 pears, 3 pink grapefruit,1 sweet potato.

If you have any question about these or other fasting juice recipes, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We recognize that at first all of this information may seem overwhelming. Stick to the basics.

Try three or four of these recipes for juicer and stick to them if they work for you. You can continue to experiment and hang on to your favorites as you go along. Then "new favorites" will emerge. The point is that there is no need to drown in pages and pages of recipes for juicer or try to become a fruit-and-vegetable chef overnight.

Be good to yourself and take it easy. You are worth it!

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Sonia N Gonzalez - Nutritional Consultant
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Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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