Quick Weight Loss Diet: Fasting - the Best (Free) Quick Weight Loss Diet. More on Supplements & Determination

In this page we are going to discuss how fasting is by far the very best free and quick weight loss diet you can carry out

Keeping it Real

We also want to keep the message realistic. Fasting for weight loss can be very tough and challenging. Yet, if you stick to it, I can tell you from personal experience that the rewards -physically and emotionally - will be beyond your wildest dreams.

The hump during the first nine to eleven days of quick weight loss fasting is physical and mental. In most cases, colon and intestinal detoxification is accompanied with an increased mental obsession for the foods with which one overindulged.

To me it was definitely both.

Being overweight was a foe that assaulted me with a constant mental preoccupation with greasy and sugar-filled food, together with a deadly compulsion that led me to overeat. In other words, it was not uncommon for me to start with ONE donut and end up eating the entire 12 in the box.

Or eat an X-tra large pizza by myself, or a whole carton of ice cream ... you get the picture. I knew it was killing me. Yet even my most sincere desire to stop the cycle was no match for the food obsession-compulsion monster.

My body was already toxic and sick. I was trapped in a destructive juggernaut from which no escape seemed possible. Any type of rapid weight loss diet I would start was broken within a week with massive binging and much shame. If you have not already done so, I invite you to go to Rob's Nightmare and read a part of my fasting testimony.

So I want to emphasize that, in many cases, obesity is a obsessive/compulsive condition. It is, in essence, an addiction. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for me to overcome initially was "nonchalance." Many overweight people face this obstacle, I have found.

"Yes, I am overweight, but I am either too busy to do anything about it, it is not that bad, or I simply do not care. Fasting or any type of quick weight loss diet is simply not worth it, some may think. Or perhaps one feels hopeless and is stuck in the mire of apathy and hopelessness.

The Enemy of Indifference

The problem with all of these negative states of mind is they are all tunnel-visioned. They do not consider that life can and does change for the better. Apathy, hopelessness, nonchalance and "too busy" patterns are real soul stealers.

I have seen wonderful obese persons work hard for years to reach a particular career or financial objective - only to reach the cherished goal and be struck down by diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or other weight-related illnesses.

The message I am trying to drive home to you is this: Launching a three-to-30-day water or juice fasting program as a quick weight loss diet should be a TOP PRIORITY if you are more than 20 pounds overweight.

Do it now. Walk through the discomfort of hunger pains and detoxification.

Make sure that you have done everything within your power to optimize your health and longevity so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, whatever it may be.

Fasting to Break Depression

And if you are dug-in with depression and have no clue who you are or what you want to do with your life, I can tell you from hard experience that fasting WILL give you a clearer perspective. It will allow new thoughts to enter your mind. Fasting is a great antidote for depression. Getting rid of bodily toxins gives the mind an injection of fresh blood and higher amounts of oxygen.

I see people that are doing wonderful things to make a difference in the world - yet they are obese. This, to me, is tragic. Many of these lives will be cut short. If only they were willing to explore fasting as a quick weight loss diet, many of these persons could reduce the risk of becoming ill and dying prematurely because of obesity.

They could stick around for much longer and make an even greater mark in the world. Perhaps YOU are one of these persons. Hopefully my simple message will make sense.


Denying the problem, on the other hand, is like trying to cover the sun with one finger. Nonchalance is worse. Not caring whether one is in optimum health or not is the worst and most destructive form of "self-centeredness."

If the world revolved around "me" and nothing matters except "me," then who cares if I am hundreds and hundreds of pounds overweight? Who cares if I die? That was my attitude for years. Yet I failed to realize that there were people who loved me and counted on me. I had to grow up.

Using fasting as a quick weight loss diet helped me to break life-long negative behavioral and thinking patterns. It can do the same for you. If you got to this website, perhaps the time has come for you to do "whatever" it takes - once and for all - to get your weight and health back on track.

What are you scared of really? Consider and adopt fasting as your life-saving quick weight loss diet. You are so worth it!

Comfortably Plump

If you are anything like me, then it is CHANGE that scared me the most. I was fat and toxic, but at least I knew what fat and toxic felt like.

Being lean and in shape would have forced me to get out of my shell and, perhaps, face shyness, inferiority and feelings of failure. Practicing fasting or any type of quick weight loss diet was simply out of the question.

It is a double-edged sword that can rob you of life, experience and satisfaction. It took nearly 15 years of my life. No human being deserves to live this way. I hope that, whatever your situation may be, I may be able to reach you. Fasting as quick weight loss diet can save you in the short and long-term.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you see just how valuable you are! How you truly deserve to live a long, prosperous and happy life.

Fear of Fasting

Scared of Fasting

Yes, that is right. Some persons think they will somehow either die or suffer horribly if they do not eat for several days or even a month. They think fasting as a quick weight loss diet is only for anyone unfortunate enough to have shipwrecked in a deserted island.

This is one misconception that I hope to break through the articles we write in this website. Not eating for a season will NOT kill you. Continuing to eat wrong foods and in large quantities - especially as you get older - WILL kill you.

That is my up-front and personal experience having been 60 pounds overweight, lethargic, toxic and suicidal. So do not let unfounded fears keep you from giving a fasting quick weight loss diet your utmost. You will NOT regret it, I promise you.

Free & Natural - Not Easy

In the heading of this page we mentioned "free fasting." I put that up there to try to catch people's attention with the message that this discipline can be done by anyone at anytime.

Having lots of money is not necessary and should not be an excuse. Yes, I hear that one all the time. When you have a chance, see our Colonic Cleansing page for a comic-relief moment on colon cleansing, fasting and the excuses many people have for not doing it.

Fasting is free in the sense that (juice or water fasting) does not require you to purchase any special diet programs or supplies - unless you so desire to enhance intestinal cleansing and reduce hunger pains.

If, in your heart of hearts, you truly want to change your life and drop weight quickly through fasting, then all you really need is ready access to water and/or some fruits. You can start a fasting quick weight loss diet today, if you so wish. Right now!

One Pound Per Day

The information in this website is designed to help you go through the fasting withdrawal and detoxification process. It was painful, but I made it through 40 days of water fasting as a quick weight loss diet.

When I was done I had lost a dramatic 45 pounds. When I went for blood tests it was discovered that my pre-diabetes had disappeared and my cholesterol levels had gone down substantially!

Please, I am not saying that to brag or to say that you must do the same type of fast for the same length of time. That is NOT the case. I say it to encourage you that fasting can be done. It is awesome and life saving!

I want you to emerge the other side leaner and healthier than ever. And you WILL lose large amounts of weight. One pound per day during a water fast and three to five pounds a week if juice fasting. The body will begin to burn the accumulated fat in your body.

Fasting is by far the best quick weight loss diet out there. It gives the body time to cleanse and detoxify AND gives you a "tangible" reason - your leaner body - to permanently change your eating habits.

As I mentioned in Fasting vs Dieting, personal experience has shown me that concentrating efforts on a 30-day juice or water fast - or a lesser intermittent or partial fast -- was more doable for me than six months of dieting.

Stopping all food intake for periods of time with a fasting quick weight loss diet was my best chance.

The Pain of Change

Why was fasting my best chance? Because sometimes fasting as a quick weight loss diet is the best way to drop dangerous pounds and rid the body of damaging toxins in the blood stream and digestive system.

In addition to hunger, a fasting quick weight loss diet brings out emotions hidden below the surface of consciousness. The reason is as we said at the start of this page. For many people, food has become a crutch.

A drug used to suppress anger, sadness, frustration and anxiety when one does not have the emotional maturity to face life on life's terms. Or, worse yet, the person has the knowledge but is stuck in sloth, apathy and/or self-pity.

These facts were hard for me to swallow at first. I even was offended when told that my obesity problem, to a great extent, was caused by my own willful immaturity and lethargy.

But pain is a great leveler of pride. Eventually I had to admit that food had beat me up and I became willing and open to change and adopt fasting as a lifestyle and quick weight loss diet. Change is never comfortable or easy.

You can do it - but be prepared for a challenge. Yet, all things considered, whatever discomfort you go through in those initial seven to ten days of fasting is a small price to pay for the huge weight loss and health benefits you will obtain.

Visit Fasting Weight Loss Motivation for more information on how to best traverse this hump and achieve your fasting quick weight loss diet goals.

Fasting & Diabetes

One of the biggest health problems in the US in recent years is the escalating number of obese people who develop diabetes, even children ten years and younger are developing it! Children! Also, each day there are more and more persons with so called "pre-diabetes" or impaired fasting glucose as doctors call it.

This basically means that the person is "insulin resistant" and on his or her way to developing the full blown disease. The situation has become very troubling. Childhood obesity is off the charts in the US.

Fasting insulin or fasting glucose tolerance tests are crucial for you to have done - to see where you stand. Fortunately, fasting for weight loss is a quick weight loss diet system that, in many cases, can eliminate the diabetes threat altogether as it did me. In some cases it can even cure it.

For a continued talk on fasting health benefits and risks, you can also visit our Fasting and Diabetes page for a bird's eye view of how fasting can prevent diabetes and if, being diabetic, it is healthy or not for you to fast.

The bottom line is this: You can avert a serious illness as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension by getting started NOW with a fasting quick weight loss diet program.

Helping you accomplish that is the primary aim of this website.

The biggest challenge to fasting and cleansing, of course, is overcoming hunger pains in those initial days of detoxification. But, luckily, hunger usually lasts only nine to eleven days while the body is going through the worst of the detox. If you find yourself struggling with hunger and detox symptoms, try drinking some seltzer/soda water. The effervescence will soothe the belly and calm the hunger pangs. For energy and sustained rapid weight loss, I also recommend you read our page on Green Tea. Fasting is an excellent quick weight loss diet, but it is crucial for you to remember that there will always be an inital struggle. But the good news is that the fasting struggle is symbolic to the deep cleansing and weight loss that your body is experiencing. So it is not "empty discomfort."

It is a discomfort that is leading you to heights of health and vitality that perhaps you never thought possible. Keep that in mind at all times. You are not "suffering." While fasting, you are, in many ways, being "reborn." Of course, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Beyond Hunger

As I started to talk about earlier in this page - when you are in a fasting quick weight loss diet - hunger is not the only challenge you will face. You also can expect to come face-to face with subconscious emotions and negative behaviors that will fight for their right to dominate your life.

Join us at Fasting Rapid Weight Loss Diet to continue the fasting weight loss discussion.

There, I talk more of my dire toxicity when I first got started and how desperately I needed to lose weight fast. One thing is clear: It will be your decision each moment whether to walk through the fire of hunger pains and detoxification or give up.

If, after some attempts, you find that a straight juice or water fast is still a little too much too handle, do not worry.

Try a Partial or Intermittent Fast

You may wish to try a partial or intermittent fast where you abstain from solid food for shorter periods of time, yet are still asked to substantially reduce food intake.

Go to our Intermittent / Alternate-Day / Partial Fasting page for a more detailed chat on Fasting in Phases. As I always say; there is no need to break any records. Even the smallest effort to fast - be it for four or six hours - will help you immensely if you do it frequently and also make adjustments in the way you eat through a Cleansing Diet. You also may wish to consider Fruit Fasting as an option to help you ease into your fasting quick weight loss diet. That page will present you with information on the raw food and vegan lifestyle as one to practice or adopt.

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Robert D Johnston
Fasting Coach
Editor/Webmater Fitness Through Fasting.com

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