Fasting Experience - The Day-by-Day Fasting Experience


In this page I will begin to describe the day-by-day fasting experience process based on excerpts from a recent 30-day water and fruit fast I completed while continuing to work and function on a daily basis.

Each page will represent one day of fasting starting here with Day 1.

The whole point of this series of pages is to give you a front seat to what I experienced while traversing the fast, and how I felt and made it through.

Please note: This series is in an ongoing process of construction. If you are unable to access a particular fasting experience page, check back often. The page will be up very shortly.

Into the Void

Day one of the fasting experience is one filled with apprehension and fear. I do not know what to expect. Being 70 pounds overweight, the task seems insurmountable, uphill and nearly impossible.

Just a few hours from the last meal, the hunger pains waste no time in appearing and starting to poke at my resolve.

"Why bother," the mind says. "You will never make it. This is a waste of time. You are too fat for any of this to make any difference."

I have found great comfort with seltzer water and lime. It goes down smoothly and seems to grant me cover from the hunger.

The Mind Begins the Assault

At this point the mind also reminds me that what I am doing is foolish because I intend to continue functioning on a daily basis to the best of my ability.

I want to put it off, but I know in my heart that if I do not do it NOW, my health and weight will continue to deteriorate. I must seize the moment and not let this fasting experience go to waste.

When there is so much weight to lose it seems like it will be forever before any results are noticed.

Realistically I have to lose at least ten percent of my 250 pound body weight before any difference can be truly noticed.

That means that, at roughly one pound per day, it will be a good 25 days before this fasting experience starts to give me the desired dramatic weight loss.

Note: The 1 pound per day weight loss I experienced may differ in your particular case.

One of our readers pointed out he did a 10 day water and vegetable fast starting from the same weight of 250. He lost 20 pounds in the first 6 days of and nothing for the remaining 4 days.

From his direct fasting experience, the graph of weight loss vs. time can, for many, also be a steep, then flattening curve, not a straight line.

So the weight loss you will experience may differ according to your own body makeup.

Willingness to Change

Moving on with Day 1 of this fasting experience, I also realize that fasting by itself is not the solution. That I will have to permanently change my eating habits AFTER if I expect to sustain the weight loss.

By the afternoon the fasting experience presents the clear challenge: Just because I am fasting does not mean that I will not be exposed to other people eating.

I am doing this because I want to improve the quality of my life.

I am tired of being ashamed to take off my shirt in front of others - let alone go to the beach in a swim suit.

I want to be free of this obesity more than anything in my life.

I know that if I do not do it NOW, it will just get harder and harder. I must seize this fasting experience.

Food Obsession

By the eighth hour I am feeling substantial discomfort characterized by stomach pains, headaches and intense hunger pains.

Sometimes they feel as though somebody is punching me in the gut. The body is angry. I start to obsess with pepperoni pizza, donuts and ice cream.

It is certainly no shock that these are the very foods I have been abusing for years.

Such is the beginning of withdrawal. I have two choices: give in to the hunger pains and eat these foods, or trust the process and become willing to walk through the pain and discomfort. I chose the latter ... for now.

Large Amounts of Water

Today I drank almost a gallon of water. Whenever the hunger gets acute, I drink a large swig of water from a plastic gallon I plan on refilling day after day and taking with me wherever I go.

The biggest challenge to this fasting experience will certainly be having to go to work and deal with the weakness that will come over the next few days.

Hope for a Better Life

Also, I am praying fasting will give me a new perspective on my life and help me to overcome many other personal problems that are plaguing me.

There are situations coming up over the next few weeks that cause me great fear and uncertainty.

I went to bed at night with intense hunger pains. One of my biggest weaknesses is binging in the middle of the night.

I hope to have the strength to make it until morning.

I am scared but feel hopeful that this fast can set me free from this terrible food bondage that is diminishing my life quality.

With much hope and apprehension, I make my way to Day 2 of Food Fasting.

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Robert Dave Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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