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40 Days To A New You

by Don
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

For starters before I went on this 40 day fast I went to my doctor to have my blood pressure read. I was told I was on the brink of a heart attack or a stroke. My blood pressure was 153/94 resting pulse of 86.

My weight was 272lbs and my height is (still) 5'11". Now, that being said, I went back after my 40 day fast and my blood pressure was now 117/78 with a resting pulse of 57. Ya, new man.

Oh ya...just for the record. I lost 50 lbs for my effort. My new weight is now 220lbs. If you would like please talk to me I can fill you in on all the details of what I went through, how I felt, which days were the worst and then what I did nearing the end. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Nov 06, 2015
fitness NEW
by: Dicosta

It is very difficult to loss weight without running . I also started walking on her treadmill every day. After some day i felt lost my weight. it helped me.

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Oct 19, 2015
40 Days NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 25, 2015
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Aug 04, 2015
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Jun 16, 2015
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Jun 09, 2015
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Apr 26, 2013
need someone to talk to! NEW
by: Karen

thank you so much! i want to start my 40 day fast from tomorow with the exception of my birthday>, please email me on (made a mistake in previous comment!) so that i can inform you with my fast! im only15 and im going to need someone to help me through so anyone would be appriciated.

Apr 26, 2013
need someone to talk to! NEW
by: Anonymous

thank you so much! i want to start my 40 day fast from tomorow with the exception of my birthday>, please email me on so that i can inform you with my fast! im only15 and im going to need someone to help me through so anyone would be appriciated.

Jan 29, 2013
Congratz on 40 days! NEW
by: Anonymous

My fasting record is 2 weeks, my current goal is 60 days. My last fast was July-Aug 2011, I got gotten down from about 210 to 175, was going strong, ready to keep at it...and then I had an accident that put me in the hospital for 3 days and in and out of it throughout 5 surgeries for the following 13 months. Fasting during extended hospital stays isn't really an option, haha. I ended up weighing about 235, the most I ever have in my life :\. And I'm a 5'5 female, no fun. I just started again yesterday, determined to take my life back and start living again. I only hope I can be as successful as you, thank you for your story :)

Jan 22, 2013
Thanks NEW
by: Scott

I appreciate your comments. I'm on day 8 and my mind and desires have been trying to make the case for eating. Your posts are encouraging.

May 07, 2012
Congratulations!! NEW
by: Sandy

That is a truly wonderful story and you are awesome!! I too have hight blood pressure and you inspired me to take my life into my own hands, Thank you and God bless

Nov 25, 2011
Fasting Advice on Nueroleptics NEW
by: Anonymous

I would love to go on an extended fast. But I have so much trouble controling my appetite. I am being forced to take nueroleptics and its so hard to fast. Does anyone have any sugestions in my case. I am gainging weight right now and I would like to put that in the reverse.

Nov 23, 2011
Hey! I received something from Miria? I believe NEW
by: Destiny

Well I got something in my email from someone named Miria. And I would love to start fasting with you!:) please email me ASAP

Nov 23, 2011
Please email me. NEW
by: Destiny

Hey! I'm Destiny and I'm about to start on a 30 day diet/21 day water fast. And I would love some encouragement and support, and mostly advice from someone who's done this before. Please email me :)

Apr 20, 2011
40 Days To A New You
by: Anonymous

Hey Don (fellow Ontarian), I hope you still check this page... I'm wondering if you exercised at all during the fast or did you rest completely? If you exercised at all what exercise was that? I am on my 4th day of fasting that will end until I've reached completion whenever that may be, and I predict it will be 40 or more days. Thanks Don!

Feb 21, 2011
question concerning fasting
by: Anonymous

I am planning on starting a 40 day fast this week. I have some concerns and questions regarding fasting. For one thing, i am a student going to college and i work in retail. Is it safe to be fasting on only water and still operate a motor vehicle? This is the only thing holding me back for doing a 40 day water fast. I am scared that it will not be safe for me to drive my self to work and school because the feeling of weakness and lightheadedness. Please help me.

Jan 12, 2011
bout to start my new journey soon
by: james




Jan 04, 2011
by: GRACE42DY3


Dec 08, 2010
by: MMUkiibi

Dear Don,

I feel inspired! Being on my 1st day of 40 day fast, I think I found my motivation.

I have tried this before and the first time I did on 3 days and broke down; the second time I manage to get to the 4th day but couldn't help it when I took my 3 year old out for lunch.

Now I have readied myself, and so far doing fine (ony day 1).

I need to beat this obese that's hounding me. Could you please journey with me

Dec 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hello Don, I can only read in awe of you accomplishment. If it's not too much trouble could you please email me? I'd like to correspond with you with the purpose of figuring out what am I doing wrong when I fast. My email is Thanks

Oct 07, 2010
40 Days To A New You
by: Anonymous

I am thrilled you have started your fast. I hated those days when my stomach felt like it was in a knot. Then there was that burning sensation in my stomach. Remember what your weight is...divide that in half (in pounds) and whatever number you get that will be what you consume in ounces for that day. I just love the freedom of not having to eat yet still have the energy to go through my regular daily activities. Being lightheaded was common after day 3 in MY 40 day fast but you learn quickly to take it easy and get up slowly. Then all is well. As long as I was drinking my water I was fine.Water became my best friend. When in doubt, drink some water. I really hope you both achieve the goal you have set. If I can help you in any way, just email me. Have a great day and CHEERS TO YOU!!!

Oct 06, 2010
We are doing a 40 day waterfast as well
by: Anonymous

Well done on your accomplishment. It takes a lot of courage and, in my view, prayer to sustain a fast that long.

I have just started a water fast along with my husband. I am on day 4 and he is on day 6. We started on different days because I hesitated a bit, although I was the one who persuaded him to join me. It feels much more attainable with support. We help each other stay positive. I am feeling more strengthened by the fact that I dont need to prepare him anything. I only go to the kitchen to get 2 glasses of water.

My husband doesn't have much weight to lose. His main motivation for doing this is to hold my hand and to draw closer to God. My initial motivation was to lose weight. I have 30kg (66.14 pounds). I am not grossly obese. I am just really small framed, so my healthy weight is about 45kg (99.21 pounds). My starting weight was 80kg (176.37 pounds). After 3 days (I weighed myself last night), I had already lost 6kg (13.23 pounds). I drink loads of water. It cancels out (to a degree) the aweful effects of the detoxification process. My husband is on day 6 and he has a particularly bad day today. His mind is still motivated, but his body is feeling really sick and pukey (nauseous). I, on the other hand, am feeling good (well, mostly). I have slight joint pains and an annoying hearthurn. I walk slowly to avoid any blackouts because I do feel somewhat weak.

We have divided the fast into 8 segments consisting of 5 days each. This does make the fast appear shorter. My husband is already in phase 2, while I look forward to the end of phase 1.

As I was saying about the fast initially being a weight loss fast, I find that praying more and staying in God's presence sustains me. I would encourage any faster to make theirs a spiritual fast. The weight loss will be a much desired side effect.

Godspeed to all of you!

Oct 04, 2010
40 Days To A New You
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for your emails. My fasts consists of distilled water and nothing else. Its one thing like I said to SAY you are going to do a 40 day fast but to actually have done it puts you in a totally different league. Your body takes you on an amazing journey of self discovery. There IS a sense of freedom from the daily routine of finding something fit for human consumption. Things start happening about the 10 day mark. Most symptoms disappear in a day or two. You really do get to know your body and how it is reacting to being purged of toxic waste. How are can drinking water be? All you need is the will power and a huge dislike of where you are right now to get started. 40 days is nothing when you consider it will totally change your body and your outlook on life. I will be ending my 2nd 40 day fast prematurely and stopping at day 21 which will make it 61 days of fasting since July 18th. No record here I just have reached my goal. If I can be of any help to anyone who has started give me a shout. I'll try to help you based on what I have experienced. Cheers!! Don

Oct 04, 2010
What type of fast?
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement! I may have missed it in your comments, but what type of fast did you do? Water, juice, fruit, etc?

Oct 03, 2010
40 Days To A New You
by: Anonymous

Anyone can day they are going to fast for 40 days and that alone is a huge mountain placed in front of them that would involve the same size mountain of self discipline to accomplish.Doing it is another thing all together. I know that I have stated in previous pages that I will do a 2nd 40 day fast but I will be ending this one on Friday the 9th of October 2010, making this a 21 day fast on top of the previous 40 day fast I already accomplished last month. I have seen my body progress through this fast more easily than the previous one. One thing I noticed was that there were no headaches but I did feel alot of joint pain at first by now there is none. Saying no to food when offered is easy. Am I in control of my body? No not really....its not MINE. I have the responsiblity of just taking care of it. How I do it reflects in my state of health. I love to eat don't get me wrong. But I used to overindulge and at the worst time....late at night. I seemed to have gone through almost every symptom related to fasting there was. Pimples from hell that went away as fast as they came. Cramps that could stop a hipppo in its tracks. Back pain that could drive a person insane then were gone. Puss that came out of my large toenail then cleared up in 2 days with no pain or trace. Ya alot of weird stuff. Peeing one time was so dark it was like a dark tea then a few hours later it was a clear as water. Something got broken down. I have never felt better. I feel I have added easily 20 years to my life. This fasting will be a regular ritual for me once I have stopped. Fasting 2 days a week will be all I feel will be needed to maintain my body. Now keep in mind this is ME and MY opinion based on what I have gone through with both of these fasts. I hope those that want to fast have as much an interesting journey as I have. I hope you reach all your goals. I raise my glass and salute you fellow fasters....cheers. Don

Oct 02, 2010
how to start
by: Anonymous

I want to do a water fast also.

Sep 09, 2010
40 days to a new you
by: Don

The very first thing I had to do is convince my mind to hand of my body to start this fast. With knowledge comes freedom. I was headed for a heart attack very soon.

Being a stress eater I was backing on the pounds. I was going up in pant sizes rather quickly. I was a size 42 waste. I guess I had the waste size of a small hippo.

Once I convinced myself I HAD to do this and prepared myself as to what day I would start the rest was a matter of sticking to it no matter what and I had alot of those.

Once I made it past the 5 day mark I was doing great. BUT its those first 5 days that are hell.

I could almost hear my inner body yelling at me, ARE YOU CRAZY! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE DOING DO YOU? I still marched on. Toxins do have a voice. So does salt.

Man I had leg cramps so bad in my legs around day 21 I thought I was paralyzed. I found out I was dehydrated and I fixed that by drinking and extra large glass of water. Within 5 minutes my cramps went away.

I could breathe (not panic) and carry on my daily routine. It had come on out of no where. Something like a bird crapping on your head. I realized that after day 35 there wasn't very many people to talk to for support.

No one I knew had gone any more than 3 days. I did notice every 7 days your body goes deeper at cleaning out the stored toxins in the body.

Sep 09, 2010
fasting inspiration
by: Sarah

Dear Don: I would like to talk to you for inspiration on fasting. Please email me at Thanks

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