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First Time Faster - Need Support - Please Help

by Jordan


I just started the water fast yesterday. I started at 177, I'm now down to 170! I want to be down to about 120.

How long should I fast to get these results? And what should I expect the first few days? And also, will the feeling of weakness and hunger go away soon?

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Sep 03, 2015
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Jan 09, 2011
each body is unique
by: Anonymous

how much time it will take to lose a specific amout of weight cannot be given an accurate answer. each body is different as well as each fast for each body. some people drop a lot, while others drop less.

if you want to drop 50 pounds, being a 170 pound man, my thought is that it will not come off that quickly. the biggest weight losses tend to be in the beginning. the longer you fast the more the weight loss slows.

also, for the same reason that each person and fast is unique, as i mentioned above, one cannot accurately say weather your feelings of weakness will go away. you may currently be going through a major detox phase which will likely pass. from my experience with my own fasting as well as my experience with watch many others fast, i would feel comfortable saying that it is not that uncommon to get weaker as the fast progresses. the longer the fast is, the deeper the body goes into healing, which creates a lot of weakness.

Aug 02, 2010
Fasting Buddy
by: theresa geir

Hi Jordan. I am starting a fast tomorrow. Feel free to email me at for support. Stay strong!

Jul 22, 2010
reply me back
by: Anonymous

Hi Jordan,
Did you really lose 7 pounds in just one day?.what did you do, like what exactly did you have for that day? Is it only water or anything else.

Thanks a lot


Jul 06, 2010
weakness/fasting support
by: Anonymous

Hi, Jordan,

I am not a super faster, but I have made progress in my ability to fast. I have achieved 4 1/2 days recently. I was remembering today a time about 6 years ago when I was first learning to fast, and I just didn't know about or didn't "get it" about the experience of weakness.

I was really scared by it. I tried to carry on as usual when the weakness came. I was interestingly unfamiliar with my body and how it worked.

When I think back on how I dealt with my physical feelings it is very interesting to me. I was scared a lot and had little ways of knowing or understanding my physical symptoms that were very idiosyncratic.

This is cool, though SOME of my ways of understanding my body tended to increase my fear... Since then I have read a lot and gotten a little more experienced in fasting and developed a theory: I think the body and particularly the colon create symptoms or the perception of physical weakness when it, the colon (or the whole body) has "work to do --" needs to heal in some way.

I think these symptoms can sometimes go away if some very compelling thing comes into one's consciousness. So in a sense the weakness seems to be "all in one's head." Yet the weakness prompts a person to stay still , so that the body can do its work of self-healing.

I find that if I DO stay still (stay in bed), I tend to feel sicker, because the body gets the message , from my stillness, that it is safe to go into a healing mode... but that I do prefer to feel "worse" during a fast (it feels like I am getting good effects from the fast if I go through illness....

ALSO -- in answer to your question, weakness DOES pass. It seems the body goes through cyclic phases in fasting. Sometimes the body is in a healing mode, and wants you lying down, and so it makes you feel ill or weak.

At other times the body is not in such an intense healing phase, and at these times you feel OK, sometimes pretty great. ... I find that I feel very good after a b.m. and worst just prior to one, during fasting.

i guess this is why I connect symptoms of weakness/illness especially to the colon). & that I come to know what symptoms to expect... congratulations on your fast .

.... Please call or text for fasting support, 6 6 1 -5 3 7 - 3 4 0 2; or e-mail: L C A T H F @ G M A I L . C O M . I could really use some support. I might sound like I know a few things about fasting, but I am SO struggling to learn just to stay ON a fast AT ALL...

I am a food addict and desperately need to fast for my general health (terribly systemic candidiasis/other dysbioses, with all attendant symptoms - anxiety, depression, bowel issues) -- so I am having to take a really spiritual approach to it all... hope I may hear from you!

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