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Fasting For Weight Loss and Regular Body Detoxification Can Save Your Life - Literally!


Welcome to the world of fasting for weight loss and detoxification! My name is Robert D Johnston and I'll be your host. I created this website to share my testimony about the horrors of morbid obesity, food addiction, chronic depression, binge eating,  and the  subtle yet merciless killer of toxic buildup. If this in any way describes you, then you are in the right place. I spent nearly two years incapacitated by constant nausea, dizziness, digestive spasms, constipation, fever, low energy, obesity and suicidal depression, among others. I am six feet tall. I recall getting on a scale at a doctor's office in 2016 and seeing the horrific truth in front of my eyes. I weighed 300.7 pounds. My ideal weight is 195 pounds, just to put it in context.

In my experience, you can feel like you are dying and go from hospital to hospital; from doctor to doctor. But, sad to say, few or NONE will take the time to discover and directly treat the root cause of the illness.I'm not saying that all doctors and medications are bad. But I have found that, in many cases, traditional medicine will bombard you with pills to treat symptoms but will do little or nothing to CURE you.

To illustrate from personal experience: I was hospitalized FOUR times during 2016 and saw more than six doctors. Amazingly, not ONE ever asked me about my diet or suggested testing my stools for fungi, bacteria and parasites. You constipated? Here's a pill. You have diarrhea? Here's another pill. And another, and another, and another. In desperation, I took many of these pills, not realizing that the massive amount of chemicals I was ingesting (under doctors orders) was only exacerbating the terrible toxicity that was killing me slowly but with absolute certainty.  Test after test came back negative. I would be released from the hospitals gravelly ill, suffering and without a single answer on hand. I'll tell you more about my story later. I don't say these things to depress you. Far from it. I will share my experience with you in hopes that, whether you are thin, heavy-set or obese, you may consider that, when our bodies do not work properly, life will become a living hell.

By all means go to see your doctor if you must, and by no means stop taking any medication without your doctor's supervision. We must face our health condition wisely, not with blind haste.  I want to fill you with  hope and emphasize the CRITICAL importance of self-responsibility. At the end of the day, no doctor is responsible for your health. YOU ARE.  In this website, I will tell you how fasting for weight loss, changing my  diet,  low-impact exercise and detoxifying the colon, kidneys, liver and blood raised me from a miserable life of 24/7 sickness and discomfort. I want to tell you how, over a period of six to nine months, I rose from from toxicity that took me within centimeters of an early, excruciating death. I want my message to knock any scales you may have in your eyes that, "I'll be fine, none of that will happen to me." "I'm to busy to deal with my health," "I'll do it later," or "I'm not strong enough to do this."  Those were my thoughts exactly. Then one day I began to feel sick and got progressively worse and worse. I honestly did not see it coming. It's as if I had become blind to my obesity and terrible diet. I was in total denial. Somehow I thought that I could be obese, overeat, not take care of my body and, someway - somehow, get away with it. Self-deception at its finest.

In this site, I hope to bring home the urgency of taking action immediately and not allow yourself another single day without putting together a plan of action and carrying it out. I will help you to do that, so you are not alone. It is time to take the first exit  OFF the road to destruction and begin at once to do whatever it takes to reverse the damage and live the long, happy life that you certainly deserve.  

If you are overweight, are sedentary, suffer from constant diarrhea or constipation and consume lots of sugar, pastries, sodas and junk food, you may be in grave danger. Why? Because, as it happened to me, my digestive system, colon, kidneys, liver, lymph system and bloodstream become overwhelmed with toxins these organs could not readily eliminate. It wasn't about taking pills to control symptoms. It was about ridding the body of all of the toxins that were causing the illness in the first place.  You many not die. However, untreated body toxicity can lead to many chronic and even terminal diseases, including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, painful and exasperating digestive system disturbances that do not respond to prescription drugs, colonies of horrific intestinal parasites, excruciating bacterial infections as, for example Pilori. Toxicity also gives free reigh to the massive overgrowth of unfriendly fungi, including  Candida Albicans, which not only can cause havock inside your body, but usually can also foster terrible rashes in the ears, eyes, crotch, rectal area and even inside the anus.

You may be feeling fine, but if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, then it is just  a matter of time before you may have to face terrible consequences.

No matter what your weight loss and/or health goals may be, fasting for weight loss, detoxification and eliminating junk from your diet  can give you a (huge) push in the right direction. If you can be patient and persistent, there really isn't anything that you cannot accomplish.


We'll talk about: water fasting, juicing, intermittent fasting, fruit fasting and dry or absolute fasting. I will talk in detail about colon cleansing and kidney, liver and blood detoxification. I will also talk about changing your diet, foods to avoid and how to permanently overcome and abandon the consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates In the left side of this page you will find the navigation bar which will guide you to the topic of your choice. In short, I want you to have everything that you may need to lose weight fast, cleanse, heal and transform your life. I also aim to provide you with motivation and inspiration so that you will stay on the path and accomplish all of your goals. Yes, fasting and detox cleansing can foster dramatic physical healing.

A Brief Introduction to Fasting

When the body doesn't receive food, it goes on an aggressive scavenger hunt, consuming everything that it comes across its path, including toxins and growths of all types. On the water fasting section, three is a page where I talk specifically about fasting and healing. Of course, I cannot guarantee you that you will be healed if you are sick. 

fasting for weight loss scavenger hunt

But I can tell you that fasting (when done properly) will always produce amazing and often unexpected results.  When I first started on this path back in 1998, I was not only obese, but I had a liver illness that was slowly killing me. It got so bad at times that I barely had energy to get out of bed or do even the simplest of activities. I honestly thoughts I was doomed. I did my first 40-day water fast soon after and I can tell you that it turned everything around. As I continued to clean-up my diet and practice portion control and calorie restriction, the symptoms faded and I was reborn.

fasting for weight loss freedom

Today, many years later I'm still in great health and have not gained back the weight I lost. It can be done. It all comes down to your level of commitment and your ability to make improving your health your top priority. If you are overweight, you honestly cannot afford to put this 'on the back-burner.' Before you know it, one, three, five and even 10 or more years go by and nothing has changed. This has to happen NOW.Here's something what I have discovered: 

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 It is better to deal with our weight and health NOW willingly, than it is to be forced to do it later because of unexpected sickness or worse obesity.Whatever hunger and bodily discomfort we must go through to succeed, so bet it. There are no ifs, whats or buts -  WE MUST SUCCEED!

 Procrastination in the area of health is deadly. It never gets easier as we get older. So I implore you to confront yourself and make a firm decision that you'll lose the excess weight and improve your health, not 'soon,' but NOW.

This video provides a general introduction and  can probably answer some of your questions.

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Fasting for weight loss and the 
immediate gratification culture


We live in a world that often tells us More is Better. Fasting for weight loss, fitness and health may be good for the holy - some may say. But the common perception appears to be that hunger - real or imagined - must be appeased at all times and without question. There is a huge problem with people not wanting to wait for anything. Wanting everything 'yesterday.' In business that attitude is probably good. But with food and eating, this 'desperation' is totally counterproductive. With the growth of technology, microwave goods and Instant Everything - taking the road-less-traveled of fasting for weight loss is NOT the most popular course of action.

For many, the train of thought seems to be: Live to eat even if it kills you later. I want it all and I want it now. The relentless and insane compulsion for immediate gratification, as it relates to food and eating, is leading millions to an early grave, like blind lambs to an unforgiving (and self-inflicted) slaughterhouse. 

fasting for weight loss lamb

Fasting for weight loss is a powerful antidote.  I recall when it was unusual to see someone who was more than 100 pounds overweight. Today, it is the norm. It really breaks my heart to see what obesity is doing to good people. The problem is that many of them don't want to hear fasting for weight loss, changing their diets, exercise or detox cleansing. I have been told to screw off more than once by obese individuals who were 'offended' when I spoke of fasting for weight loss and health improvement.

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Fasting for Weight Loss and Complacency


Some overweight people become filled with complacency and don't even want to discuss it. I recall some months ago I was at the market and struck up a conversation with a wonderful lady who happened to be morbidly overweight. When I looked at her cart, I saw that it was filled with candy, fried foods, pastries and beer. I don't know why, but suddenly she confided that she was struggling with binge eating disorder and alcoholism. She said she was 125 pounds overweight and had tried different diets, to no avail.

I saw an opportunity to carry the message about fasting for weight loss and detoxification. I tipped my hand. I told her all about my monstrous past with binging. I told her about fasting for weight loss and how it helped me get my life back. And then everything changed.

fasting for weight loss refusal

The moment I suggested that she face her condition and take action to resolve it, she said coldly: "Oh, I don't need any of that stuff. I'm good. The doctor has me on diabetes and blood pressure pills, so I'm good." And in that manner she walked away with her shopping cart full of death. Which brings me to the key question I want to ask you: Are you being honest to yourself about your health condition? Or, are you - "good?"

In this video you'll see how the US has become what I call "The Anti-Prevention Nation," a place where obesity is exploding yet disease prevention remains a rare concept.

They Shouldn't Be Asked to Sacrifice!


The problem, as I perceive it, is that most people want the results without having to go through the sacrifice. A lot of them come to this website thinking... "Cool, fasting for weight loss will give me instantaneous results, one pound a day... good deal." But they want it to be easy. When they see that it isn't... that it requires commitment, planning, resolve and perseverance... they chuck it to the "doesn't work" list and go on to something else. And so they spent their whole lives. Always looking and trying, but never reaching their goals. NOT because ALL fasting for weight loss methods and other methods don't work, but because they simply don't have the backbone to take whatever discomfort and hunger is needed to save their lives. Some people I have talked to about fasting for weight loss said they "resent" having to go hungry, and that they "should" be able to lose weight without "being asked" to give up their favorite foods. I kid you not.

fasting weight loss couch potato

a plague of epidemic proportions

Particularly in the US, obesity has become an epidemic - a true plague. The US, to some extent, has become what I have come to call The Anti-Prevention Nation. Here is the alarming scenario:

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Millions - young and old - are swarming to hospitals seeking to be 'cured.' Unfortunately, many of them do little (if anything) to prevent illness from surfacing in the first place. They allow themselves to become obese, toxic and sick but don't take action to get better. Better to use profanity in their presence rather than even whispering about fasting for weight loss and detoxification.

fasting for weight loss the magic pill

They are constantly visiting the doctor in search of 'the magic pill'  while continuing to succumb to binging, sloth, apathy and despair. Now this isn't to say that 'all medicine' is bad and worthless. This website is NOT here to bash traditional medicine. Medicine can be great and I myself have been helped by it during my path of recovery from liver illness and depression. What I AM talking about is the shortsightedness of relying ONLY on doctors and medicine to address our personal health. Taking the initiative to practice fasting for weight loss breaks this dependence.

obesity death fasting for weight loss

Not wanting to assume personal responsibility; not being willing to do everything within my grasp to improve and enhance my health. Fasting for weight loss is a mighty weapon that, if practiced as a lifestyle, can help stop disease before it has a chance to even start. As I said before, the problem usually is that many just do not want to assume this responsibility. And so, obesity and toxicity continue to produce a rabid harvest of sicknesses including diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease and strokes (among others). Ultimately, if left unchecked, obesity and toxicity can lead one to pay the ultimate price: DEATH

Prevention ... a Radical Concept?

If you do not believe me - or perhaps think me an extremist - take it then from a national medical authority. Former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona has said that "disease prevention is still a radical concept to most Americans". Watch the video below and hear the disturbing facts from his own lips. According to Carmona, America's obesity quagmire is The Terror Within.

national security threat

Carmona believes obesity in children is actually hurting national security because many are getting too fat for military service. A surge in childhood obesity, says Carmona, has come simultaneous to the rise in related chronic conditions as Type II diabetes and hypertension. The fact that these are middle-age diseases showing up in elementary school children, Carmona said, is undermining the nation's strength. 

A Few Minor Changes is All it Takes to Start

 A few minor changes to a person's life, and he or she would receive notable health benefits.  One day of fasting for weight loss per week. Cutting out refined flours for a month. Fasting every other day for 12 hours. Skipping a meal every day for three months. Not eating anything after 8pm. Going for daily walks in the evening after dinner. Eliminating white bread in favor of whole grain. Zapping all sugar intake for a month. Baking or broiling meat instead of frying it. Drink club soda with lime instead of a sugary cola. Fast every Sunday for the next three months. Try juice fasting for three days. Do water fasting for 24 hours every other day for a month .... And I could go on and on. 

fasting for weight loss stuck in quicksand

Lots of simple actions that you can take to start moving towards the solution of your weight problem. You have to take steps daily towards the solution. Otherwise you will remain forever stuck in the problem. And that problem will breed only dissatisfaction in your life. Because you DO want to get better, you see? I know that you do. I know you're sick of being overweight and not being able to wear the type of clothes you want to wear. I know that you want this more than anything. And I can tell you from harsh and extremely painful personal experience that fasting for weight loss and detoxification absolutely, positively works.

This video is a Q&A I did with a colleague recently where he asks me the most common questions I receive about fasting.

So then, what is holding you back aside from yourself? Fasting for weight loss is as easy or as hard as you want it to be. It is hard if you are seeking comfort and ease. But if you are sick of the way things are and become willing to do whatever it takes, then the discomfort and hunger of fasting will be like nothing. Such was the case with me when I did my first 40-day water fast. I felt very little hunger and discomfort because I was so totally fed up with the way I had been living. I became a drill instructor and told the body to shut up and do what I asked. And so it did. The change may not come overnight, but it WILL come if you are persistent and have the humility to keep moving forward, even if it feels silly or like a waste of time. That is the beginning of better days.

fasting for weight loss victory

And once you get good at fasting for weight loss and handling your body's reaction, you can go deeper and experience even greater riches - mentally and physically. It's all there... up for grabs to anyone who is willing to step through the threshold and say, "I am willing to overcome. I am willing to go through short-term sacrifice in order to attain the long-term benefit of losing excess weight and optimizing my health." Is there anything more important than this? Once you get to 'taste' that freedom and feeling of wellness, you will never be the same. The more we start to say NO to food, the more we start to get to the deeper 'heart issues' that have been suppressed and ignored by eating. There it is. There's the road-map to ultimate recovery and freedom.

the journey begins

Looking for wisdom, we can look at the ancients. For thousands of years, fasting has been used by religions worldwide to force spiritual breakthrough. To force the hand of God - so to speak - and accomplish what was not otherwise possible. We will not enter deeply into dogmatic discussion here. But I can tell you from first-hand experience that fasting fasting for weight loss and detoxification can and will produce dramatic effects in your life. If you arrived at this website, then you are here for a reason. And that reason is changing your life for the better by addressing and overcoming your weight and/or obesity problems. Fasting for weight loss is a mighty tool that can help you achieve the change you seek. Welcome Aboard! We are honored to have the privilege of supporting you in this life-changing quest of weight loss, fitness and self-mastery. GODSPEED!

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