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A Fit Faster

by Arnaca

After reviewing the website and all comments...I decided to start a 40day water fast. I have 2 small fibroid tumors and I want them to totally dissolve. When I weighed myself last month i gasped at the 185 and i'm only 5"2. My ideal weight is 125.

I've been drinking distilled water for the past 17 days with a pinch of Himalayn Crystal Salt. I've also been exercising (walking on the treadmill) 3x's/week as much as my body will allow. (Trying to increase but I dont want to push myself and lose more electrolytes while exercising) I reside in a very warm climate so some days I havent felt my best and I know that I'm probably still in detox mode. I did have a couple of cheat days that I had 4 to 6 ounces of "One Coconut Water" ( I chose that one b/c it had 8 grams of sugar and I'm not able to get to a farmer's market to juice my own).

I still have days of extreme fatigue. I've also added green tea (Specifically Oolong Green tea) I drank a cup this morning; because I was really struggling to get out of bed and get myself together. I was concerned about it keep me awake at night; although I've noticed that the body doesnt require as much sleep somedays for example 4 hours--whereas others I can sleep for 9 to 10 hours. But we will see how things go; I seem to need the caffeine from the tea and if it will suppress my appetite all the better.

Would love feedback or a buddy. You can email me at :

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