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kidney/urinary tract infection and swollen lymph node pain cured

by DanaJanine
(panama city beach, Fl)

My first experience with fasting saved me a hospital admittance. It started with a common urinary tract infection. I didnt want to take the usual 'cure' of pills that the doctor perscribed, but I also didnt know what else to do, so I ignored it. I was only in my early twenties by the way. After a couple of days the infection spread up into my kidneys. Here I am, still trying to ignore this so I go to work as a bartender. The pain got so bad that I couldnt even stand up straight but had to hunch over. This is when my boss noticed something was wrong and had to carry me home after begging him not to take me to the hospital. That night I desperately flipped through all of my natural health books (duh, I should of done this days before), and came across a chapter on fasting for cure. I fasted on plain vegetable broth and 100% cranberry juice for the next 3 days and cured myself! What was amazing was after walking around in pain for a week, the pain was gone after the first day of fasting. I have other accounts of unbearable pain dissapearing after only 1 day of fasting. I have a stubborn swollen inguinal lymph node that periodically becomes so painful that it causes me to limp. One day of fasting gets rid of the pain. I am experimenting with longer water fasts to cure this swollen lymph node for good.

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Aug 27, 2012
amazing NEW
by: Anonymous

Amazing! Our bodies are meant and designed for bouts of fasting

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