Fasting Juice Recipes: Fasting Juice Recipes for Weight Loss & Detoxification

Learning to prepare the right combination of fasting juice recipes with fruits and vegetables is going to give you an amazing perspective on this powerful and life-saving discipline, and how it can help you achieve all of your weight loss, health and fitness goals.

Detox Diet Fasting Juice Recipes

The health benefits of juice fasting as a lifestyle will become more and more evident as you practice and get better at mixing fruits and vegetables, both for taste and nutrition.

Fasting juice recipes can be with you for a lifetime. This is the beginning of a wonderful trek towards better health and vitality. It is our experience that juice fasting can become a strong foundation for fitness.

Well-toned muscles is only part of the equation. Digestive system detoxification and cleansing via a variety of fasting juice recipes is crucial to receive long-term results from any exercise program.

For more on fasting as it relates to fitness, go to the Health Diet Fitness page. But use the fasting juice recipes... don't do like the cartoon on this page. :-)

Juice Fasting – Not Shakes

In the remainder of these juice fasting pages, we are going to give you some fasting juice recipes that you can play with and switch around according to your taste. The whole point is to make the juice fasting experience enjoyable and personal as you go along.

We do not, however, recommend you turn a juice fast into a thousand-ingredient shake with large quantities of protein powders, honey, sweeteners or anything else that adds unnecessary calories. Use extra ingredients very sparingly.

If fasting to lose weight is your priority, then vegetable juices should be taken more frequently than fruit. Vegetables are substantially lower in calories, and there is a wide variety to choose from.

Besides, researchers have found that the phytochemicals in plants may prevent some of our most deadly diseases. For more on phytochemicals, go to our Miracle of Juice Fasting page. The most important part is that you be patient when juicing. At first it may seem like a bit of a drudgery to handle a juicer, cut fruits and vegetables and then clean up the mess.

Be Patient & Practice

Your first fasting recipes may not taste all that great. Do not let any of this discourage you. Continue to research juicing recipes as well as experiment on your own. There really is no "wrong" recipe. It’s okay to drink juices made from non-organic supplies, but understand that organically grown foods have on average double the concentrated nutritional value of commercially grown foods.

So if you’re going to make the effort to prepare fasting juice recipes, they should have top nutritional value. Try to go organic, even if only on certain fruits or vegetables. And, as I always say: this is not a race. Any juice fasting effort you do will help. It does not matter if you fast for only a few hours or you go for many days, you will ALWAYS receive benefit IF you do it regularly and accompany it with eating-habit changes.

A few final pointers: When preparing fasting recipes, bear in mind that citrus tend to have the most powerful cleansing effect. Start by using citrus in small amounts just to make sure that it won't cause stomach irritation.

Another important point is for you to "mix" fruits AND vegetables in all of your fasting juice recipes. Fruit juice is high in sugar and can induce some pretty monster cravings. In addition, if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, too much sugar will not help matters. So my rule of thumb is: mix, mix, mix. The more vegetables, the better... in my opinion.

You may even try preparing TWO juices: one with fruit and one with vegetables. Drink primarily from the vegetable jug and simply use the fruit juice to add a little taste. That will ensure that you keep the sugar content low and do not spike your sugar levels or extend uncomfortable hunger pangs and/or detox symptoms.

And make sure that you drink the juice that you prepare as soon as possible. I would say that it can last as long as three days IF you stir it frequently, add water as the contents empty and keep it away from light.

But I would not drink any juice after that amount of time as it will ferment and lose all nutritional value. These juices do not have any chemical additives and aren't pasteurized like the popular brands available in supermarkets. The fasting recipes that you prepare are filled with life, detox power and healing. Drink up and do not let a drop go to waste.

Now without further ado or introduction, lets look specifically at some Recipes For Juicer and other tips to help you attain maximum benefit from your juice fasting efforts.

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Sonia N Gonzalez - Nutritional Consultant
Robert Dave Johnston - Fasting Coach

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