Liquid Fasting Diet - The King Kong Detox Power of a Liquid Fasting Diet

The Liquid Fasting Diet Challenge

No diet out there could help me until all the toxic garbage that had accumulated itself in my digestive system was expelled.

Liquid Fasting Diet Detox

This was something that only a fast could accomplish. The power of fasting is huge, like a roaring King Kong. Destroying garbage and toxins in your bloodstream an digestive system.

However, for whatever reason, you may not have the time or the willingness to do a straight juice or water fast. This is where the liquid fasting diet comes in.

Fasting on Training Wheels

A liquid fasting diet is like fasting on training wheels. Many who want to fast but have demanding schedules use this type of fast because it allows for the intake of liquids, including milk, tea, broth, juice, yogurt and soup.

A 7-to-14-day liquid fast is a great alternative if you are new to fasting, or if you have never done a fast longer than three days. Weight loss of one pound daily is common.

A 14-day cleansing diet followed by a 14-day liquid fast will give you a solid month of calorie-restriction fasting - usually resulting in weight loss of 15 to 21 pounds. So don't ever tell me: "Oh, I just can't do juice or water fast becuase I need my energy!." You are out of excuses. :-)

If you have more than 40 pounds to lose, a liquid fast is a good alternative because it is easier to sustain for longer periods of time - especially when "preceded" by a proper cleansing diet.

A proper liquid fasting diet provides sufficient calories, fiber and proteins so that the "faster" is fueled and does not feel the stronger hunger, weakness and detox symptoms accompanied by a total juice, water or dry fast.

Many people have the misconception that a liquid fasting diet consists of only water, milk or clear soups and/or bland juices and beverages. Or that fasting is only worthwhile or effective if they do it with only water or juice.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The options provided by a liquid diet fast are actually HUGE and - better yet - delicious. You can use fruit juices, fruit punches or purees and even chicken soup (broth). Lemonade or lime juice are my favorites. You can use small amounts of honey for taste. A liquid fasting diet even allows sugar-free ice cream shakes with skim milk and fruit.

Yogurt is permitted so long as it is non-fat and has no added sugar. Sugarless gelatin deserts and jellies are also allowed. Of course, you can always rely on good ol' chicken and vegetable soup. The choices are yours.

Bottom line: The sky's the limit. Better yet, if done properly, you will still experience quick weight loss and detoxification while continuing to receive nutrients to help you get through your daily schedule.

Powerful Detox

At first, one of the things I did not realize was that my digestive system was severely polluted, and that no matter which diet I tried, the withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the wrong foods would always sabotage or limit my progress.

I fought this fact tooth-and-nail for years, but eventually I had to surrender and, grudgingly, start a liquid fasting diet and thus find lasting healing. Why did I fight it? I was scared of fasting really.

Or at least I was unwilling to abstain from eating for a season. In essence, I was so addicted to food that not eating, even for a few days, seemed to me like the most horrible torture I could endure. Today I realize this was just the toxicity and addiction taking. My mind, thoughts and belief systems all supported overeating, sloth and apathy.

A liquid fasting diet was the artillery that zapped both my mind and body out of this slavery and has given me a whole new perspective on life, health and fitness. It is my sincere hope that through this website I can transfer this message to you and be of support as you explore ways to improve your health.

You don't have to do a 40-day juice or water fast to receive huge weight loss and detox benefits. A liquid fasting diet will do the trick, albeit it will take longer. But it will still get you there! What I do is mix up yogurt, soup and gelatin with juicing... so I get the best of both worlds. :-)

If you are new to juicing and are unsure what type of mixtures you can prepare, visit our Fasting Juice Recipes page and you'll get tons of options. For shorter term yet very effective internal cleansing, you may opt to follow The Lemonade Diet - Master Cleanse Diet.

The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet is another good option as a liquid fasting diet. The only difference is that you are restricted to the lemon juice ONLY, along with the other ingredients that make up that regimen. If you already have all the information you need related to the Lemonade Diet, you can visit The Lemonade Diet Store for kits and supplies so you can get started.

When you have some time, read our discussion on The Water Diet. A lot of people out there are doing their bodies a disservice simply because they do not drink enough water. The liquid fasting diets we talk about here are very powerful, but water is by far your body's number one ally and you want to make sure that you drink at the very least half a gallon daily.

Fasting is Blunt

Fasting is blunt and makes no excuses. Right from the start, it gives you a clear indication that -- for its duration -- you will not be eating solid food ... period. This presents the challenge head on and without reservation.

It does not try to "hide" the fact that hunger WILL be involved. A liquid fasting diet does not attempt to comfort me with "all you can eat" fruits, vegetables, meat or "sugar free" cakes and pastries.

This, to me, is like the alcoholic who is offered so called "near beer." Guess what will likely happen in the end? Yes, that is right...the person will probably end up drunk with the real thing. That is why I always emphasize the difference between dieting and fasting.

Fasting Breakthrough

Fasting, for me, is like Dumbo the flying elephant finally becoming airborne without the feather in his trunk. It forces the person fasting to face fears and weaknesses head on. It provides no cushions, alibis or excuses.

It deals with the root cause of the problem - toxicity in the blood stream and digestive system serving as a catalyst to lethargy, depression, isolation and all types of physical illnesses including diabetes and cancer.

For more on this, go to Fasting Health Information and Fasting and Diabetes. I knew I had to master my appetite with a liquid fasting diet, a period of not eating at all.

Diets placed me on a similar path by reducing my food intake, but only fasting gave me the sharp incisive instrument I needed to cut the roots of food addiction and usher in my transformation.


Weight loss with dieting and exercise - at least at the very beginning - takes too long and often requires consistency and sacrifice that most obese people simply do not have.

If I am full of toxins constantly attacking me with cravings for sugar, fat and/or carbohydrates, a diet becomes a very uphill fight. Being nearly 70 pounds overweight, this was the primary cause of failure after failure when I attempted to diet. It was the reason why year after year I would always relapse and fall back into destructive eating.

What we're conveying is that, if what you seek is profound and dramatic change, personal experience has shown me that a liquid fasting diet can take you there faster than anything else. You do not have to break any records and put yourself through long juice or water fasts. Start with a liquid fasting diet and build from there. In time you can take off the wheels and explore deeper waters.

But you must be willing to go through the often painful and uncomfortable cleansing and detoxification process.

Lasting Change

Fasting for weight loss only to return to poor eating is counterproductive and not what we are advocating here. You must be ready to undergo a profound and lasting change once the liquid fasting diet is over.

Dieting and fasting, whichever path you choose, or even if you decide to embrace both, will require resolve toward permanent shifts in the way you view and relate to food.

But you are not alone.

For additional support while you are fasting, please visit Fasting Motivation and Fasting and the Mind.

Also, if you are serious about fasting for fitness and to lose weight, you may also want to consider starting a Fasting Journal to record the thoughts, feelings and positive changes that will certainly materialize in your life. Dieting and fasting are life-changing events that should be recorded.

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Robert Dave Johnston
Fitness Through Fasting - Editor

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