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The Grace of God

by judith
(kampala, uganda)

I got stuck in the middle of a busy road lane and the issue was lack of fuel! Actually I just suspected and then got a motorcycle to go get me some at the nearest station. Meanwhile a Toyota car of around four policemen asked from their car, in a hurry though, what my problem was and I told them it had jammed.

They just continued their way! Another police car of approximately five people also came by and asked as it moved, what is your problem? I just pointed at the steering and they continued their journey.

All along I was praying to God to fill me with his grace to overcome the weakness of having a car jammed in the middle of the road. What saved me was the police cars were on urgent errands and couldn't stop to charge me in any way. Meanwhile all this happed as I was fasting!


Second Testimony is 'I was driving the day before and the policeman stopped me for driving besides the road and I assured him that we had been advised by another policeman who was now far from us (behind).

He refused to listed and wrote an invoice from URA/Police so that I could park my vehicle and go to pay approx.50 dollars in the bank and then back with acknowledgment.

Meanwhile I was praying to God to fill me with his grace to overcome the weakness.

I assured the policeman that I would not go anywhere because I didn't have any money on me and it took him almost 40 minutes to release me after he had another errand to deal with at the time. Am still with the Invoice.

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