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Cucumber Melon

by Erika Joslin

1 melon (any variety)
2 english cucuumbers

Makes enough juive for a whole day! It's a simple recipe, but very delicious.

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Oct 26, 2015
I always love to make cucumber salad NEW
by: Anonymous

I always love to make cucumber salad when am free from my write my assignment work and love to ead salad with chop tomatoes with some salt and olive oil and some peace of mints the salad makes perfect

Oct 13, 2015
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Jun 27, 2015
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Jun 20, 2012
I'm going to try this tomorrow! NEW
by: DonnaW

Sounds yummy. I did a 10 day fast a few weeks ago. Lost 13 pounds, but even though I'm eating organic, fresh and low cal I've only lost 3 more pounds in the last 2 weeks. I'm going re jump start with watermelon and English Cuc juice. Sounds refreshing, filling and tasty. Thanks for the tip!

Jun 16, 2012
Melons and cucumbers NEW
by: josi

I'm really interested in this. I just bought carrots, celery, kale and an apple, to start a juice fast. I got about 16 oz.of juice. I was starving all day, so I ate everything wrong. It's 4 days since then and have not been able to fast. I never heard of English cucumbers. How much do you have a day? Theres not too much sugar in the melons? Im really interested.

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