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In this page we aim to provide more motivation to help you traverse the rough Detox Diet Fasting process and achieve your rapid weight loss and fasting health goals.

Detox Diet Fasting

To be sure, fasting for weight loss and detoxification could very well be the most important decision you will make in your life. It was for me.

Not only does it provide you with dramatic weight loss, but it also digs deep into your digestive system to cleanse toxins that have built-up over years of poor eating, as well as debris collected from the air and water. These toxins are very stubborn and do not like to yield without a fight.

The detox diet fasting "fight" manifests itself in what can often be very strong hunger pains and other symptoms including, fever, dizziness, nausea, weakness, irritability, diarrhea and emotional outbursts of anger, sadness and depression.

So stick to your guns and do not be discouraged if at first you do not succeed, or if you see these symptoms flare up during the first 5 to eleven days. As we have discussed in other pages of this website, you can expect to lose 1 pound per day during a Water Fast , and roughly one three to five pounds a week while Juice Fasting. These numbers are averages and can fluctuate depending on your particular body make-up. I have seen persons lose as many as two and four pounds a day when water fasting, while others have to struggle with half a pound a day - which is my particular case.

This can be a very frustrating period of any detox diet fasting program because, even though the weight loss if "fast," when one is not eating and the hunger pains are harassing you, one day can often seem like one thousand years!!! : )

So which is better for me, juice fasting or water fasting - you may ask. Whether you do a juice or water detox diet fasting program depends on your level of health and your resolve to lose weight quickly.

Water fasting produces much quicker weight loss, but is also that much more challenging because your body is not receiving any calories. Within three days you are at 100% Ketosis, meaning that your body is receiving its daily energy source strictly from the fat accumulated in your body.

This is when all the withdrawal symptoms are at their strongest. These include; bad breathe, a metallic taste in the mouth, dizziness, tiredness, irritability, nausea and strong cravings for the foods you most abused.

In my case it was pizza. The first nine days of my first 40-day water fast, all I could think about most of the time was pepperoni pizza. I highly recommend the Dual Action Cleanse product linked above as one which helped to expedite and optimize the detoxification process of the detox diet fasting process.

But after day 11 the thoughts and urges went away, meaning that at that point of the detox diet fasting process my body had rid itself of the toxins in my digestive system.

It is my aim through these series of articles to help you get to that point and experience the freedom that you will feel in your body and mind when the detox diet fasting process is completed.

24-Hour Fasting Test

If you want to test yourself and see how far you are willing to go, try water fasting for a full 24 hours. I did this and had some surprising results. If you find you do not have the resolve right now to do a longer fast ... don't worry.

I lasted I think eight or twelve hours and ended up dashing for a burger and fries late at night in literal desperation. I put myself down harshly, which I realize today only served to further delay my detox diet fasting progress. Please do not do that.

To be sure, there very well may come a time in which you start a Fasting and Cleansing regimen and, stricken with hunger pains, you abandon it and succumb to a food binge as I did. The tortoise wins the race. Detox diet fasting is a process and it may take time for you to gather enough motivation.

The road to freedom is preceded by what often can be very severe withdrawal symptoms. So there is no need to hurry. Let us gain knowledge and information. Motivate one another, and then keep trying until we are able to traverse the detoxification storm.

Violent Hunger

My initial detox diet fasting effort lasted three days until the hunger pains totally overpowered me. I recall fighting with what felt to me like a "violent hunger." It was not hunger in the traditional sense, but it was hunger with rage. Sort of like the one a wild animal in the jungle might feel. I would wake up in the middle of the night blinded by voracity (for sugar especially.)

As much as I tried to deny myself, the urge would win-out time and again. The next morning I'd wake up groggy, bloated and depressed. This went on for years. It was awful. It took me the better part of six days of water fasting for this monster to go away. That is the amazing part. If you stick to your detox diet fasting, those hunger pains actually go away!

The appetite suppressant Hoodia worked for me. To see the large number of Hoodia product at your disposal go here to Browse Other Hoodia Products.

Hoodia products have exploded over the past two years. Following the above link, you will all types of Hoodia products imaginable under the sun, including tablets, soft gels, lollipops, power bars, patches ... you name it. Remember, Hoodia does work, but it WILL NOT eliminate ALL hunger from your fasting efforts. Use it, but don't expect it to be a miracle please.

Do not give up!

If you are unable to make it during your first detox diet fasting effort and fall prey to the hunger ... do not be too hard on yourself. Fasting efforts can be resumed! Learn from your mistakes. Know what caused you to stumble and try, try again.

This happened to me various times and I can tell you that it was indeed very discouraging. I fell for the Fasting Made Easy mentality. I was taken aback by the physical discomfort I started to feel the first three days. Again, do not give up. You may have had one bad fasting experience... your detox diet fasting effort may have fallen short. But you can still succeed.

Lots of Water

The next time I started fasting, I was more prepared and was aware that the hunger pains would be quite strong during the first six to nine days. Hunger pains usually continue to diminish over the days until, at day nine to eleven, they go away almost completely and become just a minor irritation.

How did I make it through? I used Hoodia and drank very large amounts of water when the discomfort hit me. In other words, I had "meals" of at least half a gallon of water in one sitting. Seltzer soda water also worked very well.

Squeeze some lime into it and drink away. But do not turn the lime into lemonade. Just a little bit for taste. There were some times I was close to giving up during my 40-day water fast, but the seltzer-lime combination saved the day.

It seemed the body and mind wanted to taste "something." They wanted some type of signal that I had not totally lost my mind and become suicidal...hehe. Anyways, lots and lots of water, combined with seltzer and lime - AND Hoodia.

I also learned about Green Tea Weight Loss and energy-boosting properties and started to drink several cups a day. It helped a lot with the weakness and to ameliorate hunger pains. I was able to hang on when my stomach wanted to jump ship.

The most important things to keep in mind when you are weight loss fasting are your goals. How many pounds exactly do you wish to lose? In how much time would you like to get the weight off?

"Before" Pictures

One particular tool that helped me a lot with motivation to start my detox diet fasting effort was to actually take pictures of myself and see my obesity. Try it! Take pictures of yourself NOW -- WITH the weight you want to lose -- and keep them somewhere visible.

The "cliché" refrigerator-door spot is a good one. Put one in the dash of your car.

I actually pasted a picture of me in the refrigerator door with my potbelly hanging out and my head pointing down to expose my triple cheeseburger chin.

I would awake at night ready to ravage the refrigerator and run into the potbelly. I cannot say it worked EVERY time, but it was a good sentinel to have. Even when I did eat, it usually was much less that it would have been had I not gotten an eye-full of my fat self in the refrigerator door.

Carry a picture in your wallet. Look at it several times during the day whenever you have a chance. This may sound corny but it actually works.

Take Your Time

If you are more than 40 pounds overweight, the reality is that it will require more than just one detox diet fasting effort to get ALL of the weight off. That is fine also. Once you have determined how much weight you want to lose, move on to a Cleansing Diet "before" going on a full juice or water fast.

A cleansing diet, in short, is a pattern of fasting we recommend where you fast with juice or water for three days, return to eating for four days, and then fast another three days for a total of 60 days.

This approach is easier than doing one longer fast and will give your body sufficient time to get used to the changes that take place when you abstain from solid food.

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