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Have Questions Related to Fasting, Weight Loss, Detoxification and/or Other Alternative Therapies? Ask The Professor!

The Fasting Professor comes to us from the tiny town of Burg-Le Marsh in England's Lincolnshire county. Having been my science teacher for many years, and having seen my battles with obesity, binge eating and depression, he is the perfect person to run this question-and-answers page. He doesn't pull any punches and can even be blunt, at times. So if you ask a question and the answer sounds harsh, do not become angry. That's his way; and he only means the very best for everyone that he helps. Alright! Here's how this is going to work:

When you arrive at this page, The Professor will enter a few seconds later in silence. In the area of his chest you will see a series of questions that can be scrolled up or down. When you see a question that you want to hear the answer to, simply click on that question and The Professor will answer it. IF, on the other hand, you do not see any questions there that interest you, or maybe the question you have simply isn't listed, then take a moment to fill out the form underneath with your specific question. I will promptly add it to The Professor's collection. When you return a few days later, it will probably already be written in his chest, along with the other questioins. Click con the question and The Professor will answer; that's it!. This may be fun, right? Please comment via Facebook underneath. You could ask questions there as well if you wish. !


Introduction to Fasting For Weight Loss & Fasting for Detox - The Power of Cleansing Diets

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