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Fasting for Health, Weight Loss and Detoxification Is a Powerful Tool to Prevent Disease and Overcome Obesity

by Robert Dave Johnston

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Fasting for Health & Prevention ... A Radical Concept?

If you think that I am an alarmist with all this talk of calorie restriction and the growing crisis with obesity and food addiction, or perhaps think me an extremist - take it then from a national medical authority.

Former US Surgeon General RICHARD CARMONA has said that "disease prevention is still a radical concept to most Americans". Watch the video bellow and hear the disturbing facts from his own lips. According to Carmona, America's obesity quagmire is THE TERROR WITHIN.

National Security Threat

Carmona believes obesity in children is actually hurting national security because many are getting too fat for military service. A surge in childhood obesity, says Carmona, has come simultaneous to the rise in related chronic conditions as Type II diabetes and hypertension.

The fact that these are middle-age diseases SHOWING UP IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN, Carmona said, is undermining the nation's strength.

This is not an editorial, by the way. I myself could have been the president of THE ANTI PREVENTION NATION; that's what I call what the U.S. is becoming because of obesity and the lack of personal responsibility for weight and health.

However, I certainly am not speaking from a hilltop of superiority. If you read my fasting testimony on the home page, you know that I was 70+ pounds overweight, slothful and depressed. Lived every day paralyzed by isolation, bitterness and self-pity. Suicidal and hopeless. Trapped. And I know that there are millions of people out there who are suffering just like I did. What I could have never imagined was that obesity would become so widespread in children.

If anybody came up to me and spoke of fasting for health and weight loss, I would probably have ridiculed them. Quietly, however, I lived in utter hopelessness and desperation. I wanted to be free. Yet was ashamed of my body, ashamed of my binging. I felt that my life was worthless, meaningless, pointless. So I ate some more. Who would want me anyways? Why try? Fasting for health and weight loss was my doorway to freedom.

Anti-Fasting Challenge

Some medical professionals are almost militant in their anti-fasting views. I have received emails from individuals who, identifying themselves as doctors, tell me that I'm a terrible person because I promote fasting for health and weight loss, and that I have the blood on my hands of those who die from an eating disorder. Huh?

These individuals didn't know that I myself was stricken with binge eating disorder for more than 20 years, and that it was fasting for health which helped me to recover. It is my first-hand experience which gives me the certainty of its remarkable efficacy. Where were these physicians when I was without insurance and struggling with liver disease? Fasting saved my life, so I'm willing to take a few shots for what I believe in; I know that there are many good people that could benefit from my experience.

But I'm certainly not alone; the message is out there. Films like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives have done a great job at expanding public awareness. More and more, people are realizing that fasting for health and alternative therapies can truly help, that not all holistic medicine doctors are quacks or snake-oil salesmen.

Here's the bottom line: We each must open our own eyes and become willing to do whatever it takes to attain optimum health. We have to be proactive and learn to take care of ourselves in every way that we can. Obesity is rampant, health care costs are going through the roof and politicians don't seem to agree on much.

So the solution must come from our own due diligence. If we don't do it for ourselves, nobody will! Still, I am optimistic and hopeful about the future. I predict that, within ten years, traditional and alternative medicine will begin to work more closely with one another. Meanwhile, it is our solemn duty to confront and overcome anything that stands in the way of our health. With that in mind, let's roll up our sleeves and move into action!

Fasting for Health - NOT As An Eating Disorder

This website will focus on fasting for health and weight loss. We will take you step by step through the different ways you can fast, information on how your body is likely to react, and encouragement when you feel overwhelmed - when hunger pains are weakening your resolve and beckoning you to give in.

But I need to be very clear about something: BY NO MEANS, do I ever endorse fasting used as a "crutch" to perpetuate an eating disorder. I often receive emails from irate individuals that insult me because they say that I am, "promoting bulimia and starvation. That's definitely not the case at all.

Fasting for health and weight loss is a great tool for one to lose dangerous pounds and detoxify. But the long-term solution always lies in making permanent eating-habit changes once the fast is over.

Fasting Lessons From History

Looking for wisdom, we can look at the ancients. For thousands of years, fasting has been used by religions worldwide to force spiritual breakthrough. To force the hand of God - so to speak - and accomplish what was not otherwise possible. We will not enter deeply into dogmatic discussion here. But I can tell you from first-hand experience that fasting for health CAN AND WILL produce dramatic effects in your life.

If you arrived at this website, then you are here for a reason. And that reason is changing your life for the better by addressing and overcoming your weight and/or obesity problems. Fasting for health and weight loss is a mighty tool that can help you achieve the change you seek. WELCOME ABOARD! We are honored to have the privilege of supporting you in this life-changing quest of weight loss, fitness and self-mastery.


Now let's go over the crucial anti-fasting preparation via a detox Cleansing Diet.

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