Fasting Rapid Weight Loss Diet: Fasting as a Rapid Weight Loss Diet - Your Key to Freedom from Obesity and Sickness.

Fasting Rapid Weight Loss Diet:

When I first began my health and fitness quest several years ago, I was in urgent need of a rapid weight loss diet but found myself unable to stick to any regimen for more than a few days - one week tops.

I needed quick weight loss not just to look better, but because I was 60 pounds overweight (and rising).

Physically I was swiftly falling to pieces.

My health was deteriorating as cholesterol levels soared.

A liver condition was going from bad to worse; the blood tests were non-too-promising, to say the least.

No matter how I tried, I simply could not steer clear of junk food. Binging in the middle of the night had become inevitable.

I felt as a man possessed ... with no choice but to raid the refrigerator night after night.

Waking up in the morning bloated, exhausted and in deep depression and despair.

Little by little my clothes became too small.

Most of my pants ripped and I was limited to one pair of black sweatpants and one black faded t-shirt. That was my uniform.

Soon I started to appear at XTRA large shops for the obese.

I had little or no energy and sank into a chronic hades of depression and hopelessness.

I could not bear to walk past my own reflection in the mirror. I never took my shirt off and stopped going out.

This was without a doubt one of the very lowest points of my life.

I had tried dozens of diets and they were not working. Diets alone did not provide a solution to my life-long volatile and destructive eating habits.

As long as I kept putting food in my body, I was not giving it the opportunity to cleanse from all the toxicity that had built up over the years.

At this point it became clear that fasting as a rapid weight loss diet was my best choice.

Believe You are Worth It

I had to hit a bottom. I had to be prepared to do whatever it took to get the weight off. I had to believe that I was worth it.

If not just for me, at least for those who loved me and believed in me. You see, it was very easy for me to give up.

The turning point was the realization that, rather than continuing to eat, I needed to use fasting as a rapid weight loss diet. I had to stop eating for a season - period.

The toxicity had become chronic and the best thing I could do was to shut down my digestive system and let the body start to focus on other areas that needed healing.

With the huge amounts of food I was ingesting, it was nearly impossible for the body to do anything but digest - digest- digest.

I cannot describe to you in sufficient detail the hell and darkness that consumed me. I wanted to successfully follow a rapid weight loss diet. But I could not. My willpower had failed.

Getting "out" of myself was the first crucial step. I began to see that there were other people who actually loved me and needed me around.

At that point I was able to re frame my self-pity into motivation. Quick weight loss became my number one mission. And fasting was the tool that made the most sense.

I made up my mind to go the distance with 40 days of Water Fasting right from the start.

I am not saying that this is the only way for quick weight loss, or that you should jump into an extended water fast overnight.

This was my case, but everybody has their own situation and health condition to bear in mind.

Long-term fasting as a rapid weight loss diet should NOT go before safety - please.

If you are more than 40 pounds overweight and DO wish to start a fasting program, my first suggestion and what I did is - visit a Holistic Medicine professional.

Tell him or her of your desire to fast for quick weight loss.

He or she will probably take you through a series of basic panel blood tests which will give you a clear picture of where your health stands.

Fasting in the Wilderness

Off to the Mountains

I cannot stress enough that no fasting or other rapid weight loss diet will stick if you do not make a commitment to permanently change your view and approach to eating.

If you go back to poor eating, the weight will come back quickly and you will find yourself back where you started.

When somebody breaks an addiction and relapses back into the substance, the end condition is usually just as bad or worse than the original one.

Obesity and Compulsive Overeating, like addiction, is progressive and fatal - is my honest opinion.

At any rate, I launched the water fast and went to a secluded place in the mountains for some time.

Spent most of my days feeding pigs and horses and wondering around the woods with a notebook writing down my thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms.

I carried around a gallon jug of water with me at all times and took large swigs when hunger hit me, often mixing the water with powdered Hoodia Gordonii - as discussed in Weight Loss Diet Supplements & Determination. When you have a chance, also visit the 30 Day Detox Fasting Page for more on my extended 40-day water fast and the challenges that I faced.

Curative Crisis

While I was looking forward to positive results from my fasting rapid weight loss diet effort, the hunger pains shook my resolve almost immediately.

I had been an avid coffee drinker and smoker for more than 20 years, so right before the end of the first 24 hours, the stomach pain and headaches became acute.

This initial part of the fasting process induces what is called a curative crisis - a withdrawal of all the garbage I ate over the years and the resulting toxicity that filled my blood and digestive system.

It is at this point that many people panic and give up, thinking that unless they eat right away they will die.

I can tell you from experience that this is NOT the case. When you have time, check out our Fasting Health Benefits & Risks Page for an expanded talk on fasting, diabetes, the brain, glucose and a medical professional's perspective.

Of course, if you have some type of pre-existing condition, then by all means you should NOT take symptoms for granted.

Please stay close to your doctor during the fasting rapid weight loss diet.

I went in for blood tests several times while I was amidst my 40-day fast. You know, to see how my liver was reacting.

I actually dislocated my hip while in the mountains fasting - the middle of nowhere. I could hardly walk.

So I had to leave the secluded place in various occasions to visit a chiropractor for adjustments.

Whatever "mystic" feeling I had of "going off to the mountains" to "find myself" and "lose weight" was GONE. I had to be practical. But I stayed the course.

I did what I had to do to take care of myself, but did not have to break my fasting rapid weight loss diet.

Caffeine & Nicotine Pollution

The initial days of fasting are the most challenging. The headaches that hit me after just 1 day of fasting were quite uncomfortable.

But I had done my homework and knew exactly what has going on. The fasting rapid weight loss diet was exposing my weaknesses.

My body was basically saying was that it was polluted with caffeine and nicotine. So I drank more water and took it easy - I knew that I had to complete this water fast to save my life.

I fought horribly for years with cigarettes. It was one of the hardest bad habits to give up.

If you believe you are ready to put cigarettes down once and for all, I highly recommend this free Quit Smoking Resource as support to your fasting efforts. They helped me quick cigarettes after 25 years of puffing down two packs a day!

I do NOT recommend that you fast or do any other rapid weight loss diet and continue to smoke.

The first few times you fast you may not be ready, but eventually it is imperative that you confront and rid yourself of this addiction. I am so glad I did!

Hang in There!

Stay away from scales. Forget about your weight during this time.

Once you start the a fasting or rapid weight loss diet effort, focus on finishing the amount of days you have proposed to fast ... period.

Getting on the scale constantly will simply frustrate you. Let it happen ... it will, believe me!

Again, let the fasting detoxification process follow its course.

At this point all you need to do is stay out of the way.

My biggest challenges during the 2nd day of fasting were increased hunger pains and, amazingly, emotional fits of sadness and anger.

It is here that I had to enter more into Spiritual Fasting.

The Enemy Within

So, as the fasting rapid weight loss diet continued, I started to realize that food was just a symptom of deeper causes.

There were emotions hidden below the level of consciousness that silently ruled my eating behavior and needed to be confronted.

But I can tell you that no enemy likes to be discovered. The 2nd and 3rd days of the fasting were quite difficult.

It may be quick weight loss, but it sure was not easy - even with green tea, Hoodia, Bach Flower extracts, prayer and affirmations. I had nightmares and even some hallucinations. This is rare but it did happen in my particular case. I know it sounds scary.

But remember, sticking to fasting as a rapid weight loss diet will change your life.

It will rid yourself of toxicity that threatens to cut years from your life. The short term discomfort is worth it, believe me. And you ARE worth it!

I felt this had to be recorded, so I started a Fasting Journal to chronicle hour by hour and day by day what was happening to me physically and emotionally.

On that series of pages you also will find day-by-day entries from a recent 30-day water and fruit fast I completed recently.

Even amidst the fasting withdrawals, one thing I can tell you is that there was always a deep sense that what I was experiencing was much more than just external.

What had started as a rapid weight loss diet was now evolving into a profound and transforming internal change.


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Robert D Johnston - FTF Editor

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